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El Ayuntamiento de Argamasilla de Calatrava organiza un.. The directional converter and the generator may be located on land or on a platform in the ocean. The drag panel generally increases the surface area upon which drag forces act due to the ebb and flow caused by tidal action (or drag forces caused by other ocean currents), allowing the displacement vessel to be more effectively moved by the drag forces caused by the ebb and flow of the water. Displacement vessel 702 c has an angle of 45° between the stationary location 706 and the anchor cable 703 c, which is coupled to the directional converter 709 at the stationary location 706, i.e., land. In an embodiment, the displacement vessel may include floatation devices connected by transverse members to create a frame from which to hold the rotatable drag panel as the displacement vessel floats in the water.

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Man taking the heaviest weight The directional converter may be housed on the displacement vessel or located away from the displacement vessel, such as on land. A tidal energy conversion assembly may include a displacement vessel, a drag panel coupled to the displacement vessel that is rotatable about a horizontal axis, a directional converter coupled to a generator positioned at a stationary location, and an anchor cable having a first end, a second end, and a length in between the first end and the second end. A method of generating electricity using the flow of water due to tidal action may include releasing a displacement vessel having a drag panel rotatable about a horizontal axis of the displacement vessel, wherein the drag panel extends at an angle from a surface of the water. 6A and 6C, the arms 652 a and 652 b extend at an angle from the drag panel 621. In an embodiment, the arms 652 a, 652 b may extend from the drag panel 621 at any suitable angle, such as between 0° and 45° from the vertical, for example.

Other known tidal energy systems require the construction and placement of machinery such as hydraulics and moveable tanks that extend far above the surface of the water, such as described in U.S. The first position may alternatively be a configuration where the drag panel 121 is substantially adjacent to a surface of the displacement vessel 102. The drag panel 121 may be deployed to the second position by rotation about a hinge, where the rotation is controlled by the control mechanism. The drag panel 521 may be formed as two or more individual panels to allow potential for more variation in surface area facing the current or tide. These changes in current velocity may change the amount of electrical power generated by the displacement vessel as higher currents tend to generate more electrical power than slow currents. In addition, with suitable placement of anchored cables on generally opposite sides of the assembly, electrical power generation may be produced as the assembly moves in both directions (incoming and outgoing tides)-i.e., the cables can be mounted on different drums on the directional converter such that as one cable unwinds and operates the generator, the other cable is being re-wound for the next tidal cycle.

The horizontally rotatable drag panel and horizontally rotatable drag panel with vertically rotatable sub-panels embodiments of the present invention may be applied to any of the below devices, systems, and assemblies of displacement vessels having drag panels, such as the displacement vessels detailed in FIGS. In particular, the bridle may be used to change the angle of attack of the displacement vessel with respect to the water/current flow, e.g., the yaw, pitch, and/or roll. As another embodiment, the generator may include any suitable electrical generator as is known in the art, including but not limited to an induction generator (e.g., a doubly-fed induction generator or permanent magnet generator) or other electric generator. Dolor de espalda punzadas . In another example, the generators 816 a-816 f may have similar electrical output ratings of 15 kW.

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5 remedios caseros para el dolor de espalda, (a los 30 y.. The rotation of the first drum due to the first anchor cable unwinding is transferred to an electrical power generator to generate electricity as the displacement vessel moves in the first lateral direction. The specified length that the guide mechanism travels may be a function of the diameter of the anchor cable 213. After the guide mechanism has traveled one full length of the drum 213, the guide mechanism may switch its direction of travel and move in a second direction that is opposite the first direction.

For example, a first control mechanism 320 a may wind up (or shorten) control cable 308 a while a second control mechanism 320 b releases (or lengthens) control cable 308 b, thus rotating the displacement vessel 302 in a clockwise direction and controllably adjusting the amount of drag force exerted on the drag panel 302. The first control mechanism 320 a and second control mechanism 320 b may also rotate the displacement vessel 302 in the opposite (counterclockwise) direction by the reverse operation, i.e., the first control mechanism 320 a may release control cable 308 a and the second control mechanism 320 b may wind up control cable 308 b. The level winder assembly 248 may travel in the first direction along a first groove and, after travelling one full length of the drum, the level winder assembly may travel along a second groove that crosses the first groove. This may be accomplished by using a series of gears of differing radii coupled to one another or via a chain, for example.

