40 Through A Pipe Line 50

Means for and step of transporting the hydrogen gas produced by water electrolysis to a substantial distance, i.e. An obvious method for purification of water is by electrolysis. The necessary guy wires to prevent lateral displacement and to keep the troughs upright to perform their functions are provided but are not shown in the drawings, their use and arrangement being obvious. For clarity, only a single trough unit 10 and a single pipe line 20 are shown in the drawings but these units may be combined in various and obvious ways and employed in substantial numbers, say dozens or more, in a large installation. FIG. 3 is a detailed view, on a large scale, of an entrainment element for air (or other gases). FIG. 2 is an enlarged vertical sectional view of a water gathering unit. Downward flow of water through pipe line 20, under pressure of head h, FIG.

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Estiramientos imprescindibles para correr 40 through a pipe line 50, under control of a valve 52. It may be introduced into a pneumatic turbine 54 which drives an electric generator 56. If desired, pipe line 50 may be passed through a heat exchanger 58, e.g. It will be understood that some of the hydrogen may be used to produce useful chemicals, e.g. Assuming that the air thus entrapped is compressed to about 800 psi, a relatively small volume at such a pressure has a high potential energy. In a pipe 20 extending down 1,000 feet, the pressure at the bottom is about 30 atmospheres.

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It has been found, experimen tally, that air bubbles, even large ones, do not rise in water at rapid rates, due to viscosity of the liquid, so a sustained downward velocity in pipe 20 of as little as a foot or two per second is sufficient to carry the gas down stream. When a combustible gas such as hydrogen is burned in air or in any oxygen supply to gain energy, the combustion process per se is highly efficient. In actual tests of an experimental air entrainment unit it was found that large air bubbles rise through fresh water (in a swimming pool and in a large artifical lake) at about one foot per second, relatively independently of depth of the bubble source. In combination with other spects already mentioned and with still others to be recited in detail hereinafter, the invention provides a highly efficient overall system for conversion of sea water, first to its components, oxygen, hydrogen and other ingredients, and then the transportation of the hydrogen inland to large distances at minimal expense, makes it possible to deliver water in quantity where it is needed at greatly reduced costs compared with other systems now under consideration.

The specific design of the hydrogen combustion elements forms no part of the present invention. The steam so generated, preferably comes from water produced by combustion of the hydrogen, making it unnecessary to treat the boiler water. Recent development of fuelcells has indicated that considerably higher efficiencies may be obtained in the direct generation of electricity by combustion of hydrogen than can be obtained in other ways. It will be understood, however, that there are various and numerous advantages in some of the parts and subcombinations of the invention as well as in its overall aspects. There are several reasons for this. Dolor muscular ibuprofeno o paracetamol . This is a significant aspect of the present invention. Generally speaking, the system of this invention can deliver a combination of power and products, including potable water, at a cost below that which is required for many of the water conversion shemes presently under consideration.

Codo de tenista golfistas codo correa antebrazo, diverso.. It can be used for many industrial purposes, as is well known, and it is particularly useful in large quantities in connection with iron and steel production, introducing oxygen rather than air at various stages in the steel decarbonizing process. Where wave action is fairly uniform throughout the year, as it is in many sections of the world, the height h of the water basin top surface above the mean level of the sea may be approximately uniform.

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This valve may be controlled by means not shown from a station above the surface of the sea, or on shore, to keep the electrolytic operation in balance. The latter, of course, may include ingredients some of which are non-mineral, but for purposes of this invention and for convenience these will usually be referred to as a slurry or sludge consisting mainly of minerals. 1 is a diagrammatic view showing the basic system or method of the invention for deriving both the main chemical componentsof water from the sea or other large source of impure water, producing power, recovering minerals, delivering gaseous hydrogen in volume at a great distance, reconverting the hydrogen to water, and generating power by the reconversion.

Various proposals have been made in the prior art to use the abundant wave energy of the sea for producing power. The hydrogen which is highly fluid and of low weight can be transported inexpensively to a distance from the sea and then reconverted to water, combining it with atmospheric oxygen, producing substantial energy as well as water. The use of ocean wave energy in a novel manner to produce a continuous flow of energy, the use of that energy to supply a constant production of important products on a large scale, and the overall efficiency and utility of the several steps in combination and sub-combination are highly advantageous.

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  • Baño con jengibre y agua oxigenada
  • Haz 30 o 40 repeticiones
  • Estimular el crecimiento óseo y muscular y favorecer su regeneración en caso de lesión
  • Ritmo cardíaco rápido

While the prior art has known most of the steps of the present invention, the combination of certain steps in various ways involves advantages which are unexpected and substantial. Some are economically feasible while others are not. Most turbines, for example, operate at an efficiency of only about 40 percent although some recent designs are alleged to give higher efficiency than this. Dolor de espalda despues de un accidente . If it contains entrained air, distributed more or less uniformly, its average density is reduced and the net driving head is reduced but still sufficient to cause a strong flow of water with good air entrainment down j to the dome 40. This air entrainment aspect is applica-‘ ble to fresh waters and is not limited to wave sources.