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If the pressure difference reaches a maximum value, then the power controller 175 sends command to the pump to start pumping in the first direction. 2. If the pressure difference has not reached a predetermined maximum value, then the condition check in step 403 is continued to be performed. In another embodiment, the power controller 175 operation may be based on the length of the cord 115 or in combination with the pressure sensor data.

The power controller 175 also includes a network controller 506, such as an INTEL Ethernet PRO network interface card from INTEL Corporation of America, for interfacing with a wireless network 507. As can be appreciated, the wireless network 507 can be a public network, such as the Internet, or a private network such as an LAN or WAN network, or any combination thereof and can also include PSTN or ISDN sub-networks.

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CPU 500 may be a XENON or Core processor from INTEL of America or an Opteron processor from AMD of America, or may be other processor types that would be recognized by one of ordinary skill in the art. The wireless network can also be WIFI, BLUETOOTH, or any other wireless form of communication that is known. The connections may be wireless with underwater communication capability or with waterproof wires. For instance a gas filled balloon may be immersed at different depths underwater and the terminal velocity achieved within a predetermined distance can be recorded and stored in a database.

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The gas filled balloon rising underwater having a volume of a soccer ball, which is approximately 0.005 m3, generates a power of 30.65 W. A balloon having 100 times more volume than a soccer ball generates a power of 6603.33 W, which is approximately more than 200 times the power generated by a soccer sized gas filled balloon.

Suppose each power cycle takes approximately 12 minutes, then in one hour approximately 5 cycles can be completed. In case of a touch screen activated display pump control inputs like start and stop can be displayed as well. In another embodiment, the power controller 175 may start the pump 120 in the reverse direction when the second balloon 150 occupies the highest position. In step 407, the flow rate to and from the pump 120 is controlled by controlling the amount of opening of the first and the second valves 113 and 163 respectively. In step 409, the difference in pressure is checked again. If the pressure difference has not reached maximum, then the pumping continues in the first direction. A first valve is located in the first pipe, and a second valve located in the second pipe. The valve control routine can is based on the sensor data Further the power controller 175 includes a pump controller 540 which controls the pumping direction of the pump 120. The pump controller 540 may also control the pumping speed of the pump 120. The pump controller 520 may be FPGA, an embedded system or an integrated chip that implements a valve control routine.

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A compressor can supply air at high pressure which may be necessary if the power generation apparatus is submerged in deep water, where the water pressure is significantly higher than the atmospheric pressure. More particularly the present disclosure relates to improvements relating to buoyance based energy generation where the apparatus is installed under the water surface. Dolor rodilla despues de estar sentado . The first direction implies the direction from the first port 120 a to the second port 120 b of the pump 120, where the first port 120 a of the pump 120 is connected to the first balloon 102 while the second port 120 b of the pump 120 is connected to the second balloon 150. For instance, refer to directions marked in FIG. The apparatus also includes a pump connected to a first pipe and a second pipe, and the first pipe is further connected to the first flexible hose and the second pipe connected to the second flexible hose in an airtight manner.

In another embodiment, the power generation apparatus may include a plurality of balloons which may be filled using a pump having higher pumping capacity thus a greater power output can be generated compared to the power output from a single gas filled balloon. FIG. 3 illustrates a configuration after power is generated using the buoyancy power generation system shown in FIG. In one embodiment, the velocity of the rising gas filled balloon can be approximated using equation (3) for practical purposes. When the pressure difference reaches maximum, it implies that the first balloon 102 is now in empty state while the second balloon 150 in now in filled state. The amount of opening of the valves 113 and 163 can be based on the pressure sensor data. As such by increasing the flow rate the number of cycles performed in an hour can be increased which in turn will control the amount of power generated.

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Medicamentos para el dolor cuando fracturas de los huesos Further, according to an embodiment of the present disclosure, there is provided a non-transitory computer-readable medium which stores a program which, when executed by a computer, causes the computer to perform the method for controlling power generated from the power generation apparatus submerged underwater, as discussed above. Based on the above equation, the velocity of the rising gas balloon will depend on the radius of the balloon. Dolor de rodilla al doblarla y estirarla . Further, velocity of the rising gas filled balloon can be expressed in terms of volume of a bubble, which is has a significantly spherical shape as follows.

Controlling the flow rate allows for controlling the amount of time required to fill the second balloon 150. If a high flow rate is maintained, the second balloon 150 can be filled in relatively less time compared to if a low flow rate is used. A gas filled balloon at a relatively greater depth underwater rises faster compared to a filled balloon placed relatively close to the water surface.

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The stop command may be based on a leakage detection process such as based on difference in pressure or a reduced amount of power generation compared to the past operation. This application relates generally to an energy generation system. GRANT OF NON-EXCLUSIVE RIGHT This application was prepared with financial support from the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, and in consideration therefore the present inventor(s) has granted The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a non-exclusive right to practice the present invention. For instance, the cord 130 can be wrapped around a generator shaft having grooves for cord 130 support. The flexible hose 153 is extended from a hose reel 155. The hose reel 155 is firmly fixed to the underwater surface 199 via a reel support 155 a. A plurality of flexible hoses are connected to the at least two balloons in an airtight manner, wherein a first flexible hose of the plurality of flexible hoses is connected to the first balloon in an airtight manner and a second flexible hose of the plurality of flexible hoses is connected to the second balloon in an airtight manner.

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Further, a plurality of hose reels are attached to supports that are fixed to the floor underwater and each hose reel winds one of the plurality of the flexible hoses. Further, as used herein, the words “a”, “an” and the like generally carry a meaning of “one or more”, unless stated otherwise. The drawings are generally drawn to scale unless specified otherwise or illustrating schematic structures or flowcharts. If a stop command is issued then the power generation apparatus 180 stops. Dolor lumbar y hormigueo en las piernas . 1 illustrates an initial configuration of a buoyancy power generation system according to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure. FIG. 5 is a block diagram of a computer hardware implementing a power controller according to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure. FIG. 5 is a block diagram of a computer hardware implementing the power controller 175 according to exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure. FIG. 4 illustrates a process for controlling the flow of gas between two balloons-one filled and one empty according to one embodiment of the present disclosure.

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The second balloon 150 occupies a significantly higher position while the first balloon 102 occupies a significantly low position relative to the second balloon 150. The process from significant inflation of the second balloon 150 and significant deflation of the first balloon 102 is termed as one cycle, according to one embodiment of the present disclosure. 4. The process data and instructions may be stored in memory 502. These processes and instructions may also be stored on a storage medium disk 504 such as a hard drive (HDD) or portable storage medium or may be stored remotely. Energy is primarily generated from non-renewable and renewable energy sources such as oil, coal, natural gas, uranium, wind, solar, and water. When the floating device is released it rises to the water surface due to the buoyancy effect.