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A piston subassembly 110 such as that shown in FIG. FIG. 11 shows prime mover piston subassembly 110 after it has traveled beyond length 108 of the present device containing the linear alternator transducer. 15, with piston 155 at the top of its limit of travel. When it is necessary to perform maintenance on one or more OWECs associated with rigid structural array 300, the OWEC or OWECS requiring maintenance can simply be pulled up through openings 316. Once an OWEC 314 has been pulled up through an opening 316 it may be secured in position in any suitable manner. Additional buoyancy is provided by a spar float 118 that preferably pierces the surface of the water and also allows wave engine device 104 to maintain a substantially vertical position with respect to a longitudinal axis of cylinder 115. A spar bracket 117 may be provided to more effectively secure spar float 118 to the rest of the device.

Any suitable means of mooring the present device may be utilized, and the device may occupy any suitable position within a body of water. The device harnesses energy produced from mechanical power in the form of a mass flow field in a wave traveling across a body of water. It is further contemplated that mooring line 103 may also act as a structural member for electrical energy or plumbing to carry the high-energy product of wave engine device 104 to a central collection point located, for example, on the bottom of the body of water. As is also shown in the figure, a portion of wave engine device 104 is preferably positioned above water line 101, while the remainder of wave engine device 104 is positioned below water line 101. It is contemplated that the arrangement shown in FIG.

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Such fuels suffer from problems, however, in that they produce pollutants in many cases similar to that produced by the use of fossil fuels, and production of sufficient biomass to meet the world’s energy demands seems unlikely and can, in some instances, compete directly with resources needed for the world’s food supply. The work product of wave engine device 104 can take the form, for example, of power stored in a rotating flywheel, increased hydraulic pressure of a working fluid, intensified pressure of seawater to facilitate desalination, or directly as electrical energy from an integral alternator generator. Potable water output from desalination plant 408 is routed along conduit 422, whereas electricity output from power plant 410 is routed along conduit 424. These two conduits preferably combine to form a single conduit 422 that carries all of the product of rigid structural array 400 to a desired location such as shore.

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Automovilizaciones del nervio femoral para dolores en el.. Water provided under high pressure by OWECs 314 to power plant 310 may be used to operate, for example, Pelton turbines associated with power plant 310, thereby producing electricity in addition to any electricity being provided by the functioning of OWECs 314. Further, in implementations of the present invention wherein a desalination plant 308 is present, waste water from said desalination plant 308 (such as waste water resulting from the reverse osmosis process, which is also under high pressure) can be used to operate, for example, a Pelton turbine, thereby producing additional electricity.

Such processes may include, for example, maintenance functions, and spare parts, tools, and the like may be housed in areas directly on rigid structural array 300, resulting in increased efficiency in maintenance operations. Likewise, photovoltaic cells or solar thermal collectors may be placed on an uppermost deck of rigid structural arrays 300, or may be attached to and extended away from lower above-water decks in implementations of the present device where more than one dry deck is used, in order to harness solar energy for the further production of electricity. In addition to providing and maintaining a superior spatial arrangement of OWECs 314, one implementation of rigid structural array 300 allows maintenance to be carried out on OWECs 314 in a relatively simple manner.