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Neurocirugia 2011 The pressure switching turns the corresponding position that pump 57 is fixed on submarine by two fixed frames, to pass through linkage among fixed frame Axis is connected, and universal driving shaft both ends are installed with propeller, and middle position is equipped with Rotor carriage, is equipped with and turns above Rotor carriage Son;A circle peristaltic tube 112 is placed on the outside of Rotor carriage, the side of the rotor presses peristaltic tube;Distribution pipe 1 with Switching pipeline 2 109 communicates, and each end of distribution pipe 1 is divided into Liang Ge branch, and each branch is all connected to peristaltic tube 112, One check valve 111 of distribution pipe is installed, the direction of all one check valves 111 of distribution pipe is all consistent, switches pipeline in each branch Medium only export but no import in 2 109;Distribution pipe 2 114 is communicated with switching pipeline 1, each end of distribution pipe 2 114 It is divided into Liang Ge branch, each branch is all connected to peristaltic tube 112, and two check valve 113 of distribution pipe is equipped in each branch, owns The direction of two check valve 113 of distribution pipe is also all consistent, switches the medium only import but no export in pipeline 1;Switch one 108 He of pipeline Switching pipeline 2 109 is connected respectively to two pipeline openings of pressure switching valve.

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Turn in pump in pressure switching, there are five types of pipes altogether, and in order to all right bright, we are named are as follows: switching pipeline one 108, switch pipeline 2 109, distribution pipe 1, peristaltic tube 112, distribution pipe 2 114.Each end of distribution pipe 1 is divided into Liang Ge branch, totally 4 branches, 4 branches of distribution pipe one are all connected to peristaltic tube, and it is single that distribution pipe one is equipped in each branch To valve 111, the direction of all one check valves 111 of distribution pipe is all consistent;The connection switching pipeline 2 109 of distribution pipe 1, switching pipe 2 109 only export but no import of road. Fig. 1 is by taking 2 section screw wing submarines as an example, and in the present embodiment, the body section of this submarine is divided into body region, head sections Three parts of transition region and tail section transition region, body section placed two section body regions (i.e.

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Tail section main body is also using duolateral energy storing structure, and tail section is stung by benthon and bitten in order to prevent, this implementation Example provides three-layer protection for tail section energy storage section.Spine 3 is not only increased, tail section protective cover 70 is also mounted, and One layer of protective shell 68 is also added in the outside of tail section seawater energy-storage box 84.Tail section protective cover 70 is in the outer of protective shell 68 The material of side, tail section protective cover 70 and protective shell 68 is macromolecule transparent material, and protective shell 68 is provided with aperture also to balance External and internal pressure.

Fisioterapia - Reabilitação Cardiovascular Fase III - YouTube See Figure 21-23, in the present embodiment, submarine possesses many AI plates.The AI plate fiber buss itself of head sections interconnects, And networked by optical coupling and body section, the power supply line of head sections be it is independent, independently supplied by head sections water kinetic energy generator Electricity;The optical fiber and power supply line of tail section are arranged as head sections principle.The AI plate of body segmented portion not only network by fiber buss, In addition power bus is also networked, and fiber buss and power bus all pass through the fiber buss of body section and power bus spool carries out Interconnection. When the higher density fluid scale of construction in head sections and tail section high density liquid storage bin is identical, this submarine is water Level state;When the amount of head sections high density liquid storage bin 45 is big, this submarine is upside down;When tail section high density liquid stores When the amount of case 77 is big, this submarine is head-up.The floating or dive or horizontal movement of submarine are realized in the movement for cooperating submarine.

Head, tail section transition region 1 round tube axis of main body on be uniform-distribution with six turn pump, the round tube of function and body region The pump that turns being distributed on axis is slightly distinguished.Six turn pump in wherein there are two be high density liquid switching turn pump 56, it is latent for balancing Weight (being described hereinafter) before and after ship, two are that pressure switching turns pump 57, are used for elastic membrane pressure energy-storage case 11 and hard shell pressure Pressure conversion between energy-storage box 12, remaining two are that energy storage turns pump 61, are also used for energy storage.Suitable for pendulum pump and turn the field pumped The pendulum pump of conjunction, pendulum pump and turn quantity pumped and each function, turn pump quantity can according to the design of submarine and the change of demand Accordingly to be changed.

From after the World War I, submarine finds broad application, and serves as the critical positions of many naval, big country, function Special force’s action etc. The disposed outside of comprehensive survey ball 41 spine ring, spine ring 38 can be made various shape, such as can be in ball The spine ring 38 of tricyclic square crossing is arranged in appearance, and spine ring 38 can prevent comprehensive survey ball 41 by other benthons It destroys;Thorn etc. 1-Fig. 5, and the moulded similar screw shape of the submarine utilizes spiral shell Adjusting screw rotating manner moves forward or back submarine.Because 6 injection water driving force of injector assembly is weaker, it is difficult to directly drive Submarine is mobile, but if the diameter outer end annulus tangential direction of submarine is arranged in injector assembly 6, when injector assembly 6 is with weaker Power injection when, since the submarine radius of gyration is the arm of force, the arm of force is equal to torque multiplied by power, although injection water strength in this way is small, But torque is big, it is sufficient to make the weaker jet power of injector assembly 6 that submarine be driven to rotate.Submarine once rotates, will be as screw Nail moves forward or back like that.