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In another embodiment, also shown in FIG. FIG. 10 shows a drag panel 1000 having a concave shape connected to control cables 1010. For ease of illustration, other components of the displacement vessel are not shown in FIG. In another embodiment, the floatation devices have a tubular or cylindrical shape. In another example described in more detail below, the displacement vessel may include redundant control cables (and, if desired, redundant control mechanisms) such that the displacement vessel may have eight control cables generally connected at the corners of the displacement vessel. Como curar el dolor de espalda . In another embodiment, the horizontally rotatable drag panel may include one or more vertically rotatable sub panels. The method may further include rewinding the displacement vessel after rotating said drag panel. In this instance, the control cables may be coupled to the drag panel to rotate the drag panel without rotating the entire displacement vessel.

By providing a displacement vessel 302 that is capable of rotating in the water to controllably adjust the drag force exerted on the drag panel 302, the amount of electricity generated by the generator may also be controllably adjusted. The thickness of the drag panel may be between 0.1 inch and 24 inches; however, one skilled in the art will recognize that any suitable thickness may be used. As an example of a method of pointing the displacement vessel downwards, one or more control mechanisms generally located at the top of the displacement vessel may wind control cables in. The control mechanism may lengthen or shorten the control cables, causing rotation of the vessel and thereby decrease or increase the distance between the end of the displacement vessel attached to the control cable and the anchor cable. The anchor cable 103 increases to a length of L2 between the displacement vessel 102 and anchor 108. L2 is greater than L1 and 119 b is greater than 119 a.

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7A, displacement vessels 702 a-702 c represent different scenarios of retrieval for various angles between the anchor cable and the stationary location when the displacement vessel 702 a-702 c has a fully deployed drag panel. The control cables may be attached to the displacement vessel by a control mechanism, such as a motor or winch, for example, configured to independently, or cooperatively control (i.e., adjust) the length of the control cables. A control mechanism may be coupled to each axle to control the rotation of each individual drag panel. A drag panel 621 is attached to the two floatation devices 660 a and 660 b and is also coupled to control mechanisms 620 a and 620 b via arms 652 a and 652 b that extend from the drag panel 621. In FIGS.

In an embodiment, the drag panel may extend vertically into the water. D on the drag panel through current speeds of about 3.5 knots to about 11 knots, the angle B between the drag panel 921 and the vertical axis must be increased. FIG. 9 shows a graph of velocity of water current and drag panel angle to maintain a specified drag force.

The armature includes one or more metal wires/coils within the magnetic field of the permanent magnet such that, upon rotation of the permanent magnet, an electric current is induced in the wires. The gearing mechanism or alternatively, the gear box, may include a gear multiplication arrangement in order to increase the output RPM of the directional converter 209 and applied to the generator 216. The electric generator(s) 216 may require a faster rotational input than can be provided by a relatively simple gearing mechanism that does not include a gear multiplication arrangement. 2A-2C. The displacement vessel 102 further includes an electric power generator for generating electricity from the drag. One skilled in the art will recognize that the displacement vessel and drag panel may have any suitable dimensions to capture drag forces from the ebb and flow of the tide or other water currents. FIG. 4A shows an exemplary displacement vessel having a vertically rotatable drag panel.

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FIGS. 6A-6C shows an exemplary displacement vessel having a horizontally rotatable drag panel in various positions. Dolor muscular en pierna derecha . FIGS. 2A-2C shows an exemplary directional converters. The gearing mechanism or alternatively, the gear box, may include a gear multiplication arrangement in order to increase the output RPM of the directional converter and applied to the generator.