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An improved power plant is achieved by designing the floating bodies to float awash and to be partially filled with water, and by them being connected to the floating structure via energy transmission devices. 1 and 2. The three cylinders 61 are attached at one end to the lower frame 20 via a universal joint, and at the other end to the floating body in a corresponding fashion.

The means comprise an opening at the lower end of the floating body, thus making it easy to fill the floating body with surrounding water. The floating body 1 is suspended from a rod 11 which is connected to a piston rod 11 a in a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder 12. The upper end of the cylinder 12 is attached to a frame 13. Obviously, the piston rod and the cylinder may be interchanged such that the cylinder is fixed to the floating body and the rod to the frame.

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Sensors may be provided at the rudder 27 for this purpose, which sensors register the wave direction and transmits signals to the winches, which in turn slacken and take in the anchor line in order to turn the structure against the waves. Winches may be provided on board, which slacken and take in the anchor line in order to turn the structure against the wave direction. This will affect the natural frequency at which the floating body will oscillate, which will be understood from the following description.

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Alternatively, the means also comprise an adjustable extension of the floating body, which extension is designed to receive water, making it possible to fill the body with more or less water through running the extension in or out. A power plant with an even higher efficiency is achieved by arranging the floating body to be held in both a lower and an upper fixed position, which lower position is such that a wave crest exerts an upward force on the floating body which is greater than the weight of the body, and the upper position is such that the weight of the body acts with a downward force that is greater than the power effected by a through.

Entrada al Port de Soller 1 has been filled with water until it reaches a depth of submersion of 3.5 m. The deflection is even greater relative to the wave height at a wave period of around 4.5 s. When the body reaches its highest position, the rod 11 is again held in a fixed position, leaving the floating body 1 suspended as the wave passes, as shown in position 4. When the trough is approximately directly under the floating body, this is released and falls into the trough, as shown in position 5. The floating body will then fall deeper than in position 1. As a result of this, the water will rise even more in relation to the floating body 1 when the next wave crest approaches, as shown by position 6. This time, when the body 1 is released, it will leap even higher than in position 4, as shown by position 7. Consequently, the body will fall even deeper when released into the trough again, before being fixed in position.

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In a second aspect this object is achieved by holding the floating body in a fixed position relative to the structure during part of the period when a trough passes the floating body, and releasing the body while the weight of the body is greater than the upward force from the wave acting on the body. Here, a floating body 60, which also has an alternative shape (ellipsoid), is suspended from three diagonal cylinders 61, in addition to being suspended from a central cylinder 12 such as in the embodiment in FIGS.

5 and FIG. 8. Optionally, these may be adapted for movement, so as to allow the height of passing waves to be built up in order to transfer the energy to surface waves, which impart more kinetic energy to the floating bodies. The floating component floats awash, while the mass component is rigidly connected to the floating component and is located a distance below the water surface.

The cylinders 61 can also be mounted at a horizontal distance from the vertical cylinder 12, allowing the cylinders 61 to absorb forces caused by pitching and rolling of the body. Ejercicios para dolor de hombro izquierdo . The floating body will then pop up with great force and at a high speed. The truss work comprises piping made from a lightweight material, preferably plastic such as PVC, thus providing an inexpensive and light structure with high inherent buoyancy. 10, pontoons 64 extend between the lower ends of the platform legs 62, and that guide rods 65 extend from the floating bodies 1 and through holes in the pontoons 64. Because of the guide rods 65, the frame 13 above the platform deck 60 can be made lower, as this only needs to control the rod 11 in one place. If the floating body is retained and released as described above in connection with FIG. The body is a shell construction, which can be made of a suitable metal or a plastic material such as PVC.

There is also an intermediate frame 15, which in principle is like frame 20. At the centre of the frames 15 and 20 there are guides 15 a, 20 a, respectively, through which the rod 11 extends. The wave damping means 63 is constructed so as to trap water through an opening 66 at the base of the leg 62. The water is redirected to a mainly horizontal direction and flows out through narrow openings 67 on the side of the wave damper. Floating bodies are not necessarily arranged in all the chambers 22. It may be a wish to leave some chambers empty, to allow the waves to propagate through the structure with a minimum of damping before they hit the next floating body. FIG. 10 shows no wave damping means; however, these may obviously also be utilised in this embodiment. Dolor por encima de la rodilla . FIG. 5 shows an example of an embodiment of a floating structure.

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FIG. 3 shows an alternative suspension for the floating body. The partition 5 represents the top level for the water in the floating body. The purpose of the partition 5 is to prevent the floating body from being over-filled with water. The upper pipe has a partition 36 that prevents water from penetrating any higher up into the pipe.