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JOINT GOLD FORTE 360 Capsules - QualityLab 9, be connected to a transverse strut 27 and axle journals 18. Also the embodiments according to FIGS. Alternatively, rolling elements that are located beside each other in the cross direction may be connected to each other via a transverse holder means. According to the invention, this is provided by the rotor being mounted in rolling elements. FIG. 13 shows an embodiment example of a rolling element 14 in a cross-section with the envelope surface 30 thereof being profiled with valleys 31 and ridges 39 running in the axial direction of the rolling element. According to an additional preferred embodiment, there are rolling surfaces in at least three planes intersecting each other, the intersecting lines of which planes in cross-section form a polygon. According to an additional preferred embodiment, in cross-section the rotor is in the main in the shape of a polygon and at least one rolling surface is arranged on each one of at least three of the polygon sides of the rotor.

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BLOG - fibromialgia FIG. 16 shows an embodiment example with the surface layer 33, 34 of plastic on the surfaces of the rotor 7 and the stator 6 directed against each other bridging the entire gap between the rotor and the stator. Hence, by means of a rolling surface 13 that extends along the length of the entire rotor, a length of stroke of the rotor is allowed that is twice as large as the length extension of the rotor. By the invented the wave power assembly, the invented use and the invented method, advantages of the corresponding type are gained as in the invented wave power assembly and the preferred embodiments of the same and that have been accounted for above.

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Further, in PCT/SE02/02405, a wave power assembly is disclosed having a linear generator in which the rotor is permanent magnetic and the stator comprises winding forming a plurality of poles distributed in the direction of motion of the rotor. The wave power assembly according to the invention is primarily intended for but not limited to applications up to 500 kW. According to a preferred embodiment of the invented wave power assembly, the support means consists of the stator of the generator.

Fisioterapia Pat. No. 6,020,653, a wave power assembly is previously known, which is based on the linear generator principle. The object of the present invention is, against this background, that for a wave power assembly of the kind in question a bearing mounting of the rotor is provided which overcomes the problems mentioned and which accordingly is simple and reliable and which has a long service life. Thereby, by means of the invented wave power assembly, a reliable guiding of the motions of the rotor is attained and a service life of the bearing mounting which ensures that the need for service or bearing exchange is eliminated during the estimated service life of the entire assembly. FIG. Dolor de brazo izquierdo y pierna izquierda . 18 is a diagram illustrating the connection of a plurality of assemblies according to the invention into a wave power plant.