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La vida revolucionaria de Dolores Jiménez y Muro In some embodiments, the aforementioned suspended weights, metal chains, and/or metal ropes act on the inertial mass by draping against a top portion thereof. One side of flexible connectors 17-4 attaches to restoring weights 17-5, which act to keep the flexible connector in tension. 215 and 216, taken across a vertical plane passing through, and parallel to the longitudinal axis of, the power take-off 270 and the connector and/or cable passing between pulleys 268 and 269. The cross-sectional view is also the section taken across line 25A in FIG. The ribbon cables 215 and 216 are connected to the buoy by a respective pair of rollers (not visible) over and around which they travel. In the case of a rewinding motor that exerts a constant rewinding torque on to the storage roller, the ribbon cable may never be slack. The device configuration on the left side of FIG. Two cables are connected to buoy 1400 at the same relative points at which the two vertical cables of the device configuration illustrated in FIG.

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Arte en Valladolid: MATER DOLOROSA. La Virgen de los.. Inside the tube is an approximately neutrally-buoyant spherical plug 1436, connected to inside surfaces of the tube by connectors 1432 and 1438. When the tube is being accelerated upward by flotation module 1401, water will flow downward through the tube and the spherical plug 1439 will block the constricted portion of the tube, causing the inertia of the water trapped in the upper and lower portions of the tube to resist flotation module’s 1401 upward acceleration. ’s limiting of the amount of electrical power that it will attempt to extract, and/or to generate, then the downward momentum of inertial mass 138 will be too great to arrest and/or prevent the downward movement of the inertial mass 138 relative to flotation module 131, and/or an increase of the distance separating the inertial mass 138 from the flotation module 131 above.

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When the ribbon cable exerts sufficient torque on the grip pulley to overcome the countertorque applied by a generator 709, the grip pulley, and the generator rotor turn, thereby generating electrical power. Such differences in countertorque or resistance can be a function of operational parameters such as the current and/or recent depth of the inertial mass in the body of water, and/or the current and/or recent distance between the inertial mass and the flotation module. A power take-off (PTO) assembly 2711 has dimensions, and a geometry, complementary to the two force-distribution collars 2702 and 2703. The PTO assembly can be moved into and out from the force-distribution collars. When raised, water is able to flow into (or out of) the vessel. The inertial mass 1-140’s resistance to rising can be all the greater, in fact, because not only does the inertial mass have great effective inertia (and hence an inherent resistance to being drawn upward), but, when the converter is in a wave trough, the inertial mass can furthermore have a downward momentum developed during the converter’s earlier descent into the wave trough under gravity.

Whereas the embodiments illustrated in prior figures had a hemi-circular crosssectional shape with respect to one lateral axis, and a linear and/or rectangular crosssectional shape with respect to another lateral axis, and only used differential torques to control the angular rotation of their respective buoys with respect on just one of those axes, the embodiment illustrated in FIG.

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During the raising of flotation module 101 during a rising heave motion, and the consequent lengthening of flexible connector portion 107, the generator 103 resists the turning of its own rotor, and consequently resists the turning 105 of gear 106. However, the wave-induced raising of the surface 100 of the water coupled with the buoyancy of flotation module 101 causes a buoyant force that is sufficient to overcome the resistive torque of the generator.

Test de Ober - Exploración y Diagnóstico - FisioCampus Depending connector 1-150 can be wound around pulley/capstan 1-125 several times, i.e. In some embodiments, constituent cables of the ribbon cable each wind multiple times around their respective rollers. The rotation of the roller 552 causes the length of the ribbon cable 554 connecting the roller to the inertial mass to increase.

At the connector/junction, the multiple strands of the ribbon each transmit a tensile load to the rigid structure of the connector/junction. FIG. 34 illustrates a basic embodiment of the wave energy device herein disclosed. Dolor de espalda cancer . In some embodiments, the mechanical energy of the rotating shaft can be used to power an apparatus on the device that performs useful work such as the production of chemical fuels.

158 an inertial mass is moving upward, it can likewise have an “effective mass” that includes the mass of the water confined inside it, owing to the fact that the bottom portion of the inertial mass directly encloses said water. 107 times on the drum and fixing its end, or a portion of it, to the drum surface, or to a radially protruding feature at the drum surface (such as a bracket or tooth). A plurality of computers, computing devices, network connectors, and/or computing resources, are stored within chamber 106A, enclosure, module, and/or container, mounted on, embedded and/or incorporated within the buoy 100. Affixed to the top of the computing module 106A are heat-dissipating and/or cooling fins 107 that facilitate the transfer of heat generated by the computing resources within the computing module 106A to the air above the buoy. FIG. Isquiotibiales acortados dolor lumbar . 228 is a top down sectional view of the embodiment of FIG.

PCT/US2017/051000 allowing the system to shed the energy of a storm even if its normal control systems inadvertently go offline. But, its average density will typically be not very much greater than water (e.g., it can be in the range of 1020 to 1080 kg per cubic meter, but can also be outside this range), so that its “net weight” (i.e., the gravitational weight of the vessel including the water inside, less the buoyant force upon it owing to its displacement, i.e., the gravitational weight of the vessel including the water inside less the gravitational weight of an equivalent volume of water) while appreciable in everyday terms, is far, far smaller than the net weight of a similarly sized object made of a material such as concrete or steel. While the illustrated embodiment (primarily for the sake of graphical clarity) illustrates two cables and two respective PTOs, other embodiments will have more than cables and PTOs.

This differential rate of upward acceleration will result in an increase in the distance between the inertial mass 279 and the flotation module 271. This will result in an paying out or lengthening of connector segment 274, causing pulley 272 to be turned, causing the generator 273 to generate electrical power.

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The resistive torque (and the electrical power) generated by a generator 2305A is controlled by a power control subassembly 2305B. 2306 is a brake that can apply a braking resistance to the capstan, e.g., without generating electrical power. In another embodiment, the vessel has both an upper 3204 and a lower 3205 mouth. On the left side of FIG.

The rotation of each crank axle, e.g.

FIG. 122 shows a top-down perspective on an embodiment of the present disclosure. FIG. 82 shows a side view of the embodiment of the current disclosure illustrated in FIG. The rotation of each crank axle, e.g. 658. In some embodiments, each guiding pulley can rotate about an axis approximately collinear with the line tangent both to the top of the guiding pulley’s associated power-take-off pulley e.g. Typically, individual direction rectifying pulleys are configured to rotate about an axis that is nearly colltnear with the top groove of a power-take-off pulley with which the individual direction rectifying pulley is associated. The PTO 646, its mounting plate 645, and the flexible connector 647-648, may be moved laterally through the slot 644A in its side, and placed onto, and/or mounted onto, the flat surface 643 at the top of the embodiment.