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Neurocirugia_Vol2_Cap18 In the foregoing description, each piezoelectric vibrator 18 can adopt with each scribing 19 and be a layer arrangement, and promptly the piezoelectric vibrator on each layer 18 is positioned at same horizontal plane with scribing 19, and number is identical; Each piezoelectric vibrator 18 can also adopt arrangement mode (as shown in Figure 6) with each scribing 19, and promptly the form that rises in the shape of a spiral each other of the every row piezoelectric vibrator 18 on generator leg 10 is carried out the changing of the relative positions, and the scribing 19 on the power transmission shaft 13 keeps being the mode that layer is arranged. In the foregoing description, supporting floating body 3 is wrapped in buoyancy aid 4 wherein, and connects through a rigid links 17 (as shown in Figure 2) at the opening part of the supporting floating body that is n shape 3, and then through the reflection incoming wave, improves the efficient that wave energy collection device 1 is collected wave energy.

Suffering, pain, pain. Patent number mainly is made up of floating buoyancy aid and one group of piezoelectric patches across the sea for the piezoelectric Wave energy converter in the design of US4685296 patent.Buoyancy aid compresses in the process of moving up and down and the stretching piezoelectric patches, makes it that strain take place, and at the mounted on surface electrode of material, utilizes the exportable electric energy of the distinctive piezoelectric property of material.U.S. Said scribing adopts nickel, steel or steel alloy to process, or adopts a magnet to process; Said piezoelectric vibrator is connected by two kinds of materials to be processed; Adopted epoxy resin, polysulfones or aluminum alloy materials by said piezoelectric patches institute region covered on it; All the other adopt cast zinc alloy, copper alloy, silicon, steel or alloy steel material near the zone of end, and the natural frequency of said piezoelectric vibrator is 10~120Hz; Perhaps fixing respectively another piece magnet on the upper surface both sides of said piezoelectric vibrator end forms the piezo-electric generating unit of non-contact type magnetic with the said scribing of being processed by magnet.

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1., based on a polycylindser tandem curved shaft type stream generating device for galloping effect, it is characterized in that: comprise ground, with the cylinder oscillator of rough zone, king-post, back shaft, linear slide bearing, axle sleeve, connecting rod, bent axle, flywheel, generator, connector, spring, Fluid Sealing cabin; Ground can be positioned at bottom or the seabed of rivers and lakes; King-post is streamlined, is fixed on ground, and back shaft is fixed in the inside of king-post, and linear slide axle sleeve, on back shaft, can do linear slide on back shaft; Two end part with the cylinder oscillator of rough zone are connected on axle sleeve by connector, perpendicular to coming, flow path direction are doing straight line motion; Axle sleeve is for wrapping up linear slide bearing, linking springs, and multiple cylinder oscillator axle sleeve with rough zone, from flow-induced corrosion, is fixed together, ensures the conformity of movement of pendulum, form body vibration system, increase generated output by protection linear slide bearing; Spring one end is fixed in the end of axle sleeve, and the other end is fixed in the end of king-post, and spring provides restoring force to achieve to-and-fro motion to axle sleeve motion, ensures the stability of arrangement works; One end, Fluid Sealing cabin is fixed in king-post end face, and the other end adopts motive sealing to be connected with the end of axle sleeve, and spring can be protected from flow-induced corrosion; Connecting rod lower end is hinged on the middle part of oscillator topmost, and upper end adopts subdivision anatomical connectivity in the middle part of crankshaft journal; Many rows tandem oscillator realizes being connected with bent axle by connecting rod, and this driving mechanism is converted into the unidirectional rotary motion of same bent axle more with the linear reciprocating motion of the cylinder oscillator of rough zone by arranging; One end of bent axle is connected with generator, is electric energy by changes mechanical energy, the other end Flywheel, ensures the stability of structure motion.

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Like Fig. 1, shown in Figure 3; Each piezo-electric generating unit 2 comprises the plurality of piezoelectric vibrators 18 and several scribings 19 that is arranged between generator base plate 9 and the generator top board 11; Each piezoelectric vibrator 18 evenly is arranged on the inwall of generator leg 10, and each scribing 19 evenly is arranged on the power transmission shaft 13.Wherein, Each piezoelectric vibrator 18 comprises an intermediate layer 20 and two piezoelectric patches 21; Two piezoelectric patches 21 all are arranged on the bigger root of strain on the intermediate layer 20; And two piezoelectric patches 21 are separately positioned on the above and below in intermediate layer 20, and adopt cantilever beam structure to be fixedly installed on the inwall of generator leg 10 with intermediate layer 20.When wave energy collection device 1 under wave action in the upper and lower oscillatory process; Be arranged in the motion process of scribing 19 on the power transmission shaft 13 with wave energy collection device 1; Contact piezoelectric vibrator 18 ends, along with wave energy collection device 1 continues motion up or down, piezoelectric vibrator 18 ends that contact with scribing 19 are motion up or down thereupon under action of wave force in scribing 19; Deform, produce corner.After piezoelectric vibrator 18 and scribing 19 contact site corners reach 90 °; Scribing 19 and 18 terminal disengagings of piezoelectric vibrator; Continue motion up or down, 18 of piezoelectric vibrators vibrate with natural frequency, and then the electrode that is attached to piezoelectric patches 21 upper and lower surfaces is exported electric energy thereupon.