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Further, when the second member is rotating in a clockwise direction opposite to that of arrow 340, the teeth 336 slip and are disengaged and the first and second members are free to rotate relative to one another. 4, the shaft 328 further includes a flywheel 414 to store rotational energy to provide an averaging to the rotation of the shaft 328 in response to erratic movement of the float 300. Another ratchet-type assembly 415 is provided as a safety disconnect and has ratchet-type teeth that allow the flywheel to keep rotating even when the drive mechanisms 330 and 344 are not working. FIG. 8 is a perspective view of another embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 4 is a sectional view of the shaft illustrated in FIG. FIG. 3 is an enlarged, fragmentary, perspective view of a portion of the energy conversion mechanism which comprises the apparatus illustrated in FIG.

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Profundo dolor en Sanlúcar por la muerte de una vecina.. The optical spiral is coupled to a conversion mechanism which will be described below, for visually indicating proper operation of the mechanism. The motor 604 includes a motor shaft 601 which is drivingly coupled to the shaft 508 by a first member 603, a second member 605 and a spring 607. The first member 603 is connected to the shaft 601 in the same manner as the first members 520 and 536, i.e., for rotation with the shaft and for at least limited longitudinal movement along the shaft. Dolor en las articulaciones de todo el cuerpo . 7, includes a first member 608 which is mounted to the shaft 508 in the same manner as the first members 520 and 536. The first member 608 has a disk fixedly connected thereto for longitudinal movement therewith.

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5 and 6 includes an upward drive mechanism 518 comprised of a first member 520, a second member 522, a spring 600 for biasing the first member toward the second member, and a cable 524. The cable 524 is wound around a sheave type pulley 526 which is connected to the second member 522 for rotation therewith, instead of being wound around the second member itself (as in the embodiment of FIGS. The ratchet-type teeth of the first and second members 603 and 605 slip with respect to each other when the drive mechanisms 518 and 534 are causing rotation of the shaft 508 to effectively disconnect the motor 604 from the shaft. When the float is returned to its initial position, the motor is deactivated and the first means disengaged from the shaft such that the float is again free to drop in the direction of the water’s surface.

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The float 300 comprised of the floating units 500 and 502, is adapted to be dropped from an initial raised position with its equilibrium flotation point above the surface of the water, and falls in the direction toward the water. The float again passes beyond the equilibrium flotation point to a pickup position, which is, of course, below the initial position. A motor 604 and a control switch 606 are provided to rotate the shaft 508 and turn the sheave 526 in the clockwise direction of arrow 530 to wind the cable 524 about the sheave and thereby lift the float from the pickup position to the initial position so that the cycle may be repeated.

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Control means are included which activate the motor when the float reaches the apex of its buoyant movement and simultaneously engage the motor with the first means to lift the float toward the initial position. When the float reaches the bottom position, buoyant forces begin to urge the float upward. The projecting portions 714a and 714b of the upper and midportion disk engaging segments 704 and 706 are provided for engaging the disk 610 when the float 300, and hence, the guide bar 702, is moving upward toward the pickup position from the bottom position. The disk engaging portion of the elongated guide bar 702 has first and second sides 710 and 712, respectively.

The first member and the second member also include ratchet type teeth 336 on opposing faces thereof which are matingly engagable. The downward drive mechanism 344 also includes a flexible cable 354 which is securely coupled by its ends to the horizontal support members 316 and 318. The cable 354 is wound around the second member 348 such that downward movement of the cable frame 314 caused by the float 300 falling results in counterclockwise rotation of the second member 348 in the direction of the arrow 340, and hence, rotation of the first member 346 and the shaft 328 in the same counterclockwise direction.

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First and second means are mounted to the shaft wherein the first means is adapted to rotate the shaft in a predetermined direction in response to upward motion of the float and wherein the second means is adapted to rotate the shaft in the same predetermined direction in response to downward motion of the float. A motor is provided for lifting the float from the second position to the initial position to place the float in position for being released again. The float is adapted to be dropped into the water from a raised initial position and continue downward under the influence of gravity until the buoyancy of the float provides an upward force on the float.