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Trastos de torear #fotosmovil #iphonex #pintofotografia #toreo #capote #muleta While not wishing to be bound by any one theory of operation, it is believed that the employment of a tuned compliant shaft 104 enables the blade 106 to smoothly impart components of its motion to an attached vehicle that ordinarily (i.e., in impeller systems in which a non-compliant, or non-tuned transmission means is employed) are transmitted to the vehicle as shaking or vibration. In operation, the drive rods 456 are reciprocally driven by the motors to cause the wings 454 to pitch about the drive rods 458. This motion enables the craft 450 to move within the water. 16 through 18, in which an underwater surveillance craft 450 is illustrated.

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Dolor Y Tramadol Typically, each driveshaft is mounted in a rigid coupling within which it can pivot; this coupling is then mounted to a sliding carriage that slides within a track. Each embodiment is described by the way of progressive in this specification, the highlights of each of the examples are with other The difference of embodiment, just to refer each other for identical similar portion between each embodiment.

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This result is demonstrated in FIG. In FIG. 15, “F” indicates a “fling” stage thrust, in which adjacent wings 406, 408 positioned closely together are pulled apart (leading edges first) so that a low pressure region is created in the gap, which in turn establishes a strong circulation about the wings. “C” indicates a “clap” stage thrust, in which adjacent wings 406, 408 come together (leading edges first) to force fluid to the rear. Multiple motors 506 are connected with the ring 502 and cause the wing 504 to pitch about the ring 502. Because the wing 504 is elastomeric, the wing 504 deforms during its pitching motion such that the heaving trailing edge lags behind the heaving leading edge; the phase lag between this heaving component and the pitching of the wing 504 results in thrust.

However, the hull of the vehicle will shake and vibrate due to the unbalanced lateral (heaving) and the longitudinal (thrust) forces generated by the waving blade in its fixed mount. However, propellers typically require blade travel of several chord lengths to generate their maximum force for a given rotation rate in order for the steady-state circulation pattern to form around the blades. As a result, propellers are not particularly effective at producing short duration, large impulses, such as those needed to maneuver a vehicle quickly. In addition, the present invention is not limited by landform, be set to deep-sea, be not take up seashore, sea, have it is simple and compact for structure, The characteristics of being easily installed implementation, low cost are conducive to promote and apply suitable for producing in enormous quantities. It is another object of the present invention to provide a fluid impeller that can produce thrust in any direction.

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The present invention relates to ocean currents to fluctuate energy technical field of power generation, more particularly to a kind of deep-sea ocean current fluctuation can piezo-electric generating dress It sets. Dolor de espalda por ejercicio . Fig. 7 is that deep-sea ocean current of the present invention fluctuates energy piezoelectric generating device along Y-direction motion process schematic diagram.

Such an impeller is schematically illustrated in a simple form in FIG. It is preferred that the compliance of the driveshaft 104 and the blade 106 be selected based on the desired performance characteristics of the impeller unit 100, and in particular the input frequency (ωin) of the motor 102. More specifically, it is preferred that the natural frequency of the driveshaft 104 as it deforms in twisting about the pitch axis (ωτ) is often (but not always) approximately the same as ωin, the natural frequency of the driveshaft 104 as it bends along the thrust axis (ωt) is approximately twice that of ωin, the natural frequency of the driveshaft 104 as it bends along the heave axis (ωh) is approximately the same as ωin, and the natural frequency of the blade 106 as it bends (ωk) is approximately the same as ωin. Like the blade 106, the compliance of the driveshaft 104 may be constant and inherent to the material from which it is formed.

Also, the driveshaft 106 may be a single cylindrical rod, or may take a more complex form, such as a flexible helical spring, woven cable, segmented shaft, or shaft pair joined with a universal joint. If the blade 106 of the impeller system 100 is formed of a shape memory polymer, then one may change the stiffness of the blade 106 to improve its use for either purpose. As such, the driveshaft 104 should be formed of a material that allows torsional deformation along the pitch axis, and bending such that the blade 106 can deflect relative to the motor 102 along the heave and thrust axes. Reciprocation of the driveshaft about its pivot point within the bushing generates a sweeping motion of the blade.

