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A beautiful yoga woman practicing in a spacious light gym. This is particularly the case when the retaining means is a cable or other tether assembly. Water (and hence energy) within the region between adjacent blades flows between the circular plates 728 into the annular cavity 732 and continues in a downstream direction. The plates are spaced apart along the longitudinal axis of the inner hub, so as to define annular cavities therebetween and radially inwards of the inner edges of the blades. The outer plates 728 are structural plates extending from the inner hub 726 supporting the blades to the vertical shaft 722, so as to define an annular cavity 732 therebetween and radially inwards of the inner edges of the blades.

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The inner hub 626 is generally cylindrical and contains a buoyant material 630, such as a foam or other cellular material. A third retaining means extends from the buoyant member and connects it, either directly or indirectly, to the generator assembly. Increasing the buoyancy within the system, either by increasing the buoyancy of the individual generator assemblies or increasing the number and/or size of any additional buoyant members will help to reduce this effect and hold the generator assemblies more directly above the fixture assembly. In particular, the locating assembly is arranged to hold the generator assembly in a position at or near vertically above the fixture assembly, or as close thereto as can be achieved. Pat. No. 4,335,319. The scheme employs a platform supported above the surface of the body of water by legs anchored to the bed of the body of water.

The generator assembly comprises an impellor assembly having a plurality of blades. 17. The action of the current of water is to rotate the impellor assembly 720. As the generator assembly 702 has just a single impellor assembly 720, rotation of the impellor assembly in one direction will cause the housing 704, shown in FIG. The system may be provided with any suitable means to detect the direction of flow of the incident current and orient the generator assembly accordingly. Alternatively, the generator assembly may be attached to a redundant or abandoned assembly or structure, provided that its integrity is sufficient to securely fix the system of the present invention in place. By extending in a vertical direction above the fixture assembly, the system of this aspect of the present invention can exploit these different currents.

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However, to date, little has been proposed to exploit sea and ocean currents as a sustainable source of energy. However, the generator assemblies 220 within each group 222 are connected together by a fin assembly 226, such that each generator assembly 220 within a group 222 is in a fixed orientation and alignment to the other generator assemblies within the same group. Como quitar dolor de rodilla . 1. However, it is to be understood that the length of the tubular assembly 22 and the number of tubulars employed will be determined by the depth at which the generator assembly is to be deployed. 8, the installation 402 is disposed in the flowpath of an ocean current indicated by the arrows C, with the relative speed of the current being indicated by the length of the arrows. FIG. 16 is a cross-sectional view of the generator assembly of FIG.