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Alternatively, the vertically rotatable sub-panels may be used for steering purposes or to adjust the amount of drag force experienced by drag panel (and thus, electricity generated by the directional converter at the stationary location). Because the speed and direction of water varies during a tidal cycle, the displacement vessel may be rotated to orient itself with respect to the flow of water in order to maximize the force of the water captured by the displacement vessel or otherwise control the amount of force captured by the drag panel depending on prevailing current conditions. A fixed magnet generator may be suitable for generating electricity using a lower rotational speed, such as a rotational speed of under 1000 RPM, for example. The control cables may be attached at the ends or sides of the displacement vessel using any suitable number of connection points to connect the displacement vessel to the anchor cable.

The plurality of drums and the plurality of anchor cables may be employed in various orientations in the displacement vessel or outside the displacement vessel such that as one cable unwinds from one drum and operates the electrical power generator, another cable is rewound on a different drum prepping for the next tidal cycle. In another example, the drag panel may include a lofted cut shape. 2013/0134714. As another example, a known tidal energy system may require the construction of a large reservoir on land that must be filled so that a large duct system may capture the flow of water, as described in U.S. Each control cable 308 a and 308 b may also be coupled at another end to a/an adjustment/control mechanism (indicated generally as 320 a and 320 b) mounted on or within the displacement vessel 302, such as a motor and drum assembly or a winch, for example.

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In another embodiment, the floatation devices may have a tubular or cylindrical shape. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The foregoing and other objects and advantages will be apparent upon consideration of the following detailed description, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which like reference characters refer to like parts throughout.

As the ebb and flow of tidal action causes the displacement vessel 802 to drift away from the stationary location 806, each anchor cable will exert a force on the respective drums 813 a-813 f, causing the drums 813 a-813 f to rotate. These configurations will function to control, or assist in controlling, the orientation of the displacement vessel, whether in conjunction with one or more control cables or independently of control cables. To illustrate the general case of controlling the angle, the displacement vessel 300 further includes control cables 308 a and 308 b extending from the drag panel 302 adapted to controllably adjust the orientation of the drag panel 302 in the water.

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Displacement vessel 302 may include a structure or frame that is covered with a waterproof skin. The displacement vessel structure may include one or more buoyant floatation devices that are connected via transverse members to create a frame from which to hold the drag panel as the displacement vessel floats in the water. In an example, the drag panel may be fabricated from an extruded metal sheet panel or other durable structure. In an example, before retracting the drag panel, the vertically rotatable sub-panels may be rotated (preferably by about 90 degrees) and then the entire drag panel may be retracted out of the water. Dolor de rodilla despues de correr . The horizontally rotatable drag panel 521 may be rotated about the horizontal axis by an angle with respect to a horizontal axis.