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OSSA CARPALIA ©: ALARGAMIENTOS OSEOS CON MINI PENNIG Y.. FIG. 4 is a schematic sectioned view of another embodiment of the compression units, configured to pump a liquid. 3. to pressurize a liquid such as water, an elastic toroidal compression device 70 can be installed in each buffer 68, and pre-pressurized to the same pressure as the output from the previous stage.

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During the expansion stroke, water stops flowing into the buffer 68, water continues to be pumped under pressure out through the discharge conduit 52 by the expansion of the diaphragm. Other compression devices 70 can be used to pump water through the system 10, including a diaphragm (not shown) mounted inside the buffer 68 and separating the buffer into a lower portion for receiving water, and an upper portion filled with air. If the wave height is smaller than this minimum stroke, the compression unit 24 will not pump. For example, for compression units 24 all having the same piston area, when each successive stage has half as many compression units 24, the minimum stroke is ½ the chamber length for the example of doubling the pressure at each stage (as mentioned previously).

All such modifications are within the scope of the invention. FIG. 1 is a schematic block diagram of a wave powered energy generation system according to one embodiment of the invention having four different pressurization stages and intermediate reservoirs connected in a closed loop series to a high pressure reservoir, turbine and electric generator, and a low pressure reservoir. According to another aspect of the invention, there is provided a method of compressing a fluid in response to natural wave action on a body of water such as an ocean. Vertical oscillation of the first portion as it reacts to the wave causes the piston and chamber to vertically move relative to each other, thereby compressing the fluid in the chamber and driving the fluid through an outlet valve and to the next adjacent pressurization unit. The floating component floats in the body of water and rises and falls with the rise and fall of wave motion; the piston assembly member is anchored.

26 in place while the floating components 28 move with the waves. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Referring to FIG. Dolor en el pie despues de correr . In particular, structures capable of pumping fluid under the action of wave motion may be modified in accordance with the invention as described in order to accumulate energy in a fluid sufficient to drive a prime mover such as a turbine. For each compression unit 24, the pressure of the gas in the compression chamber 40 is incrementally increased from the input pressure Pin to the output pressure Pout by the reciprocating motion of the piston 26. Consider the compression chamber 40 with the piston 26 in its maximum intake position (floating component 34 in a trough of a wave).