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During each useful movement of about 90, the annular member 59, which is actuated by the gear system described above, will rotate anticlockwise through 360 or for a complete revolution. 6. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 5, wherein said drive shaft also has coupled thereto a mechanical driving and connecting system for the alternative and synchronized closing and opening of the channeling passage wherein each of said reciprocating dynamic members is arranged. 13. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 12, wherein said doors are connected by means of connecting rods with a single lever arm control capable of being driven synchronously by said drive shaft connected to said reciprocating dynamic elements. 23. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 16, which comprises a channeling passage opening and closing mechanism in said reciprocating shaft and wheel system, said mechanism comprising in either side compartment of the machine a secondary wheel having a slot in the form of an arc of a circle, a connecting,- rod having one end slidably engaging said slot, the other end of said connecting rod engaging a member having unequal arms in the form of a lever for pulling a cable engaging the groove of a grooved wheel arranged for that purpose.

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Dolor The aforesaid complete revolution is transmitted by the shaft 54 to the toothed Wheel 56, which is substantially similar to the toothed wheel 55. Through the intermediary pinion 50, said complete revolution is in turn transmitted to the ring gear 60, similar to the toothed wheel 56, which will thus rotate in the same direction. Said member 18 is a slidable door or closure (FIG. The reverse movement of the sliding door will require, in this particular embodiment of the system, the use of a further device similar to the one described above, located in the left side compartment of the machine and operating in opposite direction, as shown in FIG. 26. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 16, comprising a mechanism for will drive the connecting rod 209 which will in turn start the passage closing device described above, either in the form of gears or wires, determining the closure of the passage corresponding to the blade 191 during a final movement of wheel 205 through about 30. While the blade 191 performs its angular movement of 90 and moves the wheel 196 to the same extent, the blade 190 connected to its respective wheel ‘195 by the link 200’ will be raised to its normal or upstanding position by the reciprocating movement of its respective wheel in the opposite direction, through 90. With the passage for blade 191 closed and the passage for blade 190 open, the operation is repeated in an alternating and cyclic manner.

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In the embodiment using wires for operating the sliding door, two secondary wheels and two similar devices are required, one in each side compartment of the machine, acting in opposite but mutual and synchronized manner, as explained hereinbefore. Dolor de la pierna derecha causas . The devices for driving the shaft 24 which have been described so far are located in the compartment III of the machine, defined by the top Wall 8, base 26, partr tion 5 and side wall 6 and maintained hermetically closed. Arranged parallel to the drive shaft 24 and located at the rear and lower portion of the machine, there is a reciprocating shaft 194 mounted in suitable bearings located in both side compartments, so that the shaft 194 extends substantially throughout the width of the machine, as does the drive shaft 24. Keyed to the shaft 194 are all of the wheels corresponding to the blade reciprocating system, i.e., the wheels connected direct y wtih the dynamic elements, which will be termed main wheels, and the secondary wheels.

In the embodiment shown in said figures, on the drive shaft 24 and within the left-hand channeling passage there is provided a dynamic element comprising a blade 190, and within the right-hand passage there is a similar dynamic element 191, both elements having their blades extending from quills supported by the drive shaft 24 and extending through the walls to side compartments, for a distance sufficient for mounting the eccentric 38 and pawls, the latter engaging the ratchet wheel 39 as in the previous embodiments. 3. The blades 109 and 110 are carried by sleeves or quills 20 and 200, respectively, in respective channeling passages of which the right-hand one is defined by the intermediate wall 7 the top wall 8 and the side Walls 108 and 5, and the left-hand one is defined by the intermediate wall 107, top wall 8 and side walls 4 and 108, both passages being open at the front and rear ends.

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The sliding door 18 is in open position, thereby opening the central passage defined by the intermediate wall 7, top wall 8 and partitions 4 and 5, said passage being open at the front and rear and channeling the natural energetic fluidic currents (whether aerial, fluvial or marine) directed by the upper and lower curved surfaces 13 and 16, respectively.

The slot 206 will permit the sliding movement therein of a roller pin or similar means supporting the connecting rod 209, which will be inactive in said slot throughout the extent thereof, of about 60. At the end of the movement of the slotted portion, the wheel 205 15 adapted to be mounted on a suitable base and actuated by aerial, fluvial and sea flows, currents and waves, said machine comprising a pair of reciprocating dynamic members having respective active working surfaces acting as blades for receiving the power fluids, each blade being suitably shaped and having reinforcing means, said blades being located and mounted so as to be altematingly moved angularly, said dynamic members being installed between walls defining adjacent channeling passages, each passage having a front access opening and a rear opening, sliding door means for opening and closing said access openings, a drive shaft, mechanical connecting and releasing means arranged for actuating said drive shaft cyclically during each effective angular movement of said dynamic members, counterbalance means for returning said dynamic members to their normal vertical position, and a synchronized system of mechanisms for altematingly opening and closing said sliding door means.