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AUDIT clínico en el tratamiento del dolor neuropático.. The system comprises a second retaining means for connecting the buoyant member to a second fixture assembly on the bed of the body of water. For example, may subsea installations for the production of oil and gas have components that are hydraulically operated and the system of the present invention may be used to provide the hydraulic fluid required for operation. The retaining assembly 12 comprises a universal joint 16 having lower and upper flange connectors 18 and 20, the lower of which is connected to the flange assembly 14 on the wellhead assembly 8. A tubular assembly 22 extends from the upper flange connector 20 of the universal joint 16. The tubular assembly 22 is of conventional design and is conveniently of the kind used to form risers to connect subsea wellhead installations with surface vessels and platforms. A preferred retaining means comprises a tubular assembly, such as that employed as a riser in connecting a subsea wellhead assembly with a surface vessel or platform.

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For example, the connection may be between the generator assembly and the retaining means, between the retaining means and the fixture assembly or at a position along the retaining means. In the case of a system providing energy in the form of a stream of hydraulic fluid, the cable 34 may be replaced by or supplemented by a suitable pipeline for hydraulic fluid transmission. 14 provides support for the impellor assembly 720 and contains suitable bearing structures for supporting the load. FR 2 867 523 discloses a system for generating energy from sea and river currents. As described hereinbefore, the system of the present invention is of particular use in the generation of power and energy from currents in bodies of water, such as seas and oceans, at significant depths below the surface. Currently, subterranean oil and gas wells are being drilled and operated in ever increasing depths of water, with oil and gas being produced from wells in depths of water of 3000 meters (about 10000 feet) or greater.

Proposals for energy generating systems disclosed include the use of turbines anchored to the ocean floor and having horizontal or vertical axes of rotation. The turbine unit has an inlet nozzle for water and a turbine rotatable by incident water and connected to a means for generating electricity. The retaining means for securing the generator assembly in position may comprise any suitable apparatus. Mechanisms for locating the turbines in the current include the use of posts, cables or anchors. The system may comprise a single locating assembly or may comprise a plurality of locating assemblies, each connected to the generator assembly or array and arranged around the generator assembly to hold it in position.

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Increasing the buoyancy within the system, either by increasing the buoyancy of the individual generator assemblies or increasing the number and/or size of any additional buoyant members will help to reduce this effect and hold the generator assemblies more directly above the fixture assembly. A system of two tethers is employed to hold the turbine assembly and anchor it to the ocean floor. A particularly preferred turbine assembly comprises a plurality of impellors, in particular two impellors mounted within a single housing or support assembly. For example, in an arrangement with two impellors, one impellor is arranged to rotate clockwise about the supporting structure or housing, while the second impellor rotates counter-clockwise. The art is replete with concepts and designs for the generation of energy from the flow or movement of water, in particular the flow or movement of water in rivers, river estuaries and seas and oceans.

Both horizontal and vertical axis turbines are described in general. Causa de dolor en las articulaciones . The generator assembly of this aspect of the invention comprises a housing, which may be as hereinbefore described. 4 and 5 and described hereinbefore. 13 rotating counter-clockwise and the assembly on the right rotating clockwise, as viewed, the torque imparted to the housing and the generator assembly as a whole is minimised. In this way, the net rotational force acting on the support or housing is substantially zero. Thereafter, the flowrate of the current reduces with increasing distance from the ocean floor until it is substantially zero at about 700 feet above the ocean floor. Turbine systems are disclosed and are described as being anchored to the sea floor in shallow water or moored to a floating platform in deeper water. A second anchor cable extends substantially vertically from the turbine assembly to a second anchor on the ocean floor.

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This is particularly preferred if the retaining means comprises a substantially rigid component, such as a post, shaft or tubular assembly. As noted, above, it is preferred to provide means to allow the generator assemblies to respond to changes in the direction of flow of the incident current, most preferably a vane or vane assembly.

As noted above, the system comprises a generator assembly that is rotatable about a substantially vertical axis with respect to the fixture assembly. More preferably, each generator assembly is free to rotate about a substantially vertical axis with respect to the fixture assembly and each adjacent generator assembly. Dolor en la parte lumbar izquierda . To allow the generator assemblies to operate most efficiently, the generator assemblies may be arranged in groups or banks, with each group or bank being free to rotate about a substantially vertical axis with respect to the fixture assembly.

In such a case, the retaining means is preferably connected both to the fixture assembly and to the generator assembly such that it is free to rotate with respect to each. By extending in a vertical direction above the fixture assembly, the system of this aspect of the present invention can exploit these different currents. Pat. No. 4,335,319 is limited in its application and exploits currents only at or near the surface of the body of water. 15 and comprises an inner hub 726 and a plurality of circular plates 728 extending outwards from the inner hub. The generator assemblies 220 each comprise an impellor assembly having a plurality of impellors rotating about a horizontal axis, details of which are set out hereinafter. The flow of water impinging on the impellors 824 causes them to rotate, rotating the shaft 822, in turn driving the generator 828. Momentum from the water is harnessed by the blades deflecting the direction of flow of the water.

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The technology for the transmission of electrical power from the location from the location of the system is well known in the art. The platform supports such items as accommodation for a crew. In the arrangement shown in FIG. A subsea installation 102 of the general configuration shown in FIG. The general flowpattern of water during operation of the assembly is shown in FIG.

1, 2, 3 and 8. The generator assembly 602 comprises a housing 604 having an upper housing end 606, a lower housing end 608, a front housing member 610 and a rear housing member 612. The generator assembly 602 may be secured to a retaining assembly at its lower housing end 608, as shown in FIG.

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In one preferred embodiment, the generator assembly comprises a housing within which the generator is disposed, the housing being formed such that a portion or the whole of the outer surface of the housing acts as a vane and is responsive to changes in the direction of flow of the incident water. Dolor intenso de espalda media . 16), in particular the surfaces to guide the flow of water and act as a vane to direct the generator assembly when in use. This is particularly the case when the retaining means is a cable or other tether assembly. The generator assembly is arranged to have a specific orientation relative to the incident flow of water, when in use.

In this way, each generator assembly 120 is free to bend and rotate relative to each adjacent generator assembly. 4. In this arrangement, the generator assemblies in each group are free to rotate about a vertical axis relative to the assemblies in other groups in the installation. The upper housing end 706 also contains a buoyant material 774, such as a foam or other cellular material. The inner hub 626 is generally cylindrical and contains a buoyant material 630, such as a foam or other cellular material.