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Stops, not shown for clarity of the remainder of the figure, are also provided to limit the amount of movement within the system. It has long been known that a great amount of energy is available when an aerofoil is subjected to the phenomenon of aeroelastic flutter. RfF.F DESCRIPTION OF DRAWINGS Several embodiments of the invention and its improvements have been chosen for purposes of illustration and description, as shown in the accompanying drawings forming a part of the specification, wherein; FIG. Some work has also been done on the production of negative drag in the case of-single oscillating aerofoil, see I. E. Garrick, Propulsion of a Flapping and Oscillating Airfoil, NACA Rep. According to a further aspect of the invention, there is provided a method for converting the kinetic energy of the fluid stream into useful work by positioning a device including a pair of parallel plates and a thin aerofoil equally spaced from each plate and having at least two degrees of freedom within the fluid stream.

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The apparatus further includes means for utilizing the oscillatory movement of the aerofoils to produce useful work. FIG. 8 shows further detail of the flywheel and mass combination, described above in FIG. A shaft, 15e, drives a large flywheel I 7e which in turn is geared to drive a small flywheel 19e, with a mass 21e on an arm 23e. By sequentially varying the angle of attack of the aerofoils, uniform oscillatory motion is produced for reciprocating a rod which then in turn drives an output device. The oscillatory movement, which occurs at critical velocity, was first observed during studies of the adverse effects of flutter on rotating compressor blades.

While this phenomenon also applies to hydrofoils at sufficiently high water speeds, this was not observed in nature. 049 /:3 10 generator 3ie. Dolor debajo de la rodilla . This combination is repeated for the leading edge odd foil “sub”-subsystem, the trailing edge even “sub “-subsystem and the trailing edge odd “sub “-subsystem. 7, for the leading edge “even” foil “sub “-subsystem.

FIG. 6 is a partial schematic perspective view of a system module with horizontal foils illustrating the mounting of the foils according to the first embodiment and indicating the alternating linkage connections to both the leading and trailing edges of the foils. The connection is by gears for rigid coupling rods and by a chain and sprocket for the flexible cable, which is pre-stressed to allow transfer of both tensile and compressive forces. Thus if the flow speed should die down to a value which is too low for the control system, described below, to maintain the system at critical velocity, the mechanical oscillators will keep the foils oscillating until the fluid velocity increases sufficiently to reestablish flow at critical velocity. It can be shown that a single foil which is equally spaced between a pair of flat plates when in its undisturbed state acts as an infinite cascade since two subsystems oscillating 180 degrees out of phase with adjacent foils spaced a distance s apart will have an undisturbed flow at s/2 by symmetry.

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3 for a single foil. FIG. 2 is a graph illustrating that, for a given set of parameters, the critical velocity needed to induce flutter oscillations is less for a cascade of foils than for a single foil. While, in the foregoing, the parameters associated with the energy converter are controlled, it is also within the scope of the invention to control fluctuations in the fluid velocity so that a constant velocity is continuously applied to the foils. According to another aspect of the invention, there is provided apparatus for converting the kinetic energy of a fluid stream to useful work comprising a support structure open at opposite ends to permit fluid flow therethrough with a plurality of thin aerofoils and means for mounting these aerofoils within the support structure in a cascade and at zero angle of attack when undisturbed. The large flywheel in this embodiment is also connected to a linkage 25e by means of a pin 27£. The linking arm in nam causes a crankshaft, 29e to rotate and drive an electric 129.

Like the aeolian harp, the Tacoma Narrows bridge and a street sign flapping in a gust of wind, this type of movement is induced when vortices are shed from a blunt body at a frequency in resonance with the natural frequency of the object. Thus in FIG. 12, there is provided a cascade of foils spaced from the supporting frame by s/2 from either end with foils themselves spaced at a distance s apart.

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In the case of two subsystems oscillating 180 degrees out of phase with adjacent foils spaced apart by a distance s, the fluid is undisturbed at s/2, i.e., halfway between adjacent foils. The aerofoils are at zero angle of attack when undisturbed and each aerofoil has two degrees of freedom with adjacent aerofoils moveable out of phase. From the foregoing, it will be apparent that the two subsystems are free to oscillate in pitch and plunge relative to each other and that when the entire device is subjected to fluid flows at a critical velocity, adjacent foils will oscillate at approximately 180 degrees out of phase as shown in FIG. Furthermore, when the aerofoils are arranged so that adjacent aerofoils oscillate 180 degrees out of phase with each other, the critical velocity for a particular set of parameters will be the lowest possible.

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The aerofoils are preferably arranged in two subsystems of alternating foils, the aerofoils of each subsystem being interconnected to oscillate in phase. Dolor lumbar por accidente de trafico . Since it is necessary to disturb the foils in order to achieve the desired harmonic oscillations, at least one mechanical oscillator is provided for one of the subsystems. A set of rods, 8£ and 80, and 9e and 9Q, attached to the leading and trailing, even and odd foils respectively, interconnect the subsystems. 9e and 9Q, attached to pins 1 14 and 1 13, on the rear faces. Each foil is provided with pins, 40 j , 402, 403, at the near end and corresponding pins (not shown) on each foil, at the far end to mount the foils to the support structure 1. These pins allow pitching movement and also support the foils to prevent plunging movement.

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These are derivative solar energy sources in that they are driven by solar heating. The foils may be stacked vertically or horizontally to form the cascade; they may be stacked in any direction as long as they are normally at zero angle of attack when undisturbed. V is the fluid velocity, Wa is the natural frequency associated with pure pitch when V is zero and b is the aerofoil semi-chord. In this figure, the flywheel is placed behind the generator for clarity; it will typically be placed before the generator. This phenomenon involves the interaction of the elastic, inertia and dissipative forces of an aerofoil with the unsteady aerodynamic forces resulting from the movement of the aerofoil in a fluid stream. A circular cylinder 4 mounted above the system contains the linkages, crankshafts and generators to protect them from the elements.

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In fact by controlling the parameters as will be explained hereinafter, the critical velocity in air needed to induce harmonic oscillations can be as low as 1 mile-per-hour ( 1 m.p.h.). 4. The ordinate is a non-dimensional ratio of the critical velocity for a cascade V(S/C) where adjacent foils oscillate at 180 degrees out of phase, to the critical velocity for a single foil, V∞. The lower curve represents the critical velocity for a single aerofoil while the upper curve represents the critical velocity where a utility device is incorporated into the system.

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FIG. Tengo dolor de vientre y espalda baja . 3 is a graph illustrating how energy can be recovered by introducing a utility device into a system subject to flutter oscillations. U.S. Pat. No. 3,995,972 discloses a device including a stack of rigidly interconnected aerofoils positioned in a wind stream. FIG. 14 is a schematic sectional view of one embodiment of a propulsive device according to the present invention.

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FIG. 12 is a partial schematic perspective view illustrating another embodiment of the invention. 5.etc. are pivotally connected to the respective foils, ¾,· This same type of flow results if, instead of a cascade of foils, a flat plate is positioned at s 2 above and beiow the foil. Only a representative set of foils is shown in this figure for clarity. The cross-sections of these foils need only be symmetric and could, as illustrated in other figures, be flat plates with rounded leading and trailing edges.