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El dolor de cabeza durante el embarazo The stroke length may be varied and particularly it may be readily adjusted by varying the position of the reversing means 31. Where a plurality of blades are provided in a stack 34, it is preferred to provide connecting links 78 therebetween as shown in FIG. The airfoil blades undergo a reciprocating and rectilinear motion over a certain stroke length in a given direction with the direction of blade travel being automatically reversed. The reversing means 31 may take many forms but preferably includes a resilient member 60 which absorbs and cushions the blade movement as it slows the blade 12 down so as to not damage the blade when it comes to a full stop in the first or upward direction and then imparts energy to the blade to assist it in pivoting about the axis 14. The preferred reversing means also stops the upward thrust of the carrier 20 and output means 28. The reversing means shown in FIGS.

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FIG. 9 is a view of another blade construction for use in the apparatus shown in FIG. 6 so that the blades 12 always remain parallel to one another and work harmoniously with each other. In accordance with the preferred embodiment of the invention, the reciprocating wind machine utilizes blades, preferably of airfoil shape with the lifting forces generated on the airfoil blades to obtain useful work.

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Referring now in greater detail to the preferred embodiment of the invention, the blades 12 may be made inexpensively by molding a foamed plastic into the blade shape and with an outer tough skin and preferably reinforced by reinforcing means which may be in the form of metal or wood ribs.

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In accordance with the present invention, there is provided a reciprocating wind machine the frontal surface of which may be generally rectangular so that the length and the width can be easily adjusted to make the wind machine more appealing to city planners and urban designers. Herein the shaft 29 is generally circular and is supported and guided within an encircling guide bearing 68 carried by the central upper cross beam 65. The lower end of the shaft 29 is likewise guided in a suitable bearing block 70 carried by its lower cross beam 65 of the frame.

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7 and 8 is pivotally mounted by a pair of pivot pins 50a at their opposite ends with the pivot pins being mounted in a horizontally slidable carrier 20a of generally rectangular shape. 1, each having one end inserted into and fixed to the end walls 51 of the blade and projecting along the axis 14 into suitable apertures in their respective bearing blocks 22. In this instance, the axis 14 is substantially horizontally disposed and the leading edge 16 of the airfoil is adapted to turn to vary the angle of attack relative to the horizontal plane to determine the preferred angle of incidence. The carrier 20a is guided in its rectilinear horizontal travel by the slide means which, in this instance, includes a pair of horizontally extending shafts 24a fastened at their opposite ends to the upstanding columns 69a. Preferably, the shafts are circular and are spaced apart vertically and extend horizontally to constrain the carrier 20a for horizontal rectilinear motion.

1, may comprise a pair of bearing slide blocks 22 mounted on a slide means in the form of a pair of vertically extending guide rods 24 carried by a supporting support or frame 26. An output means 28 in the form of a shaft 29 is shifted by the blade as it travels and provides a work output from the movement of the blade. Dolor de rodilla al andar . 4, the stops 53 and 54 are formed on a center block 55 of the output means 28, the block 55 being attached to the one end of the output shaft 29. The upper and forward area on the blade surface 45 will be in contact with the stop 53 during upward movement of the blade 12 until the reversing mechanism 31 engages and pivots the blade 12 about its axis 14 to bring the rearward area on the blade surface against the stop 54, as best seen in FIG.

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The wind machine 11 has particular utility for large rectangular shaped wall areas, such as at equipment floors of a building, wherein reciprocating wind machines 11 may be mounted on each of the four vertical building walls, as best seen in FIGS. 4 and 5. More specifically, as best seen in FIG. The airstream flows across the blade which preferably has an airfoil shape to the trailing edge 18 and produces a lifting force on one side of the blade, this being the top side of the blade when it is at the attack angle shown in FIG. The number, size and spacing of the blades 12a may be changed substantially from that shown in FIGS. As is readily understandable, the height and the number of blades in the stack unit may be varied depending on the rectangular area available for the blades.