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Este congreso se realiza con el objetivo de contribuir a la consolidación de la práctica profesional en Fisioterapia. No dudes en formar parte de este proyecto. It is also known in the art that the efficiency of devices for converting fluid energy to electricity can be increased by employing two or more of counter-rotating motors, as taught in U.S. It is also preferred that front surfaces 110 and 112 form an included apex angle of about 80 to 100 degrees such that the incoming liquid is directed toward the vanes of each motor at about 45 degrees as the vanes past the point at which they are generally parallel to the direction of liquid flow and that the length of these surfaces 110, 112 be such that the area of the front opening 71, 73 of each subchamber 72, 74 is approximately one half of the area of the rear opening 75, 77 of each subchamber 72, 74. This difference in the inlet and outlet areas of each subchamber 72, 74 creates an area of lower pressure at the rear of each subchamber 72, 74, thereby drawing the water through the motors at a higher velocity than the velocity of the current in which the system is suspended.

It is also preferred that hydrodynamic motor 5 contain about four to twelve radially oriented vanes 206, 207, 208, 209 equally spaced circumferentially such that the angular displacement of adjacent vanes is equal throughout the array. 3) contain a hollow front portion of aerodynamic design comprising a wedge-shaped outer wall 108 consisting of two generally planar surfaces 110, 112 meeting at their front ends to form an apex having an included angle of approximately 75 to 100 degrees. Referring to FIG. 5, two symmetrically located keels 158, 162, each preferably centered beneath one of said hollow side portions 20, 22, are rigidly attached to and extend downward from the outer surface of the bottom wall 106 of bottom portion 26. The keels 158, 162 are positioned and sized to maintain the preferred vertical orientation of buoyant chamber 1 and position the chamber such that the front opening of each subchamber 72, 74 is positioned facing toward the incoming liquid current.

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It is preferred that the distance between the topmost horizontal edge of each subvane 206A, 206B, 206C and 206D and the bottom surface of upper plate 200 and that the bottommost horizontal surface of each subvane 206A, 206B, 206C and 206D and the top surface of lower plate 202 be minimized in order to limit the amount of liquid flowing over and under said subvanes when they are in the closed position as shown in FIG. Referring to FIGS. 1, 3, and 6, the most preferred embodiment of the present invention comprises a fully submersible system for generating electricity from ocean or river currents in which each hollow side portion 20, 22 of buoyant housing 1 is configured such that (a) the outer wall 76, 78 of said side portion is generally planar in order to decrease resistance to liquid flow and to keep the orientation of outer walls 76, 78 of buoyant housing or structure 1 parallel to the direction of liquid flow, (b) inner wall 80, 82 is generally planar from the front wall 84, 86 of said side portion to the first point of closest adjacency 250, 252 to the circumference of associated hydrodynamic motor 2, 4, (c) inner wall 80, 82 is curvilinear inward from said first point of closest adjacency 250, 252 over an arc of less than 90 degrees to the terminus 254, 256 of the arc, hereinafter the “outer arc of closest adjacency”, such that the distance between said inner wall and said circumference of hydrodynamic motor 2, 4 is maintained relatively constant over the length of said inward curvilinear surface, and (d) inner wall 80, 82 extends outwardly rearward from the terminus 254, 256 of said arc of closest adjacency to the point at which said inner wall intersects outer wall 76, 78 at the back edge 88, 90 of said hollow side portion.

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  • Apparatus as recited in claim 5, wherein said platform moving means comprises
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  • In a craft, hydrofoil apparatus comprising

2) into equally-sized subchambers 72 and 74 is configured such that generally planar front surfaces 110 and 112 meet to form wedge-shaped outer wall 108. Each said front surface extends rearward from the apex of the wedge formed by the intersection of their forward ends and terminates at a point 266, 268 at which the rearward ends of said front surfaces meet the forward end of curvilinear central inner walls 114, 116, respectively.

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3 show the open position of the subvanes as the motor rotates and the solid radial lines show the subvanes in the closed position. U.S. Pat. Nos. Dolor lumbar derecho riñon . 4,684,817 and 5,266,006 both disclose windmills based upon an array of vertical vanes, each vane containing vertically pivotable subvanes configured such that the subvanes overlap in the closed position to provide a “solid” surface when moving in the direction of the wind and pivotally open to provide spaces through which the wind can pass in order to lower resistance when moving counter to the wind direction. U.S. Pat. Nos. 4,551,066, 4,418,888, 4,684,817, 5,266,006, and 4,134,710, all disclose fluid-driven motors utilizing vertically oriented blades rotating about the vertical axis of the motor. The aforementioned angular displacement of about 70-75 degrees between each of the five vanes in said first array and each of the five vanes in said second array, coupled with the angular displacement of about 35-37 degrees between vanes 228 in the first array and vanes 231 in the second array in this embodiment of the invention, results in 10 percent of the total surface of the vanes in the hydrodynamic motor being within about 16 to 20 degrees of rotation of the maximum force of the liquid flow entering the motor at all times during rotation of the motor.