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With these relationships between the driveshaft 104, the blade 106, the motor 102, and the fluid medium, the system 100 can be considered “tuned” to the extent that the improved performance characteristics of the impeller system 100 can be realized for cruising or maneuvering. The wings 406, 408 can be configured as described for fins 304, 306 to more easily permit compliant blade torsion. In this configuration, the vehicle can be directed in virtually any direction, the directing force is generated far more quickly than is the case for prior art vehicles, and energy typically lost as shaking or vibration in all axes instead is smoothly transmitted as thrust to the vehicle. Heave and pitch devices typically include one or more rigid plates attached at the ends of rigid driveshafts.

Such devices typically comprise a rotating shaft having blades mounted thereto. Most fluid impellers can be categorized as one of three basic types: flexible rudders; sweeping (or flapping) blades; and “heave and pitch” devices. Also, those skilled in the art will understand that this arrangement can also be employed with aircraft. In the submarine 350, the fins 354 can be controlled by individual motors, or can be controlled by other rotary input means. FIG. 12 is an end view of the submarine of the present invention. FIG. 15 is a series of front end views showing the motion of the blades of the aircraft of FIG. With the development of modern science and technology, the self-powered detector of the various offshore floating formulas based on piezoelectricity is suggested, still The generator principle of above-mentioned self-powered detector is complicated, and motion mode is few, and capacity usage ratio is low, and is only applicable to offshore floating hair Electricity.

This motion causes the fins 554 to interact with the water to drive the pitch and thrust axis undulations to travel from one end of each of the fins 554 to the opposite end, thereby propagating the undulations as a wave in the water. Prior art vehicles attempt to overcome this tendency by including other lift mechanisms, such as a tail, to provide additional lift, but these methods induce costs, thereby reducing aircraft efficiency. Dolor lumbar peso muerto . The vehicle 600 of the present invention requires no such additional lift mechanisms. An additional embodiment of the present invention having multiple blades is shown in FIGS. One aspect of the present invention is a fluid impeller that employs a tuned, compliant transmission unit (preferably with a compliant shaft). Such a vehicle may have a plurality of bladelike elements and a plurality of tuned compliant transmission shafts, each of which is attached to a respective one of the plurality of bladelike elements.

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2 institutes Show, each sector structure 1 includes four piezo-electric generating portion S and a fixed part;The fixed part is circular ring structure;Four A piezo-electric generating portion S is respectively S1, S2, S3, S4, and on the lateral surface of uniform arrangement fixed part.Phase in same sector structure 1 The angle of adjacent piezo-electric generating portion S is 90 degree.The deep-sea ocean current fluctuation energy piezoelectric generating device includes 24 piezo-electric generating portions S, wherein have 4 piezo-electric generating portion S in each sector structure 1, and shape, size, the structure and function of each piezo-electric generating portion S It is all identical. The boat 150 includes a trolling motor assembly 152 having a motor 153 with a downwardly-extending driveshaft 154 attached to a blade 156. Preferably, the motor 153 is mounted to the hull 151 with a compliant, tuned bracket 151 a.

Unlike a conventional propeller, which requires blade travel of several chord lengths for the fluid circulation pattern to form around the blades (also known as the “Wagner effect”), the impeller system 100 has proven to provide high thrust almost immediately. FIGS. 6 and 7 illustrate an impeller system 250 that includes two fins 252 a, 252 b attached to a single driveshaft 254. The fin 252 a includes a servomotor 256 and a controller 258 to control the movement of the fins 252 a, 252 b. When not used for active thrust production in maneuvering, the impeller system 100 functions as a normal control surface (i.e., a bow plane).