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remedios para aliviar el dolor de rodillas - Salud180 Another aim of the invention is to provide various impelling means, including floatable and non-floatable, for the wave energy converters. It may be used as an MHD engine (in a water-moving mode) during a storm, when the excessive energy generated by the MSL-IWETs, mounted on the platform, can be particularly used to create the electric field between electrodes 184E (and perhaps magnetic field, if electromagnets are deployed as magnets 184M). The magnetic and electric fields will accelerate the moving conductive seawater, i.e. For example, in the water-moving mode, the rotating water body inside chamber 185 may additionally be accelerated by the MHDU, and the electric current flowing between electrodes 184E will also heat up the water body. FIG. 12 a is a partial plan view a platform-based IWEC with an inertial water stabilizer-generator (IWSG), according to an embodiment of the present invention.

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Sorrow IWSG illustrated on FIG. FIG. 5 b is a schematic side sectional side view of the underwater pendulum IWEC, according to the embodiment of the present invention shown on FIG. This IWEC employs a rotational embodiment of the IWET illustrated on FIGS. If necessary, the control system will dynamically configure the control circuits of valves 156, IWET coils 130, tidal adapters 155, hydrogen (and perhaps oxygen) pressure regulators, pumps, emergency subsystems, communication systems, MHDUs, solar and wind generation devices (if any), and other executive devices of the IWECS.

FIG. 2 c is a graph representing an exemplary magnetic flux as a function of time of the armature’s movement of the IWET illustrated on FIGS. Terminals (X) and (Y) of every coil 150 are connected in parallel, respectively by a bus (132X) and a bus (132Y) as depicted on FIG.

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MHDUs 184 are connected to unit 175 by waterproof cables (188) shown on FIG. A signal cable (136), illustrated on FIG. The corresponding wiring pairs 134A1, 134A2, 134A3, and 134A4 are joined in one cable 131 generally connecting the wires with a rectifier (preferably in parallel), and further with an electrical load. 8 b. AU wires 134A1, 134A2, 134A3, and 134A4 are joined into a cable (131), which is displayed on FIGS. Referring to FIG. 3 a, there is shown a partial view of another linearly reciprocating embodiment of IWET, which comprises an armature means including a plurality of coils (130) wound on a core (120), having a plurality of teeth (120T) disposed on the inner side of core 120 with equal intervals. 3 b, between tooth 120T and magnet 110 should be made generally at least three times less than an air gap (g2) between magnet 110 and the innermost surface of coil 130. Dolor muscular en pecho . The air gap (g1) might generally be made at least nine times less than an air gap (g4) between two neighboring magnets for the above stated reasons indicated in the previous embodiment.

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The MSL-IWET may be usable in off-shore platform-based installations, in near-shore installations with vertically reciprocating floats, and for horizontal or tilted installations to utilize the energy of surface sea waves, as well as for conversion of wind energy into usable electric power. A forward sea wave pushes one impeller 162 catching the wave with its concave surface. The gyroscopic effect of a rotating water body in chambers 185 may be used to stabilize the position of platform 170 approximate to a substantially horizontal position during storm waves, since the water body inside chambers 185 will tend to rotate in a substantially horizontal plane in this embodiment. When the storm is over, and there is no need to stabilize platform 170 anymore, the energy accumulated by the rotating water bodies of all the chambers may be converted into electric power either by actuating of an impeller means revolving a shaft of a rotational electrical generator (not shown), or otherwise.

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A plurality of water pumps (183) is mounted on platform 170, which water pumps 183 each is connected to each chamber 185 by an injecting hose (1831), illustrated on FIG. It also shows other elements: a part of closure (171), two combined control-electrolysis units (175) with cables (138), connected to the IWETs and a hydrogen duct (181) discussed below. A Vertically Reciprocating IWEC with Rotational IWETs and Rack Gear. The converters also comprise impellers, including floatable, fixed, and adjustable.

8 b earlier described in the section dedicated to the MSL-IWET. Casings 129 and 129A with IWETs may be installed on a platform (not shown for this embodiment) above the water level (w-w), while float 165 is vertically freely reciprocating similar to the one described in the previous embodiment. Columna dolor lumbar . An outlet (not shown) may be used to remove excessive amount of slowly rotating water, and then water pump 183 should be switched on. U.S. Pat. No. 4,151,423 discloses a magnetohydrodynamic electric generator for direct energy conversion of saline water kinetic energy flowing through a magnetic field and a sea platform containing a multitude of electricity generators to maximize such conversion.

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Another U.S. Pat. No. The movable magnets are preferably permanent magnets (though suitably configured electromagnets may also be utilized), and may be preferably made of rare earth magnetic materials or a combination of such materials with magnetic ceramics, as taught in U.S. An air gap (g1A) between magnets 110A and the middle teeth 120AT is made substantially greater than an air gap (g3A) between magnets 110A and the ending teeth 120AE due to their different heights, as indicated above. This embodiment of MSL-IWET may also be driven by wind, where it’s installed preferably horizontally, and encapsulated in a suitable casing, having, for example, two bell-shaped ending portions (145M), one of which is shown on FIG.

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Armoniza tu cuerpo con nuestro masaje de reflexología. #.. An embodiment of a three-sectional MSL-IWET is schematically illustrated on FIG. A Three-Sectional MSL-IWET Usable with WECs and Wind Converters. Dolor cervical y lumbar . Special means should be arranged to protect the solar panels and wind power generators from high waves during a storm. Most of other known WECs rely on conditional electrical generators or transducers employed in the final stage of the wave energy conversion, i.e. Such regulating mechanisms and means are well known to a person skilled in the art, and may be chosen while applied to a particular construction of the IWEC. Referring to FIG. 10, there is shown an isometric view of an embodiment of MP-IWECS comprising a plurality of platforms (170), anchored to an anchoring subsystem, wherein the construction of the platform and the anchoring system is preferably identical to the one described in the previous IWECS embodiment. As mentioned above, shafts 127 (and 127A) is supported by at least two step-bearings 123 (though only one of them is shown on FIG.

The cross-section of shaft 127 is shaped as a circle with a cut-off segment as shown on FIG. Therefore, the EMF effective amount (of the function EMF proportional to dF/dT, illustrated on FIG. Therefore, it makes the wide use of renewable energy sources (all based on unequal heating of different parts of the earth by the sun’s radiation) even more important and desirable. The global warming effect with its possible relations to people’s industrial activities, the rapidly rising demand in oil products in conjunction with the depletion of natural oil resources, environment pollutions caused by burning coal and other hydrocarbon fuels in power stations and in engines of transportation means, and, on the other hand, by highly radioactive waists produced by nuclear reactors, environment alterations caused by many traditional dam hydro-electrical power stations, all together result in acceleration of research and development of solar, wind, thermal, tidal, sea wave and other renewable, clean, and environment friendly energy sources.

In other embodiments, adapters 155 may optionally be programmatically controlled by a control unit (not shown for this embodiment), and provide expansions and contractions of cables 151 based on a time schedule reflecting daily tidal alterations. Another example of such a mechanism is a tidal adapter 155, shown on FIG. 7 b, and they are also seen on FIG. However, in this embodiment there are sizing differences: the cross-section of the coils wiring for section A is significantly less than for section B, as well as the widths of the armature and inductor cores for section A is also less than for section B. As a result, the air gap (g1A) is greater than (g1B), and (g3A) is greater than (g3B). If the strong storm further increases, coils 130B1 and 130B2 will be switched on, decelerating the movement of rod 150, and limiting the amplitude to a predetermined maximum, and generating a predetermined maximum of electric power.