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The female portion 160 also provides a depth to allow a range of movement, and can either by physically limited by the boundaries of the depth or by other blocking components that engage with the male portion 161 at the intended boundaries of movement. The openings to the cavities in the substrate can also be coupled with a control mechanism that either clamps the elastic covering and/or rigid plate or slides over the covering. Referring to FIGS. 2a and 2b , various embodiments are provided for connecting one or more cells 200 to one or more multiplier/rectifier circuits 700. The multiplier/rectifier circuit 700 can be connected to one or more cells 200. The cells 200 may also be connected in series or in parallel or both, depending on the desired type and magnitude of output. As the adjustable frame member is moved closer to the second frame member, the tension in the elastic member 202 connected between both frame portions is reduced.

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2013: MULETAS PARA ADIESTRAR, MONTERÍA - CÓRDOBA, L-0538.. 9c , a servo 702 in the control member controls the positioning of an adjustable frame member 151 relative to a second frame member 150. The servo 175 is preferably coupled to one of the frame members that is fixed in position and drives a gear 176 in a gear assembly. According to an aspect of an embodiment of the invention, a generator has a surface structure or contacting portion relative to a base structure or frame and is positionable within a field of flow. In another embodiment of the present invention, a plurality of coils 500 is arranged within each cell 200 where the plurality of coils 500 contains two or more different coil designs. 1d where the coils are fixed to the cover 202 as opposed to the substrate 100. In another embodiment of the present invention, multiple coils 500 can be fixed to the same cover 202. Coil 500 in FIGS.

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In one preferred embodiment of the invention, the output is connected to lithium-ion batteries or supercapacitors already used in vehicles as a power source. 9b , the control member could bring additional elastic members 611 into engagement with the contacting portion 220 by driving the screw gear 170 out of the frame and sliding adjustable frame portion 153 along the guide rods 161 towards the contacting portion 220. For example, if the additional elastic members 611 include springs, the control member can reposition the springs so that the free end is brought into engagement with the contacting member 220. This changes the number of elastic members engaged to the contacting portion alongside the fixed elastic member 610 connected to the fixed frame portion 150, altering the overall elasticity of the coupled system components. 10, the servo controller output can be connected to the servo controller in a feedback loop 712 where the previous controller output value adjusts the behavior of the servo controller in conjunction with the current control input value.

Urgencias y emergencias: agosto 2017 Furthermore, the output from these devices varies substantially with the relative velocity of the medium, often requiring the design to compensate for velocities outside of a tolerance range. Depending on the needs and desired complexity of the system, the lookup table can any number of values or output states. FIG. 8 depicts an example of a tube structure with cells distributed along the surface of the tube where the tube may be internally pressurized if desired.

Many structural shapes are known within the art and can be incorporated here to provide a desired level of aerodynamics for the particular application, such as aerofoils, wing shapes, spoilers, riblets, curved leading edges, etc. Cinta para dolor muscular . Alternatively, piezoelectric material or another electrogenerative film as previously described and known within the state of the art can be incorporated into the covering in lieu of or in addition to the magnet and coil design.

This force will in turn relatively increase the pressure within the cavity 400. In other embodiments, the covering 202 may not flex above the surface of the substrate 100, so the movement would be attributable to the relative changes in pressure both outside and inside the cavity 400. Additionally, the material used in covering 202 may provide elasticity which would provide forces to return the magnet 300 to the initial position. When the value has changed with a relative magnitude that exceeds a programmed threshold, microcontroller 700 is interrupted to execute a service routine. Alternatively, the structure 100 can also be hollowed out for a single cavity or comprise a plurality of larger cavities that contain multiple generator cells. The cell can also be filled with a gas or liquid having a different density than air. Generators harnessing energy from a fluid flow (such as air) are known within the art, however such generators typically have turbines or propellers which have a large cross-section.

Alternatively, the braking system can increase the damping on the contacting member by engaging a significantly stiffer elastic component such as a spring or by applying a frictional force along the rotational axis for the contacting member. Various shapes of riblets, along with their size and spacings have been studied within the art for years. In another preferred embodiment, the cells 200 can be positioned after the leading edge but still within the physical valleys 103. In another embodiment, the cells can be incorporated into the protrusions 102 themselves, such as a design where the surface structure is positioned in a c-shape across the top 105 and bottom 104 of the leading edge with a pivot around the leading point of the protrusion 102. A similar cross-sectional view of one such protrusion can be seen in FIG.

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3-5. In a further embodiment, the substrate is incorporated into the body of the moving object. In a preferred embodiment, the riblets can be spaced at around twice the height of the riblets in order to further decrease drag. In a preferred embodiment, the coverings are designed so that rigid plates in each of the coverings 202 are angled in the neutral state to protrude towards the central axis of the ring structure and into the fluid flow. The tube structure 120 has openings, which are optionally but preferably symmetrically oriented along the length of the tube 120, with coverings 202 that maintain the integrity of the internal cavity and provide a flexible surface structure so as to incorporate an electrogenerative device.