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Yoga para la espalda: Posturas para mantenerla sana.. 1A, 1B, or 1C, but for reasons described further below, center WEC 601 may have blades with a surface area that is four times the surface area of corresponding blades in each outer WEC 602. Center WEC 601 is mounted half way between outer WECs 602 and may be between trusses 612 and above pole 220. Two pairs of outer WECs 602 may be respectively mounted on the two trusses 612 using a slide mounting system that allow adjustment of the spacing along the lengths of trusses 612 between two paired WECs 602. Outer WECs 602 can all be of the same size, but center WEC 102 may have a blade area that is four times the blade area of one outer WEC 602. For example, the four outer WECs 602 may have half the span and feature half the hydrofoil chord compared to center WEC 601. During operation of system 600, the spacing between the down-wave outer WECs 602 and the up-wave outer WECs 602 is a full wavelength (λ) of the incoming waves, and all of WECs 601 and 602 can be operated with blades at the same pitch angle.

Santuario Virgen Maria del Rosario de San Nicolas Monja In particular, a side effect of the conversion of wave energy into shaft power in WECs 100, 102, and 104 is both a reactive torque at the generator or generators 140 and a reactive force normal to central axis 130 or shaft 132 or 134 of the WEC 100, 102, or 104. The reactive force is generally the vector sum of the lift and drag forces generated by each hydrofoil 110. One mode of operation of CycWEC 100, 102, or 104 maintains hydrofoils 110 with pitch angles of equal magnitude but opposite sign, so that lift forces on hydrofoils 110 approximately add up to a reactive force at shaft 132 or 134 that is twice the force on one blade 110. This reactive force changes direction in synchronization with the rotation of the CycWEC and may need to be sustained by a mounting system holding the generator(s) 140 in place.

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Control system 250 may be implemented using a computer with appropriate software to interpret measurements from sensors 260 and operate actuators 242 and 244. Control system 250 and sensors 260 may further be part of a control system for WEC 100, which may, for example, select a pitch angle or pitching cycle for blades 110 based on measurements of wave characteristics or other information. No. 13/405,267, entitled “Efficient Wave Energy Conversion using Cycloidal Turbines,” further describes efficient operation of CycWEC using a constant pitch angles and is hereby incorporated by reference in its entirety. FIG. 1A shows an example of a cycloidal wave energy converter (CycWEC) 100 that can be deployed at an ocean location using a mooring system such as described further below. For example, a cycloidal wave energy converter (CycWEC) may employ one or more hydrofoils connected to a central shaft by respective lever arms.

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4B. Connecting shaft 320 may provide leverage that reduces the differential load applied to bearings in WECs 102 and opposite side moments that tend to bow slider 410. However, the asymmetric placement of WECs 102 on slider 410 of FIG. 4A are symmetrically mounted on opposite sides of the opening in slider 410, which may reduce the torque that WECs 102 apply to pole 220. Alternatively, slider 410 may allow mounting of WECs 102 to one side of pole 220, so that WECs 102 can employ a continuous or connecting shaft 320 that passes to one side of pole 220 as shown in FIG. At the same time, pole 220 only has to sustain minimal residual forces and torques that may be caused by currents or by operation at an off-design wavelength. Que produce dolor en las articulaciones . In operation, WEC 100 including blades 110 may need to be entirely submerged to a depth that typically depends on the height or amplitude of incoming waves.

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For best operation, a wave energy converter generally needs to be positioned in the ocean at an appropriate depth. FIGS. 2A and 2B shows the top portions of pole mooring systems in accordance with embodiments of the invention respectively employing alternative systems for control of the depth and orientation of a wave energy converter. FIG. 8 shows a bottom portion of a pole mooring in accordance with an embodiment of the invention employing truss tower embedded in a sea floor.