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In a preferred arrangement, the inner hub is provided with one or more plates, preferably circular plates, extending radially outwards therefrom, with the inner edge portions of the blades being mounted to the outer edges of the plates. The outer hub portion is provided with suitable openings and passages to allow water to flow between each blade cavity and the annular passage between the inner and outer hub portions. Once downstream of the inner hub 624, the water leaves the annular cavity 632, passing into the region between two adjacent downstream blades 634, where it can impinge on the blade surfaces and impart further kinetic energy. The plates 628 are structural plates supporting the blades relative to the vertical shaft 622 with the inner hub 626 in between, so as to define an annular cavity 632 between the circular plates 628 radially inwards of the inner edges of the blades.

The system comprises a plurality of vertically oriented turbines supported from the underside of a barge floating on the surface of the sea or river. The system comprises a support structure secured at or above the surface of the body of water so as to be fixed. The size of the buoyant member will be determined by such factors as the size and number of generator assemblies in the system and the load of the incident current to be resisted.

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In one embodiment, the system comprises a single generator assembly. The generator assembly array 306 comprises a plurality of generator assemblies 320 arranged in a line extending vertically up from the wellhead assembly 304. Each generator assembly 320 is connected directly to the adjacent assembly by means of both a universal joint and a swivel joint, together indicated as 324, of the type shown in FIG. A buoyant member 124 is connected to the upper end of the uppermost generator assembly 120, again by means of both a universal joint and a swivel joint. Therefore, in this specification, the term ‘current’ as used in conjunction with the present invention is a reference to a stream or flow or water within the ocean having a substantially constant flowrate and direction of flow for an extended period of time.

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18 and the components are indicated using the same reference numerals. 30, 2010 both of which are herein incorporated by reference in their entirety for all purposes. The flow of water at one depth in the body of water may differ in both speed and direction to the flow of water in another depth of the water. Como calmar el dolor de espalda alta . In this way, the turbulence generated in the flow of water by one generator assembly does not adversely affect the performance of one or more downstream generator assemblies.

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In embodiments where the system comprises a plurality of generator assemblies disposed about a single fixture assembly, it is preferred that the generator assemblies are not arranged to lie directly along the line of flow of the prevailing current, that is one generator assembly is not located directly up or downstream of a second generator assembly. Typically, to access such sea and ocean currents, the system is located well offshore in remote and largely inaccessible locations.

As already noted, the action of the prevailing currents may move the generator assembly or generator assemblies out of vertical alignment above the anchor assembly in the downstream direction. The direction of the water may also be changed as it passes through the generator assembly by one or more fixed or stationary blades, positioned to direct the water flow onto the blades of a downstream impellor assembly. Suitable electrical generators are known in the art. A plurality of stators 826 extend across the central portion 812 of the flow passage 810 and are disposed to lie on either side of the impellors 824. At its inlet end the impellor assembly 820 comprises a generator 828. The generator 828 may be an electrical generator for providing electrical energy, a hydraulic pump for producing a stream of pressurised hydraulic fluid, or a combination of the two. As shown, the generator assembly 10 is arranged to generate energy, in the form of electrical energy and/or pressurised hydraulic fluid.

The subsea installation may be any assembly of equipment that is located on the bed of the body of water. In the case that the system comprises a single locating assembly, it is preferably located with the second fixture assembly and the buoyant member upstream of the generator assembly. The installation is preferably a wellhead installation located over a subterranean well for the production of oil and/or gas. The turbine assembly will typically comprise an impellor. Each turbine comprises a housing arranged horizontally to provide a passage for the flow of water.

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This is in contrast to tidal currents flowing closer to the shore, which vary significantly in flowrate and direction of flow. Electrical power generated in this manner can be used either locally, as required, or may be transported through suitable cables and the like to a remote location for consumption. FIG. 8 is a side view of a subsea installation according to the present invention of the general arrangement of FIG. 8 employs two locating assemblies positioned directly upstream and downstream of the installation. 19 is arranged for independent operation, in particular independent rotation within the installation. Front and rear support frames 814 and 816 are disposed in the inlet and outlet ends 806, 808 respectively of the housing and support an impellor assembly, generally indicated as 820. The impellor assembly 820 comprises a shaft 822 extending longitudinally within the housing 804, supported by bearing assemblies in each of the front and rear support frames 814, 816. The impellor assembly further comprises a plurality of impellors 824 disposed within the central portion 812 of the flow passage 810 and mounted to the shaft 822 so as to be rotatable therewith.

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4. Dolor de cuello y espalda baja . Each generator assembly 802 comprises a generally tubular housing 804 having an open inlet end 806 and an open outlet end 808. A flow passage 810 extends through the housing 804 between the inlet and outlet ends 806, 808. The flow passage 810 has a first diameter at each of the inlet and outlet ends 806, 808 of the housing. Accordingly, the retaining assembly 108 is of sufficient length to extend from the ocean floor to a depth where efficient operation of a generator assembly can be achieved.

One or a plurality of risers are employed to extend between the generator assembly and the fixture assembly. Turning to FIG. 18, there are shown two generator assemblies, generally indicated as 802, of a set, of a further embodiment of the present invention. The present invention also provides a generator assembly comprising an impellor assembly as hereinbefore described. The rear housing member 612 is packed with a buoyant material 660, such as a foam or other cellular material. The rear housing member 712 is packed with a buoyant material 760, such as a foam or other cellular material. The system for generating energy may be any suitable system, in particular a system as hereinbefore described.

The system most preferably comprises a plurality of generator assemblies arranged in an array and connected to the first fixture assembly. A third retaining means extends from the buoyant member and connects it, either directly or indirectly, to the generator assembly. 15 and extends between the upper and lower housing ends 706, 708. The front housing member 710 is shaped to provide a rounded ridge 736 along its length, bounded on either side by arcuate surfaces 738 and 740. As shown in FIG. For example, in one possible arrangement, the system may comprise means for detecting the direction of flow of the current and means for rotating the generator assembly, such as a suitable motor. In addition, the system is only operable to generate energy from currents at or close to the surface of the sea or river. The third retaining means may be any suitable means to connect the buoyant member to the generator assembly.

The anchor assemblies may be any suitable means for securing the locating assembly to the floor of the ocean. FIG. 12 is a cross-sectional view of the generator assembly of FIG. Que hacer con dolor de espalda baja . Second, the said means allow the generator assembly to respond to changes in the direction of flow of the water. However, the system is limited by being retained at or close to the bed of the body of water, again limiting the ability to fully exploit deep ocean currents. Thus, the buoyant members or bodies may be disposed on the system so as to be wholly submerged beneath the surface of the ocean. 13. Water contacts the upstream blades 634 of the impellor assemblies.