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Los 6 mejores trucos para el dolor de oídos - Likewise the word “preferably” or variations such as “preferred”, will be understood to imply that a stated integer or group of integers is desirable but not essential to the 25 working of the invention. It will therefore be referred to in this embodiment as a positively buoyant submerged member (PBSM) 14. The buoyancy of the PBSM 14 extends 30 beyond the mean water level such that if the water level were to rise the associated buoyancy force would also increase. The downward force applied to the PBSM 14 will be opposed by the damping provided by the linear electric generator 20. The result of the upward force applied to the float member 18 via its hydroplanes 30 and buoyancy is an upward movement of the translator 24 of the linear electric generator 20. Through the interaction of these buoyant and hydrodynamic 10 forces it is possible to maximise the differential motion between the float member 18 and the support structure 12 in order to optimise the energy extracted from the wave by the apparatus 10. To counteract the upward buoyant force on the PBSM 14 a novel tension mooring system has been invented, of which a preferred embodiment, in the 15 form of mooring means 60, is illustrated in Figures 4 and 5. The mooring system 60 comprises a ballast 62 for anchoring the device, and a counterbalancing means 64 for counteracting the excessive buoyancy of the PBSM 14. The ballast 62 and the counterbalancing means 64 are connected via a chain or cable 66, which passes through a pulley mechanism 68 located 20 at the bottom of the PBSM 14 (see Figure 5). A dampening means in the form of a mechanical braking system 70 is provided in connection with the pulley mechanism 68, though some other dampening means such as an electrical or hydraulic or pneumatic dampener can be used.

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Tanker truck in motion There have been some attempts to use a directly driven rotary generator, as well as a directly driven linear generator. Although there has been a desire to harness the energy of waves for hundreds of 20 years, past attempts have met with limited success. Figure 16 illustrates an embodiment of the tension mooring system 120 which itself has been configured as a wave energy converting apparatus. Once the optimal operational frequency has been selected, also from well know formulae, the optimal system mass allowing for the most energy to be extracted can be calculated. As the motion of the stator 22 and the translator 24 are subjective, the locations of the copper wire, magnets, and magnetic permeable material can also be 15 located on either the stator or the translator. This novel way of commissioning the apparatus 10 will help to 25 keep the commissioning, decommissioning, repairs and maintenance costs to a minimum.

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This type of rapid deployment and retrieval aids in keeping the cost of commissioning, repairs and maintenance to a minimum, as well as ensuring the most reliable supply of energy. In this manner the control system 92 will move mass into and out of the tension mooring system 50 thus changing the operational characteristics of 20 the system through mass variation and allowing the system to be tuned to perform optimally in an ever-changing environment.

The wave energy converting apparatus 10 is configured in such a way to be easily towed behind a vessel, thus allowing it to be readily and quickly 20 commissioned. Pneumatic pumps may be used instead of the hydraulic pumps 98. The wave energy converting apparatus 44 shown in Figures 8 and 10 5 incorporates a wind turbine 100 mounted on top of the support structure 45 of the apparatus. 20 In a dual heaving body design the differential motion between two oscillating bodies is used to generate energy; as opposed to the relative motion of one body relative to a fixed reference point, as in a single heaving body design. Dolor de espalda despues del parto epidural . These are typically used in near shore, in-shore or on-shore installations.