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The grey moth Lo ideal es que el dedo se mantenga a unos 4 grados centígrados de temperatura. Lo ideal es elevar los pies para evitar el mareo. More particularly, wing profiles of the plant preferably have such forms and are in such positions that the force component caused by the water flow on the wing profile is smaller in the direction of the of the water flow than the force component in the direction which is orthogonal to 15 the direction of the water flow. In a further embodiment the wing profiles are in such a position that the wing profile forces are caused by pressure differences caused by flow velocity differences on different sides of the profile. The flow at the suction side travels a longer distance, causing the decrease in pressure and an effective suction, whereby the velocity is reduced at the front side causing an overpressure. The flow ve-30 locity is preferably higher at the back side of the wing than at the front side of the wing, seen from the direction of coming water flow.

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Fusion 360 Tutorial - Top down design and Joints FF.E5.. In a further embodiment the converters of the production units are attached to a non-rotating foundation giving support to the stationary part of converter at the bottom, submerged or above the water surface. The turning moment is measured from shear deformation with strain gauges on the stationary part of the hinge and/or pressure sensor on the hydraulic fluid. The suction is more important, causing typi-25 cally up to 2/3 of the pressure forces. In addition, the flow around the side edges 30 (see 4 of the enclosed Figure 2) causes turbulence and reduces the small back side suction even further.

35 According to one embodiment the converter has hydraulic transmission comprising a high pressure accumulator without pipework built into the shaft to enable receiving high energy peaks and to regulate power production. Figures 3-5 illustrate an exemplary embodiments of a hinge-type energy converter 5 according to the invention. The hinge-type converter includes a transmission increasing rotational speed to drive electricity generator rotor 13. Transmission can be done with either single or multiple gears stages 14, or using hydraulic drive as shown in Figure 4. Epicyclic stages are preferred due to their 10 long life and force balance. In rotating cover arrangement, a hydraulic motor or turbine 30 running an electric generator rotor 31 can be either inside of the shaft next to the high pressure volume, or between the shaft and cover as shown. In other words, lift force caused by the water flow is higher than force caused by stagnating pressure.

5 The apparatus can also be inverted to run the generator as a motor generating hydraulic power. Dolor de espalda y brazo derecho . Making high power connections in wet environment by divers, remotely operated underwater vehicles or other remote equipment is also too risky because of possible electric leaks and shortages. Therefore straight drive generators would be extremely large machinery due to magnetic saturation and increase of speed is needed. An Inverter unit of the converter senses network frequency and phase, synchronizing output accordingly. On areas where average flow (constant or reciprocating) has near constant direc-15 tion, the units can be mounted stationary. The principle of the invention can naturally be modified within the scope of protection determined by the patent claims, e.g. The direction of the water flow is marked with arrow 8. The wings prefer-35 ably move so that their position alternates between both sides of the vertical position. The efficiency is highest at the vertical position of the wing, and getting lower when the wing gets more apart from the vertical position.

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  • Described equipment according to claim 37, wherein, described equipment is as propulsion plant
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According to one embodiment the housings of inductive connector halves are be fixed together in coupling the connector. Figure 2 illustrates a prior art underwater plate 3, and two exemplary embodiments of an underwater wing 5, 7 according to the invention. It is however beneficial to do minor adjustments to the angle of attack during rotation, to maximize the hinge turning moment. Increased flow resistance cuts the system’s ability to react to and capture transi-10 ent energy peaks. This way the transfer of electrical energy is efficient.