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Dolor de espalda: podría ser señal de cáncer de ovario.. FIG. 3 shows a front end elevational view of the present invention looking down towards the inflow of the water into the device. FIG. 2 shows a side elevational view partially in cross-section of the present invention. FIG. 7 is a rearward perspective view of the invention with a ballast system. FIG. 8 is a side perspective view of the invention with the ballast system. 2, is the left end of the primary housing 12, includes circular panels 20 and 22 somewhat concentrally disposed (see FIG. A plane through the longitudinal axis of the primary housing radially disposed and perpendicular to the peripheral surface of the rotor housing 28 and to the secondary housing 14 shows that the rotor blades are disposed at approximately a forty-five degree angle to such a plane as is the static guide vanes on the opposite side of the plane, forming an approximate ninety degree angle between the static guide vanes 26 and the rotor blades 30. The blade and static guide angles could be adjusted slightly to compensate for the apparent relative motion between the moving rotor blades and the static guide blades to effect maximum reactive force on the rotor of the moving water shown by the arrows.

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Elecciones presidenciales México 2018 - Tipos de dolor de.. The angle is adjusted slightly to compensate for the relative motion of the rotor blades relative to the static blades to maximize the reactive force of the flowing water on the rotor blade. The same loss applies to all of our great flowing rivers and tidal canals. While our country experiments with windmills, solar energy, etc., the daily loss of water current energy goes on. To recover the electrical energy from the generator, appropriate electrical cables or conduits are connected between the generator and the inside of the secondary housing to some remote exterior location outside of the motor itself. The secondary housing 14, which has a conical front face, contains an electrical generator 34 having externally leading electrical lines 36 disposed through seals 38 and 40 ultimately terminating at a remote location on a floating station or other transmission means to receive electrical energy from generator 34 for consumption.

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Valve 75 may be remote controlled, or automatically controlled responsive to the buoyancy or list of converter 10. A series of the motors as shown may be deployed side by side at spaced apart intervals along such a stream. Faja dolor lumbar . These blades are effectively sized so that the blades radially traverse the interior area from the surface of the interior housing to the perimeter of the internal diameter of the primary housing such that water flowing into the primary housing (initially caused by the current of the stream) is accelerated by the conical shape of the secondary housing, prior to striking the rotor blades much as water waves approaching a shoreline accelerate as the waves travel along the increasingly shallow (i.e. As water flows through the primary housing, it is accelerated over the conical shape of the secondary housing 14, strikes the static guide vanes 26 where it is deflected for reactive contact with rotor blades 30. The force on the rotor blades 30 causes the rotor housing 28, which is key locked into shaft 32, to rotate, thus rotating shaft 32. As shaft 32 rotates, the generator mechanism rotates, generating electricity.

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14, 1979, now abandoned. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Referring now to the drawings, and specifically FIGS. Accordingly, the instant invention will now be described with particular reference to the accompanying drawings. The instant invention has been shown and described herein in what is considered to be the most practical and preferred embodiment. The instant invention will be more fully understood from the following detailed description, it being understood, however, that the invention is capable of extended application, and is not confined to the precise disclosure. The conical shape of the tertiary housing 46 in conjunction with the support guide panels 48, 50, 52, and the panel (not shown) on the opposite side and with circular guard panels 54 and 56 also enhance the flow pattern past the rotor blades to reduce turbulence, eddy currents, or any type of cavitation for increased efficiency.

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Additional guide vanes may be utilized downstream of the rotor blades which also support the tertiary housing. For example, if currents are particularly favorable near the river or sea bottom, one can permanently mount energy converter 10 on an appropriate support structure resting on the bottom. If it is impractical, or undesirable, to mount energy converter 10 to the bottom, one can suspend converter 10 at desired depths by use of the floatation system illustrated in FIGS. The entire motor, as shown in FIGS. Como quitar el dolor en las articulaciones . A plurality of static guide vanes 26 are firmly affixed to the downstream peripheral end of housing 14 to cause deflection of water flowing longitudinally into the primary housing 12 for a more efficient contact with the rotor blade 30 fixed to rotor housing 28 which is keyed into shaft 32 such that as the rotor 30 turns due to the flowing water, the rotor housing 28 which is keyed (not shown) to shaft 32 causes the generator shaft 32 to rotate the generator mechanism, generating electricity.

Shaft 60 drives pumps 62, 63, each of whose suction ends are open to fluid 63. Pump 63 moves fluid 63 against a further turbine rotor 64 which, via intermediate gear box 65, drives electrical generator 34. The variable gearing in box 65 operates to ensure that generator 34’s rotor turns within a narrow range of optimal frequencies. A teritary housing 46, which is also conically shaped in an opposite direction to that of housing 14, includes a sealed bearing 44 at the terminal end of shaft 32, allowing the shaft to rotate properly without allowing water into the tertiary housing.

Because of the energy which is created by the flow of water, as enumerated above, its capture and conversion into electrical energy for consumer use is without the need for the use of other fuels, such as fossilized fuels. The electrical outlet conduit 36 is then coupled to an appropriate station for distribution to the consumer. 1 and 2, could be permanently mounted with a rigid frame or platform and placed on an ocean, lake, or river bottom, or could be anchored by appropriate lines at a preferred depth to maximize or take advantage of particular current occurring in nature. Mother nature herself, or in some cases, man, has created an untapped, constantly available source of energy. And yet still another object of this invention is to provide a source of energy for providing electricity which does not disturb ecology, which does not use up fossil fuels or create air pollution or nuclear danger.

Flekosteel En Mexico - Donde Comprar? - YouTube Changes and modifications may be made that do not affect the spirit of the invention, nor exceed the scope thereof, as expressed in the appended claims. It is recognized, however, that departures may be made therefrom within the scope of the invention and that obvious modifications will occur to a person skilled in the art. A secondary housing 14 is mounted within the tubular primary housing 12 on four panels 16, 18, 24, and 58 which are rigid, flat panels disposed substantially to form quadrants radially and are fixed to the secondary housing 14 supporting it centrally along the longitudinal axis of the primary housing. Within the exterior housing is mounted a second housing which contains an electrical generator.