Fingir dolor de espalda

The method includes the steps of deploying a seismic streamer carrying an electrically powered device from a vessel into water having waves. A support means is provided for maintaining the structure in a preselected position within and below the surface of the water. The ends 162.2 and 164.2 extend outwards and upwards from the planar bottom to the upper planar surface 272 at an obtuse angle α relative to the planar bottom so that the bottom corners 163 and 165 of adjacent buoyant planar members 148.2 and 156.2 do not hit each other as they go over the tops of the waves. 4, the weighted planar member 80 has a bottom 82, and a top 84 which may be exposed to the air above the waves 28. The weighted planar member is generally rectangular in top and bottom profiles when viewed from above or below in this example. This curvature of the beam would be removed during assembly under the action of the weight planar member 80.4 when it is added.

  • Cefalea tensional crónica
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  • Cefalea per disminució de la pressió del líquid cefalorraquidi
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  • Vwind the velocity of the wind in the θwind direction

If the piezoelectric elements are mounted on the top of the elastic planer member 74.5 only, the effect of pre-stressing the elastic planar members will be to cause the piezoelectric elements and elastic planar members to develop an upwardly convex curvature as shown in FIG. FIG. 11 is a top plan view of the assembly of FIG. 10A and 10B. The top and bottom of each buoyant planar member is substantially the same in size and rectangular in this example. Assembly 20.2 is substantially the same as assembly 20.1 of FIGS. In this embodiment, assembly 20.9 includes a plurality of strips of weighted planar members 80.9 a, 80.9 b, 80.9 c and 80.9 d which are co-planar with, co-extensive with and of the same width as the strips of elastic planar members 74.9, 75.9, 77.9 and 79.9, respectively. The assembly comprises a plurality of piezoelectric elements including a first said piezoelectric element coupled to and extending outwards from the first side of the buoyant planar member, a second said piezoelectric element coupled to and extending outwards from the third side of the buoyant planar member, and a third said piezoelectric element coupled to and extending outwards from the fifth side of the buoyant planar member.

5) The assembly of clause 3 further including a flexible weighted planar member operatively coupled above the piezoelectric/elastic planar member. Each buoyant planar member 148 has a second pair of elastic planar members 214 and 215 coupled to the ends 162 and 164 thereof and which are adjacent to the second side 160 of the buoyant planar member.

Dolores Musculares Causas

Adjacent ends of respective buoyant planar members face each other. 19, each elastic planar member has a pair of apertures 456 and 458 extending therethrough adjacent to spaced-apart ends 460 and 462 thereof. 2, each wave has a wave height extending between its crest and trough, as shown by wave height Wu for wave 22 extending between its crest 31 and trough 33. The waves are spaced-apart at intervals from left to right from the perspective of FIGS. Each buoyant planar member has a pair of spaced-apart outer first and second ends and a pair of spaced-apart sides extending between the ends, as shown by sides 158 and 160 and ends 162 and 164 of buoyant planar member 148. Malestar general dolor muscular . The sides of the buoyant planar members extend in parallel with longitudinal axis 67.1 of the wave-interacting portion 48.1 of the assembly 20.1 in this example.