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Mujer joven con dolor de estómago que sufre de náuseas.. The wave harvesting device of the invention can be augmented by utilizing an external tube located in the body of water and sized and shaped to at least partially contain and protect the vertical tube, the turbine tube and the float means from horizontal wave motion. 1, in response to a rising crest on a wave, vertical motion of the wave is transmitted via the opening 18 in the outer casing 12 to the float 46. This raises the float and in turn raises the float tube 44 and the turbine tube 28 with respect to the vertical tube 22. The turbine 56, while free to rotate within the turbine tube 28 is, in fact, fixed relative to vertical motion of the turbine tube 28 and moves vertically in conjunction with the turbine tube 28. This is because the generator 38 is attached to the top wall 34 and since the transmission shaft 58 connects the turbine 56 to the generator 38, the turbine 56 moves upwardly and downwardly in concert with movement of the transmission shaft 58 upwardly and downwardly.

In FIG. 1 an outer protective casing 12 is located on the floor 14 of a body of water 16. For the purposes of illustration it will be considered that the body of water 16 represents shallow water just off shore of an ocean, sea, lake or other such large body of water. Until such time as the float “bottoms out” in the trough of the wave the turbine 56 moves relative to the liquid 64 maintaining the gap head and its resulting turbine pressure differential sufficient to spin the turbine. The second tube is concentric with and at least partially movably contained in the first tube with the second tube telescoping into and out of the first tube in response to movement of the second tube with respect to the first tube.

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2 now is moved in the opposite direction relative to the liquid, impingement of the liquid against the vanes 66 rotates the vanes 66 about the rods 68 such that the tailing edges 76 are now depressed with respect to the leading edges 78. The tailing edges are depressed until they contact the lower stop ring 74 positioning the turbine vanes in the position as shown in phantom line for the turbine vane 66-A. Even though relative movement of the turbine with respect to the liquid had been reversed since the vanes 66 have rotated on the support rods 68 the thrust imparted to the turbine vane 66 is still clockwise. As will discussed below, even larger gaps between the tubes are inherently accommodated in larger diameter tubes for wave harvesters of the invention.

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Again while I do not wish to be bound by theory, if larger diameter tubes are utilized, since such larger tubes inherently have greater cross sectional areas this allows the cross section area of the area between the tubes 22 and 28 to also be increase while still maintaining an appropriate ratio between the areas of the turbine and the gap area. While this device certainly is very utilitarian it must be used in water of sufficient depth to isolate the turbines from wave motion and thus requires mooring and tethering in water of such depth. Raising and lowering of the float in response to wave motion raises and lowers the turbine tube in the vertical tube. The positioning means is operatively associated with the turbine vanes for maintaining the vanes in the first position in response to movement of the turbine means relative to the liquid in one of the downward or upward direction and for maintaining the vanes in a second position in response to movement of the turbine vanes relative to the liquid in the other of the downward or upward direction whereby movement of the turbine means relative to the liquid in both the downward and the upward directions results in the rotation of the turbine means in a constant direction.

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The base 110 of the upper lip seal 106 and the base 112 of the lower lip seal 108 are positioned or oriented toward one another with the lip 114 of the upper lip seal 106 and the lip 116 of the lower lip seal 108 oriented away from one another. Such a toroid-like float is attached to the float tube distal from the attachment of the float tube to the turbine tube. The outer casing 12 includes an opening 18 located below the surface 20 of the body of water 16. As such the opening 18 is a sub-surface opening.

With the amount of energy available in the waves of the world’s oceans and lakes and with the necessity of modern civilizations to wean themselves from polluting energy sources, such as oil and other fossil fuels, it is evident that there still exists a large potential use for practical devices capable of harvesting wave energy. Dolor muscular brazo izquierdo hombro . A device of this length would also extend above the mean high tide and high wave level of the surface of the water a sufficient amount (of from about 10 to 15 feet) to accommodate an extra ordinary storm wave occurring at maximum high tide while still allowing for sufficient water depth between the bottom most position of the float and the floor of the body of the water at the lowest tide level encountered at the trough of the wave. 3 to FIG. 4, a 6 foot wave is now traveling under the float 46. The crest of this 6 foot wave would be 3 feet above the mean water level of FIG.

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In reference now to both FIGS. FIG. 5 illustrates the situation wherein the wave crest has now moved underneath the float 46 and the float 46 is lifted a distance E above the mean water level of FIG. Thus for larger diameter tubes the gap width between the tubes might be increased beyond the above noted 0.5 inches gap width. Sufficient amount of liquid is present in the vertical tube to at least partially fill the interior of the vertical tube and at least partially fill the interior of the turbine tube with a portion of the liquid located between the outside of the turbine tube and the inside of the vertical tube, a further portion of the liquid located within the interior of the turbine tube above its open bottom and the remainder of the liquid located in the vertical tube below the open bottom of the turbine tube.

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