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Perfect Curves More specifically, the presently disclosed invention is primarily intended for providing an improved electrical power generating plant that is able to generate electricity from the kinetic energy contained in steady ocean currents. According to important features of the current invention, the electric power generating plant has been carefully configured to utilize the kinetic energy of the current to adjust the hydrofoils lifting force to balance the downward vector force caused by the kinetic energy of the current acting on the downward angled anchor line. It is a further object of the current invention to provide a submersible electrical power generating plant having low parasite drag (that drag that does not contribute to the capturing of energy or providing lift) and which a high percentage of the horizontal drag forces are from that kinetic energy that is actually converted into electricity.

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Fisiosaludable - Los tres tipos de acción muscular According to the present invention, a submersible electrical power generating plant is disclosed for generating electrical power with no fuel costs from the flow of ocean current. The valves 123 are opened varying amounts, with the valve 123 for the front compartment 68 being opened the most, the conventional valves 123 for the compartments 77, 101, 80, and 69 being opened by decreasing amounts, with the valve for the end compartment 69 being opened the least. Another option is to replace the conventional valves that drain the individual compartments with special check valves similar to the special check valves in the ballast water transfer system and have an electrically controlled valve in the common drain line. 13b are drawings of one of the separate special valves 264 that is at the end of each of the separate drain pipes 124 shown in FIG 10 capable of draining each of the separate compartments 68, 77, 101, 80, and 69. The special valve consists of a buoyant ball 265 that is contained in a special valve housing 264. The special valve housing 264 has in inlet 49 from the drain pipe 124 and an outlet hole 276 located in the center of a base 46 of the special valve housing 264. FIG.

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As each of the separate compartments of the streamlined torpedo-shaped buoyancy tank empties of ballast water, each of the separate special valves in each of the separate drain lines will shut to conserve the pressurized air in the streamlined torpedo- shaped buoyancy tank. The pressurized air in the streamlined torpedo-shaped buoyancy tank forces the ballast water out through the separate drain holes, through the separate drain pipes, through the special valves that allow only fluid to flow, through the separate conventional valves, and though the common pipe to the front of the streamlined torpedo-shaped buoyancy tank, where the ballast water is ejected forcibly downward. Those lifting forces that are produced by the flow of a fluid over an airfoil-shaped hydrofoil are affected by current velocity, and these lifting forces are utilized to balance the changing downward forces by changing the hydrofoil’s angle of attack.

The placement of the stabilizer fin forward of the hydrofoil makes no sense. FIG. 9 is a schematic diagram of a modification of the system shown in FIG. FIG. Dolor en la parte baja de la espalda y piernas . 11 is a schematic diagram of the wiring and piping systems for supplementary depth control system shown in FIG. Common energy efficiencies for the electrolysis of water are at about 65%. However, by using catalysts in the water electrolyte, efficiencies of 80% to 85% are possible.