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The theoretical maximum amount of useful work that can be extracted from the secondary flow is a function of the geometry of SMEC apparatus. In use, the horizontal barrier 220 lies below the upstream water level 222 and the top of the pipes 20 lie below the downstream water level 224. The vertical length of the pipes is chosen during the design of the apparatus to suit the flow conditions at a particular site.

Aproximación Psicológica al Dolor Postoperatorio In use the barrier 220 lies lower than the upstream water level 222. A substantially vertical barrier 226 extends upwards from the horizontal barrier 220. The vertical barrier is impervious to water and retains the upstream water level 222 above the top of the pipes. The apparatus comprises a series of vertical pipes 20. The vertical pipes are closed off at their top end with a barrier 220 extending across the top of the apparatus.

The apparatus may extend WO 2011/114155 PCT/GB2011/050523 6 over a range of tens of meters to several hundreds of metres and can depend on the width of the body water the system is to be installed in. Figure 14 shows an array of bi-directional pipes 100 with spacers elements 114 located within the diffuser sections 108a, 108b formed by adjacent pipes 100. Spacer elements 114 can be positioned within the diffuser section to allow a short chord length over the whole assembly to be used whilst still preserving a small effective angle to aid pressure recovery. With reference to Figure 15 the spacers 114 can be moveable in and out of the diffuser sections 108a, 108b. Movement of the spacers 114 changes the blockage ratio which can help performance in a tidal flow where the primary flow velocity is continuously variable.

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The aspect ratio of the profile of the pipes can be varied to provide the optimum performance of the array. The blockage ratio is formed by dividing the distance between the centrelines of two adjacent venturi pipes by the gap between adjacent pipes at the venturi section. When the pipes themselves are horizontal such as shown in Figure 3 the horizontal arrangement of the pipes inherently provides the same effect to the apparatus as horizontal management vanes can provide to vertical pipe arrangements. The invention is broadly based on the technology disclosed in W02008/015047, which describes an apparatus comprising an arrangement of first and second pipes for generating electricity using tidal, wave or current flow in a body of water.

A first aspect of the invention provides an apparatus for generating electricity using water flow in a body of water comprising: WO 2011/114155 PCT/GB2011/050523 3 – an array of spaced apart elements, each element defining an elongate flow passage having an upstream side and an elongate downstream side, each element being provided with a series of holes spaced along at least part of its length and the downstream side extending and tapering away from the upstream side, wherein the elements are arranged side by side such that opposing walls of adjacent elements define a venturi section and a first diffuser section extending downstream from the venturi section; – a flow conduit having an inlet and an outlet; – a turbine located in the flow conduit; and – a generator or hydraulic pump connected to the turbine; wherein the flow passages are connected to the outlet of the flow conduit such that the flow of water through the venturi sections causes water to be drawn through the flow conduit out via the holes with the resulting flow driving the turbine.

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Fotos de Dolor. El primer plano de una mujer joven siente.. Figure 6 shows one profile of a venturi pipe 70 for use in the apparatus. Figure 18 shows an embodiment of the invention having flow management vanes 132 extending horizontally across the vertically arranged pipes 134 WO 2011/114155 PCT/GB2011/050523 14 connected to a manifold 136. The apparatus comprises an array of vertical pipes 134 with one or more flow management vanes 132 positioned horizontally across the vertically arranged array of pipes.

Figure 1 shows part of an apparatus comprising a series of pipes set across a current flow. A third aspect of the invention comprises a method for generating electricity from water flow comprising the use of the apparatus according to the first aspect of the invention, the method comprising providing the apparatus in a flow of water; permitting a tidal or current flow to flow through the venturi, and permitting a secondary flow to flow through the flow conduit and drive the turbine. In particular this invention provides an apparatus for generating electricity using flows such as waves, tides or currents in a body of water.

The modules can use the current or tidal flow of the water to generate electricity. The SMEC modules do not rely on the tidal height range, and rely on the volumetric inflow and outflow. Dolor de menisco rodilla . The basic principle of the invention is to provide an SMEC apparatus wherein the pipes have at least one tapered side such that a diffuser section is formed between adjacent pipes. In a further embodiment the turbine and generator can be designed to run in reverse as a pump to back flush any debris or contamination out of the apparatus. Other systems feature a large underwater propeller with an electrical power generator in the hub, analogous to a windmill but for water instead of wind flows.

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One common problem for wave or flow systems is their ability to address a sufficiently large cross-section of the ocean for power generation to be possible on an industrial scale. For an apparatus with vertical pipes extending from the horizontal manifold, the volumetric flow rate reduces as water flows up into each subsequent venturi pipe.

Figures 10 and 11 show different embodiments of the pipes for the apparatus having differing bracings, struts and plate arrangements to provide strengthening to the pipes. In tidal flows as the water level falls the uppermost holes can become exposed to the atmosphere which exposes the water inside the pipes to atmospheric WO 2011/114155 PCT/GB2011/050523 15 pressure. This invention relates to a system for converting wave, tidal or current energy in a body of flowing water into a more useful form of energy. Such barrages, typically across a tidal estuary, are very expensive and environmentally disruptive and require the interaction of the tidal flow with the local topography of the estuary to amplify the tidal range. The pipe 70 has a tapered elongated downstream side 74 which is longer then the upstream side 72 and closed off from the upstream side 72. Holes 78 are located along the length of the pipe70 in the upstream side 72 near the boundary with the downstream side 74 for secondary flow from the flow passage 76 into the venturi.

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With reference to Figure 4 and 5 each pipe 50 comprises a tapered side 56, a flow passage 58 and holes 60 spaced along the length of the pipe 50. Adjacent pipes 50 are positioned such that a venturi section 66 and a diffuser section 68 are defined between the opposing walls of adjacent pipes. A horizontal arrangement of venturi pipes can help isolate the induced low pressure in the venturi from the free surface of the primary flow. This increase in the river depth is the low head driver of the apparatus.

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Methods can include floating the sections of the apparatus into position, lowering the apparatus into position by controlled flood and/or lowering the apparatus into position by cranes or other lifting apparatuses. Dolor de brazo izquierdo y espalda . With a V shaped front end on the upstream side a larger pressure drop in the venturi may occur.