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The tubular framing members 20 attach to the chassis of the module 10 and may be split into sections above and below the chassis. 122, for example. The valve 132 may be any conventional valve 132, such as a ball valve, a check valve, a manual valve, and combinations thereof, for example.

The head-extender 192 comprises a wall 208 which extends above the surface of the liquid 114 in the outer tank 104 to keep the head-extender 192 substantially liquid-free, and to extend the head surrounding the outer riser 110, when the outer riser 110a is inserted into the outer tank 104. The head- extender 192 may be attached to the lower portion 190 in any suitable way, such as by using a flange (not referenced), welds, seams, joints, bolts, adhesives, and combinations thereof, for example. The lower cylindrical space 176 is in gas and/or liquid communication with the head- extender 182 via the air vent 188, or by any other suitable means known in the art, for example. The closed chamber 142 defines a cylindrical recess 146 adapted to receive the air conduit 130 therein as will be described below. Each of the tubular framing members 20 contains a drive rod 22 slidably received therein.

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Axle 42 and sensor zero stage may be neutrally located near mid-point, between a buoy and drive rod 22 fully extended and retracted positions, and thus deviations from zero stage indicate buoy 24 and drive rod 22 position. The result at most times enables near fully submerged, wave-following buoys (most buoyancy force and driveshaft travel length responding to subject wave). When a wave passes float 2, float 2 starts to fall being pulled by the gravity force generated by the weights of float 2 and all structures above water. The inventive concepts disclosed herein arc capable of other embodiments or of being practiced or carried out in various ways.

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In other embodiments, the tube housing 108 may take on various other forms to protect the tube 104 and coil 106. In some embodiments, the tube housing 108 may be integrated with the buoyancy ring 102 or the tube housing 108 may be omitted and the buoyancy ring 102 may act to protect the tube 104 and coil 106. Inyecciones para el dolor lumbar . The tube housing 108 may be made of many materials including wood or plastic. As shown, the array of Figure 3A comprises twelve modules 100 interconnected by interconnection elements 302. Each module 100 may generate a limited amount of electricity through electromagnetic induction as described with reference to Figures 1 A and I B. By combining a plurality of the modules 100 into an array, the electricity generated from the modules may be combined and stored, used or transmitted for various purposes. As shown in Figure 2B, as the wave on the surface of the water 202 shifts, the module 100 may subsequently be displaced to an angle approximately 45 degrees down to the left.

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Pat. No. 7,525,214, incorporated herein by reference in its entirety, and for sake of clarity is not shown here. FIG. 8 is a top view of the first configuration of the wave energy converter of the present invention in the survival mode where the longitudinal axis of the float structure is perpendicular to the wave crest (as shown in FIG. FIG. 2 is a general side view of the first configuration of the wave energy converter of the present invention.

The differential air mass exchanger 102a may be connected to at least two units 101a and 101b, when additional work is added to one side of the differential air mass exchanger 102; the cylinder 216 travels in the opposite direction. The hydraulic assist 218a moves the actuator bar 220a, which in turn assists the action of the differential air mass exchanger 102a. The actuator bar 220a has a counterweight 222 attached thereto, the counterweight 222 is used to both regulate the exchange, and to assist the exchange after the halfway point between the first position and the second position of the cylinders 216a is reached. The diameter of the open lower end 196 is larger than the diameter of the outer ringwall 120, such that an annular gap separates the outer ringwall 120 from the wall 194, when the outer riser 110a is inserted into the outer tank 104. The annular gap may be at least partially filled with liquid 114 and/or air.

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Tratamiento de la trocanteritis izquierda - Trocanteritis.. Prior ocean wave energy converters, such as Ames, U.S. Because ocean wave energy represents an unlimited, clean, renewable energy source, harnessing it is highly desirable to power our modern society. Additionally, in April 2009, the US has taken a major step to boost marine renewable energy by issuing a long-awaited set of rules that will significantly help the development of offshore wave energy along the US coastlines. FIG. 6 is a method of mooring the ocean wave energy converters of the present invention to the sea floor. These flaps or blades 3 a and 3 b are attached to float frame 8 through hinges 10 a and 10 b respectively as seen in FIG. Buoy wave-following capability is affected by generator 18 loads expressed through the rack and pinion motion converter. The PTO system extracts energy through its pinions that while moving up and down due to the incoming and passing waves, interact with the gear rack or chain, or equivalent component 4 a that moves up and down in the main column or beam always in the opposite direction of machine room 1, as will be described later.

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A second pair of clutches 68 connects the outer rotor 52 to the axle 42 and allows the outer rotor 52 to only turn in the opposite direction of the inner rotor 50. Crema de calor para dolor muscular . Rotational movement of the inner rotor 50 relative to stationary ring 18 induces electricity in the coils 62 and through leads 63. Inducing electricity in a coil through use of a magnet is well-known in the art and does not need to be described in detail herein. Furthermore, the coils are fixed thereby eliminating brushes, and allowing easier incorporation of shields and/or weather-proof housing. The stationary ring 54 is fixed in position within the generator 18 and does not rotate. In a typical deployment the module 10 are sized for deployment in an environment with wave size complimentary to the size of the module 10. The shock absorbers 32, 34 provide a mechanism to reduce stress and wear on the module during heavy seas.