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Both these wind-powered devices above have the following drawbacks: (1) the rotation presents a danger; (2) complex and expensive bearings are required to allow the rotation; and (3) miniaturisation is limited by the frictional forces present in the bearings. All three of these wind-powered belt devices have the following drawbacks: (1) they are not suitable for miniaturisation since small size results in high stiffness and high resonant frequency and therefore resulting in poor energy conversion efficiency since fluids typically contain low frequency displacements; (2) the devices require set up since the belt is tethered at both ends and the tension must be adjusted to achieve the correct resonant frequency for efficient excitation by the wind; and (3) the devices can be noisy owing to the sail-like flapping of the belt.

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The funnelled slot may additionally be provided for any of the other embodiments. Additionally, since the oscillator is enclosed, inadvertent impact of the oscillator on other objects, or the user, are avoided. Aesthetic appearance is improved since the oscillating structure can be coupled to display devices, such as light emitting diodes to create a pleasing moving image. The invention is likely to be less noisy than wind turbines since the generator is enclosed within a housing. The funnelled slot 10 comprises converging walls to define an outlet conduit coincident with the inlet slot 6. The funnelled slot 10 provides a greater capture of wind energy into the housing through the inlet slot 6. The transduction mechanism is not shown, but may comprise any of the transduction mechanisms described above.

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The mass therefore oscillates within the inlet slot 6 defined between the over range protection 9. Again, the transduction mechanism is not shown, but may comprise any of the transduction mechanisms described above. The generator may further comprise two or more electrically conductive springs adapted to conduct energy from the generator to a stationary support for the generator. Optionally, at least one moving magnet is mounted on the generator and at least one stationary coil is mounted on the housing. Dolor en mitad de la espalda . The transduction mechanism may be realised on oniy one side, with respect to the direction of oscillatory motion, of the mass spring structure if preferred. The spacing between the coils and magnets is determined to achieve a maximum or selected electrical output at a selected amplitude of the oscillatory motion of the sprung mass. An electromagnetic energy transduction mechanism is provided in the chamber of the housing 3 which generates electrical energy from the oscillatory motion of the mass 1/spring 2 system.

Musica Acupuntura - YouTube In accordance with the present invention, an energy transduction mechanism is mounted on one or both of the spring 2 or the mass 1 mounted thereon, which mechanism is adapted to generate electrical energy from the kinetic oscillatory motion of the spring mounted mass. The present invention may further provide an array of generators according to the present invention sharing transduction mechanisms with each preferentially vibrating in anti-phase to another in order to reduce kinetic energy coupling to the surroundings. Figure 3 shows a modified embodiment as compared to that of Figure 2 in which the inlet slot 6 is laterally offset, along the oscillatory direction, from the central rest position of the mass 1. The transduction mechanism is not shown, but may comprise any of the transduction mechanisms described above.

For example, electric coils may be mounted on the oscillatory mass, preferably on opposed sides of the mass, to provide a double sided assembly, with respective fixed, static, magnets. Referring to 2, there is shown a cross section of a generator for converting fluid energy to electrical energy in accordance with a second embodiment of the present invention. This motion causes an electrical voltage to be induced in the coils 11 of the electromagnetic energy transduction mechanism. Air which is incident onto the outside surface of the front of the housing and having at least a velocity component in the direction of the arrow enters the enclosed chamber through the inlet slot 6 and is incident on the mass 1. This causes oscillatory motion of the mass 1/spring 2 system along the oscillatory direction.