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Beautiful sea flower in underwater world with corals and fish. Los efectos adversos de la anfotericina B son, en general, frecuentes e importantes, aunque algunos de ellos pueden evitarse mediante la administración de heparina o de medicamentos para tratar el dolor (analgésicos), los síntomas de alergia (antihistamínicos) o los vómitos (antieméticos). También puede reducirse la incidencia de efectos adversos con la administración de anfotericina cada 2 días. La anfotericina B complejo lipídico también puede producir otros efectos adversos. The force of the ocean or river current driving vanes 228 of the first array of vanes in hydrodynamic motor 2, 4 simultaneously drives vanes 231 of the second array of vanes in each motor in a manner identical to that disclosed herein. 1) which extends vertically downwardly from the outer surface of bottom wall 106 of bottom portion 26 or by two or more such keels symmetrically attached to said outer surface of bottom wall 106 (FIG. Each basic platform is preferably formed by a linear shore protection that is positioned at the bottom of this water body, and the method further comprises the profile of the bottom that changes contiguous each shore protection, and this is by desilting and/or topple over material and match and realize with its shape.

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Edita Sánchez - Testimonio Quiropráctico U.S. Pat. No. 4,219,303 describes a power plant for generating electricity from ocean currents anchored to the bottom of the sea by means of tether cable secured electrical generators associated therewith which are contained in water tight, air filled chambers within the structure. Mechanical stops 210 which, in the form illustrated, are metal rods secured to plates 200, 202, are positioned adjacent the circumference of upper plate 200 and lower plate 202 rearward with respect to the direction of rotation of the outermost subvane 206A, 207A, 208A, 209A to stop the innermost edge of said outermost subvane from moving beyond the circumference line of the motor. Fig. 2 shows the side view of an operating SMEC weir; Show the direction of morning and evening tides 19.The existence of the entity of this SMEC weir causes that upper waters surface water level rises in the mode of a bow wave 21.This bow wave is that can not to flow through this SMEC socket via these lines of rabbet joint caused due to the caused water of this pressure difference.Caused head difference 23 allows potential energy on the upper Efficiency Limit (being known as the hereby limit of shellfish) of a device that is only extracting kinetic energy to the conversion of available power.

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Fig. Dolor de espalda y cancer de colon . 7 shows the general view of an operating SMEC weir, wherein shows three module 12a, 12b, 12c.The ecosystem in downstream is had a strong impact on; Because the main effects of SMEC is the only delay once in the tide cycle, and solid weir has changed the shape of the time profile in this tide cycle. Someone proposes offshore type morning and evening tides weir by resistance is captured current after wall and it is concentrated to the projectile energy of large-section current through having the turbine of much smaller section area with funneling water conservancy diversion enclosing, as in conventional dam.This type of weir (typically traversing tidal estuary) is very expensive and environment is had to destructiveness. The subvanes are sized and positioned such that the innermost vertical edge of each subvane overlaps and contacts the outermost vertical edge of the next adjacent subvane when the subvanes are moving in the direction of liquid flow as illustrated at subvanes 206 A-D to effect rotation of shaft 205. When moving counter to the direction of liquid flow, each subvane pivots around said outermost edge, thereby disengaging from contact with said adjacent subvane and creating openings in the vane 208, 209 through which liquid may pass such that the resistance to rotation of said motor 5 is minimized.

24. Dolor Toracico Y Precordial The innermost edge of the innermost subvane will contact a raised rib (similar to 261) on the outer surface of the central buoyant cylinder 264 when traveling in the direction of fluid flow, thus sealing the overall vane structure against the central cylinder preventing fluid from leaking past the vane. When moving counter to the direction of liquid flow, each subvane pivots around its outermost edge thereby disengaging from contact with said adjacent subvane creating openings in the vane through which liquid may pass. Pat. No. 4,134,710. In this device, each vertical vane is comprised of multiple horizontally-pivotable sub-vanes that close and overlap to provide a solid surface when the vane is traveling in the direction of the liquid flow and rotate around a horizontal axis to provide open areas through which the liquid can pass when the vane travels counter to the direction of liquid flow, thereby resulting in decreased resistance to rotation and increasing overall efficiency.

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It is a further object of the present invention to improve the energy conversion efficiency of electricity-generating rotating hydrodynamic motors by reducing the rotational resistance of said motors and by making the motors buoyant. The generator 6 is rotated by drive means 10 which, in turn, is driven by rotation of the hydrodynamic motors. The counter-rotation of hydrodynamic motors 2, 4 results in equal forces being applied to the vanes of each motor on opposite sides of the centerline of buoyant housing 1, thereby balancing the opposing rotational forces of the motors and resisting the force of the liquid flow from pushing the structure to one side or the other. The rotation of the liquid-driven motors drives an electrical generator that may also be housed within said buoyant structure. Whereas particular embodiments of the present invention have been described herein for the purposes of illustration, it will be evident to those skilled in the art that numerous variations of the details may be made without departing from the invention set forth in the appended claims.

In another embodiment of the invention, a single generator 6 may be driven by the output from two or more geared drive means 10 configured to operate in parallel in a manner well known to those skilled in the art. A third aspect of the present invention provides a kind of module of using in method according to a first aspect of the invention, and this module comprises: a underlying structure, and this underlying structure defines a manifold; An entrance in this manifold, this entrance has held an impeller, and this impeller is connected to for driving an oil hydraulic pump; With a kind of arrangement isolated, arranged side by side, be erected on this manifold so that a plurality of upright tubular constructions substantially that are connected thereto, each pipe has the formed a series of holes of side along it towards its adjacent tubes, make like this mobile between contiguous pipe cause a kind of Venturi effect, make like this water pass through these holes and extract out from this manifold, thereby cause water to be drawn in this manifold to drive this impeller by this entrance; And a plate face structure, this plate face structure is traversed the top of these tubular constructions and extends and supported by least two tubular constructions.

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Basic principle of the present invention is to traverse river mouth or a weir is alignd to form by a series of SMEC module in straits.These SMEC modules can be generated electricity from the flowing of morning and evening tides or current by drives impeller unit via Venturi tube.Second embodiment of the present invention is to provide a kind of for supporting the platform of Yi Tiao highway or railway. 4 shows a plurality of SMEC weir modules, and they are joined end to end places to form the weir of traversing typical river mouth or straits; Fig. Fig. 5 shows the cross section of the SMEC weir module 12 being arranged on its basic platform 10.Each platform is to form to adapt to the width of base part 18 by linear shore protection 16 of sheet piling in riverbed or sea bed.Riverbed or sea bed are by desilting and/or topple over rubble 20 and change profile to prevent that riverbed is etched and guides current to pass through SMEC module.