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Power calculation for magnetically powered linear displacement piston pumps: the magnetic pumps 30 will provide 350 pounds of force acting over a net area of 9.42 inches2 and for a distance of 0.6 inch per stroke. Additionally, 9.42 inches2 times 0.6 inch deflection equals a volume of 5.65 cubic inches per stroke times two, equals 11.3 inches3 per cycle times 30 cycles per second, which equals 339.12 cubic inches per second times sixty seconds per minute, which equals 20,347 cubic inches per minute divided by 231 cubic inches/gallon which equals 88 gallons per minute per pump at 37.2 psi pressure. 10 preferably consists of a 1/4 inch thick steel dome cover 64 which is welded directly to the top surface of the sides of the A.F.V.

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Técnicas de relajación para superar momentos de crisis.. 10 units. Each actuator 7 preferably comprises a standard twenty inch diameter double acting, single-ended hydraulic actuators with an automatic bypass valve, and with pivots at both ends, and with an eight-inch diameter piston rod on one end. Lines 21 preferably comprise copper conductors capable of carrying 25 kW of power, which provide electrical pulses to the magnetic pumps 30 and the magnetic valves.

Comparing this value of 398.65 horsepower with the 461.7 horsepower capability of the 241 pumps yields a 15.8 percent margin of service factor capability to perform the task. The total output capability of the 241 pumps 30 over the 8.833 minute period in the illustrated embodiment is 134.58×106 foot-pounds. Each unit 50 would require 582.8 gallons of hydraulic fluid per minute at 2941 psi to yield 1000 horsepower to drive the 0.746 megawatt capacity electric generators 3. As the electrical demand changes or if a peak demand of 170 megawatts is required, additional units 50 can be installed and started, or they can be placed on standby or removed from service automatically in order to accommodate this level of power. At this moment, the valves are operating in an equilibrium state, and the pressure differential operating against these valves is essentially zero. At this time the liquid (e.g., water or oil) initially contained within vessel 10, which in the illustrated embodiment comprises 25,120 ft3 of water (or approximately 187,910 gallons or 1,570,000 lbs.

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10 from the infinite liquid environment (e.g., lake 16). The air/water exhaust shutoff valves 11 and 36 are closed to prevent water from flowing into the A.F.V. 10 is subsequently flooded with the liquid (water) in which it is floating (e.g., lake 16). Simultaneously, the air inside A.F.V. 10 travels the distance from the surface of the source of liquid (e.g., lake 16) to a point that preferably is eighty feet below the surface of the liquid source. For example, if the infinite liquid is not weather controlled, a surface turbulence could occur, such as during a storm.

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10 is open to the atmosphere through a check valve 12, which is located at the highest “peak” surface of the top of A.F.V. A pin and clevis assembly is located at the side wall of A.F.V. During this downstroke, the weight of vessel 10, less its buoyancy, applies a force to the hydraulic actuators 7, via the Class II lever 9. Dolor de espalda al estar tumbado . Preferably, only two actuators are involved in this downstroke, while the remaining actuators keep their bypass valves 26 open, thereby porting oil from one side of the piston to the other. 10 to rise every ten seconds, which means that every minute over a period of ten minutes, six A.F.V.’s 10 would be generating their respective power at a rate equal to 22,868 horsepower, which would yield a continuous power output of this value for as long as is desired.