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The mobile part of the linear generator is connected by a joint to the vertical beam or connecting rod. 3. Vertical beam or connecting rod that transfers the effort to Linear electric generators. A system Sealing (21) protects the linear electric generator. Two modes of system operation are defined. Description of the invention The apparatus of the invention is a system intermediate between the two types mentioned above, it has characteristics of point absorber (system that collects the energy at one point of the wave tuning to the frequency of the wave to use the antenna effect) and also has aspects of contour follower (system with floats and hinges that follows the surface contour and extracts energy from movements relative between various components). The types of previous systems present each one the inconvenience of: either tuning in to the wave at one point with linear movements with a frequency capture range narrow, or require orientation in the predominant direction of waves.

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Los 20 Fisioterapeutas más recomendados en Santiago de.. This allows to absorb the longer wave energy without the orientation of the device towards the direction of the waves be a factor determinant. The vertical beam or connecting rod penetrates the central structure and is isolated from the outside by means of a system sealing (11) that allows its movement, which is resistant to marine environment and fatigue, and to maintain the tightness, avoiding as much as possible the entry of water and moist air. The mobile part of the linear generator is add a weight to maintain the mechanical tension in the cable so that the system can generate electricity for both directions of turning the petal. Pressure variations in this working fluid are used to generate electricity.

The concave curvature at the bottom also increases the added mass and transfers more pressure to the petal. Petals to collect pressure variations from the waves and turn it into angular movement. The energy that the petals absorb from the sea is transfers by means of a mechanical coupling to the system of electric power generation (4) located at the base of the central structure In the preferred embodiment the movement to the electric power generation system with a crank-crank system, using a beam horizontal (8) rigidly attached (5) to the cranking petal, which crosses to a point of articulation (10) with a beam vertical (3), which acts as a connecting rod, and which in turn is joined by a articulation (6) to the electric power generation system.

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PPT - OPIOIDES EN EL DOLOR ONCOLÓGICO PowerPoint.. Beams vertical (3), which act as connecting rods, are attached to the cranks by means of an articulated joint (10) that allows the rotation relative of both components, and transmit a movement of vertical translation to the translators of the generation system electrical energy, to which they are linked by a joint (6). During operation in survival mode, the union between the crank and the petal (5) are reconfigured, the turn is decoupled between these two components by opening the interlocking mechanic.

Figure 13 shows system details sliding, by which the height of the system can be adjusted of energy extraction from the waves to the optimal position for each sea level. Figure 11 shows an alternative system of transfer the effort to the linear generators. Instead of use a beam to transfer the effort in both directions the generator is connected by means of a maintained tension cable for an additional weight in the mobile part of the linear generator. The cable passes through a pulley located with elevation higher than the highest position of the beam with function of crank. When tuning in to the waves incident, the system responds with maximum amplitude, getting that way maximize energy capture. Point absorbers (for example the buoy of OPT) use the antenna effect to increase the capture energy when the device is tuned by its characteristics of mass, spring and damping. This structure has to have maximum strength and minimal effect on the waves since it is in the part of maximum concentration of Energy.

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This allows you to reverse the direction of the efforts to ensure that the upward movements of the petals (which make maximum strength because of their volume of displacement) make the cable work under tension. Dolor atras de rodilla . The wave energy sensing device in your variant of transmission of efforts by means of cables under tension It can also be combined with offshore wind systems floating (24) as cemented (25). In the case of a system floating the petals have their axes supported by a structure which remains attached to the wind turbine tower. 25. Cemented offshore wind system. 24. Floating offshore wind system. Figure 12 shows the coupling of the system to different systems of offshore wind. The invention can also be combined with offshore wind systems using the center post as inertial reference. This system makes use of rails vertical (29), distributed on the periphery of the tower of wind turbine, on which the rolling is done by sliders or other type of bearings, (30) in order to move the system up to the average water level, which is changing with the tides Said vertical position is actively controlled by A servomechanism This setting allows you to keep the converter in its configuration despite changes in water level, and you can materialize in different ways.

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Although the petal can be built completely in naval steel, it is considered to do it in rubber, hypalon or other elastomer, except for the part closest to the hinge, where Concentrate efforts. The volume and thickness of each petal decreases near the hinge to decrease efforts shear imposed by floating the petal on the hinge and Increase efforts transmitted to linear generators. He petal volume decreases near the hinge (101) to decrease shear stresses and increase efforts transmitted to the electric power generation system.