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Artrosis de Cadera That is, it is an object of the present invention to provide an energy converter capable of securing sufficient and practicable energy output from the rotating mechanism unit by providing an efficient transfer method of effective electrical power to secondary metal load in the rotating mechanism unit and improving energy transfer performance from the magnetism generation mechanism unit to the rotating mechanism unit. In each case, according to the aforementioned configuration, the efficiency of energy transfer from the magnetism generation mechanism unit to the rotating mechanism unit may be improved and sufficient energy output for household use may be ensured from the rotating mechanism unit with a large magnetic gap length of, for example, about 10 mm.

Hamadi, el pilar de su familia que no ha podido con el.. When the magnetism generation mechanism unit and the rotating mechanism unit are integrally formed, the magnetic gap length is typically set to 1 mm or less. 10, the power dedicated energy converter includes stator excitation source 1 a (magnetism generation mechanism unit) and rotating mechanism unit 2 a. In a simple equivalent circuit representation, the approximate load of an induction machine is represented by Rr/s, and secondary side output (Rr/s) Ir2 is represented by the sum of a portion of the electrical power converted to power source (1/s−1)RrIr2 and Joule heat loss RrIr2. The power performance of the energy converter determined by the drive signal period of the electrical power source is properly adjusted electrically by the electrical angle and mechanically by epicyclic gear mechanism unit. In the energy converter described above, it is preferable that a drive signal period Tg of the electrical power source satisfies a condition of Formula (1) given below.

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Preferably, the energy converter described above satisfies, at the drive signal period Tg of the electrical power source, a resistance matching condition, with the magnetic gap as the matching plane, represented by Formula (2) given below. When the magnetic gap length is 7 mm, the frequency at which the area of the hysteresis loop shown in FIG. 1A, SIN phase primary side magnetic flux Φ1 induced by the primary excitation current flowing through stator winding 21 interlinks with the single turn coil array of single turn coil array disk 13 configured to face across a magnetic gap G, induces a voltage, and penetrates into soft magnetic metal plate 14. A secondary induced current is generated in single turn coil array disk 13 due to the induced voltage, and a secondary magnetic flux Φ2 is generated due to the secondary induced current, whereby an equivalent plate magnet of induced magnetic poles having a phase delay of sing is formed, as illustrated in FIG.

In each of the induction motor and induction heater, energy is supplied to the secondary metal load constituted by copper (or aluminum) and a soft magnetic metal plate through electromagnetic induction. Here, the n represents an equivalent effective turn ratio of the magnetism generation mechanism unit when the coil turn of the rotating mechanism unit is taken as one turn with the magnetic gap plane as the matching plane. In the mean time, by positively leveraging the easy separable function of the two mechanism units, the energy converter of the present invention may be used by selecting a specialized rotating mechanism unit that satisfies the requirements of the intended purpose or environment under which it is used. Otherwise, a power based thick wound core rotor housing may be used for that purpose. 7 (td is obtained from the area or magnetic flux density) to be described later and used for this discussion.