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The scope of this invention is intended to cover not only wave energy devices employing venturi devices that incorporate a turbine in the venturi, but also those that utilize any, and all, other means of utilizing the accelerated waters flowing through a venturi device to extract power. 6e. All Manner of Venturi Movement The scope of this invention is intended to cover wave energy devices employing venturi devices that are moved vertically, or horizontally, in response to wave motion near the surface of the ocean. However, it is also intended to cover those energy devices, which operate on the ocean, or on other large bodies of water, and which employ venturi devices that are lifted partially, substantially, or entirely, by other means.

This embodiment of the present invention is intended to generally resemble the Heck device except with respect to the construction of the venturi. 11. However, this graph of the relationship of the power available with respect to the relative venturi throat diameter is with respect to a different set of wave conditions and choke speed. FIGS. 13A-13D are graphs illustrating the speed of the water at various portions along a wave as depicted in FIG. If an alternator or generator 146 is located within the sidewalls of venturi tube 130 as depicted in FIG.

This decrease in the lateral pressure of fluids moving through a venturi tube is why these tubes are useful in creating a homogeneous dispersion of materials within a fluid. For the sake of illustration, we will discuss the optimization of the venturi effect created within a wave energy device of the type illustrated in FIG. We will discuss two of these ways below, with respect to the four sample wave types specified in FIG. FIG. 17 shows the results of optimizing the relative venturi throat diameter with respect to a combination of individual “ocean conditions” which might characterize a deployment site over the course of a year. Therefore, the scope of this patent is intended to include any submerged venturi device that amplifies the speed of the water entering it by a factor that equals, or exceeds, 2×. Or, in other words, the scope of this patent is intended to include all submerged venturi devices which double, or more than double, the speed of the water that enters the device.

Dolor Espalda Y Abdomen

"Mi meta, tu salud" por Carolina Llovera: DOLOR DE ESPALDA No. 12/777,409 application also claims the benefit of the prior filing date of Provisional Patent Application Ser. FIG. 14 shows the relationship between the actual speeds and power levels (still relative to the cross-sectional area of the venturi device’s mouth) and the relative throat diameters with respect to a venturi device operating in waves with a height of 4 meters, a period of 8 seconds, and a choke speed of 25 m/s. Dolor de espalda omoplatos . FIGS. 11 and 12 show the relationship between the diameters of the venturi throat (relative to the diameter of the venturi mouth) for two sets of conditions that might exemplify the operation of submerged venturi devices. This invention also includes a method for optimizing a venturi device having a mouth and throat for generating electrical energy from ocean waves which includes selecting the height of the ocean waves, selecting the periodicity of the ocean waves, selecting the choke speed for the water flowing through the venturi device and establishing the relative cross-sectional area of the throat of the venturi device as compared to the cross-sectional area of the mouth of the venturi device so that speed of the ocean water flowing through the throat is at least two times the speed of the water at the mouth but no more than the choke speed.