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Mecanismos del dolor neuropático: Del laboratorio a la clínica In which the apparatus comprises an array of vertical pipes 200 have a tapered downstream side 202 and a flow passage 204 having holes 206 positioned along its length. Each pipe 10 comprises a downstream tapered side 20, and upstream side 22, a flow passage 24 and rows of holes 26 spaced WO 2011/114155 PCT/GB2011/050523 9 along the length of the pipe. The first pipes are provided with a series of holes spaced along its length and are connected to a flow conduit having an inlet into the body of water. Figure 19 shows a cross section view of a part of an apparatus having vertical pipes 140 connected to a horizontal manifold 142. In a further embodiment of the invention each pipe 140 is divided into a plurality of chambers 144 arranged vertically along the length of the pipe. Figure 30 shows a general view of the apparatus in operation, with three structures 200 positioned along the length of the river 202. Further structures can be installed as required.

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TO's En Formación: Técnicas de relajación Jacobson.. Figure 14 shows an array of bi-directional pipes 100 with spacers elements 114 located within the diffuser sections 108a, 108b formed by adjacent pipes 100. Spacer elements 114 can be positioned within the diffuser section to allow a short chord length over the whole assembly to be used whilst still preserving a small effective angle to aid pressure recovery. In order to meet this requirement the primary flow needs to decelerate smoothly through the diffuser section lying downstream of the venturi section to give pressure recovery back up towards the ambient free stream head.

In order to reduce the effect of edge losses the apparatus can run across the entire body of moving water, such as from bank to bank of a river or from one coast to another coast. The apparatus may extend WO 2011/114155 PCT/GB2011/050523 6 over a range of tens of meters to several hundreds of metres and can depend on the width of the body water the system is to be installed in. The use of controllable-pitch turbines can help maximise performance. The aspect ratio of the profile of the pipes can be varied to provide the optimum performance of the array.

Jump of young man over white studio background using laptop computer while jumping. The turbine can be positioned low in the water, this increases the ambient operating pressure and helps suppress and performance degradation from cavitation over the blade surfaces. For the swept disc to gain exposure to the maximum incident current energy, the blades have to be very long which in turn requires sophisticated design and materials WO 2011/114155 PCT/GB2011/050523 2 to accommodate the stresses at the blade root. In one embodiment each of the SMEC apparatus can be formed as modules and positioned long the length of the river or other body of water, such as an estuary, fjord, channel.