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The most preferred angular displacement between the vanes in the first array and the vanes in the second array occurs when said vanes in the two arrays are offset by an angle essentially equal to one-half of the angle between adjacent vanes in each said array. In a preferred embodiment, the side portions 20, 22, top portion 24, and bottom portion 26 are hollow to enhance buoyancy. Each vane 231 in said second array further comprises two or more rigid subvanes 236A, 236B, 236C, 236D each pivotally attached at the top of its outermost vertical edge to intermediate plate 225 and at the bottom of said outermost edge to lower plate 229 such that the innermost vertical edge of each said subvane is free to pivot about said outermost edge. Once the first vane passes said terminus point 254, 256, the water behind said vane “spills off” of the vane and exits the motor through the rear openings 75, 77 of subchambers 72, 74 and the rigid subvanes of said first vane are pivotally opened by the force of the water through which the vanes are moving as said subvanes are rotated to move in a direction opposite to the direction of the water flow.

U.S. Pat. No. 4,418,888 discloses a water wheel containing a number of vertically-oriented vanes pivotally attached to an upper and lower structure at the top and bottom, respectively, of each vane such that the outermost edge of each vane is free to rotate about the axis formed by its innermost edge. Vane 207 in FIG. FIG. 2 is a partially schematic horizontal cross-sectional view taken through 2–2 of FIG. Quitar dolor de hombro . The height H (FIG. 1 and 2, chamber 28 contains at least one pair of counter-rotating, generally vertically-oriented hydrodynamic motors 2, 4 fully submerged in the liquid traversing said chamber 28. Each said motor in the form illustrated is generally vertically oriented and has a rotatable central shaft 34, 36. The rotatable shafts 34, 36 are preferably generally parallel to each other.

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TICITL ALIVIA DOLORES MUSCULARES, REUMAS Y ARTRITIS - YouTube It is a further object of the present invention to improve the energy conversion efficiency of electricity-generating rotating hydrodynamic motors by controlling the direction of flow of the liquid into said motors. 1 is a partially schematic vertical cross-sectional illustration of an embodiment of the present invention. U.S. Pat. No. 4,960,363 describes a fluid flow engine in which the incoming fluid is passed through a venturi-shaped opening that is said to increase the velocity of flow prior to directing the fluid toward the innermost blades of the counter-rotating turbines in the channel formed between the two turbines. For example, a second or greater number of motor units, each having a pair of counter-rotating motor units fixedly secured to its own output shaft, may be positioned in vertically stacked relative positions or adjacent horizontal arrays, or other desired relationship may be employed. 1 and 2, has a buoyant housing or structure 1, a pair of generally vertically oriented counterrotating hydrodynamic motors 2 and 4 each driven by a unidirectional liquid flow in the direction of arrow A, a means for generating electricity 6 which may be any form generator known to those skilled in the art.

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The motors, such as 5, may be of any desired economically practical, technically efficient size. A geared drive unit 10 is a gear box housing gears that increase the slow rotational speed of approximately 3 to 4 rotations per minute of the hydrodynamic motors, by about 300 times such that each electric generator 6 rotates at a speed of 900 to 1,200 rotations per minute. Accordingly, the buoyancy of the unit must be closely controlled to maintain proper vertical placement and minimize the stress on the tethering cables. These portions may be made of a suitable, strong material which has the desired formability, corrosion resistance, and durability in an underwater environment. This entrapment of liquid between vanes permits continued application of force on the leading vane until it passes the terminus of said outer arc of closest adjacency 254, 256 at which point the full force of the current will be on the adjacent following vane.

While, for simplicity of disclosure, orientation of the buoyant housing generally vertically has been shown, other orientations which permit the disclosed mechanical response to liquid passing through the buoyant housing may be employed. Another means of optimizing location of hydrodynamically driven motors is disclosed in U.S. The motors further comprise an inertial mass sufficient to lessen the effect of variations in the speed and force of the incoming liquid and means for directing the incoming liquid to a predetermined point of contact with each vane. The subvanes are sized such that the innermost edge of each subvane overlaps and contacts the outermost edge of the next adjacent subvane when the subvanes are moving in the direction of liquid flow to effect rotation of shaft 36 and thereby generate electricity. Permítete disfrutar de los últimos avances en el desarrollo de la Investigación en Fisioterapia y de poder intercambiar información científica virtualmente.

En esta particular edición se citan telemáticamente, debido a las circunstancias, expertos investigadores, profesionales, docentes y estudiantes en una oportunidad única para intercambiar y ofrecer experiencias profesionales y resultados científicos en Investigación. Una nueva edición arranca con el XI Congreso de Estudiantes de Fisioterapia de la Universidad Miguel Hernández y III Congreso Profesional de la UMH. Se trata de un evento académico ONLINE en el cual se comparte una gran diversidad de conocimientos sobre Fisioterapia.

Como en años anteriores contamos con la presencia de profesionales internacionales.

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