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Remedios caseros para el dolor de cabeza.. This mechanical cycle repeats when the flotation module subsequently again “catches” the falling inertial mass with an upward lifting force, and so on. The less countertorque is applied by the powertrain, the less that buoyant upward forces experienced by the flotation module will be transmitted through the depending connector to the inertial mass, entailing that the inertial mass will experience relatively lesser upward forces when the flotation module accelerates upward. In some embodiments, the receptiveness of the flotation module to a fleet-anglecorrecting torque or moment can be measured and quantified by the ratio of a hydrostatic restoring moment of the flotation module to a direction-rectifying moment applied by the flexible connector, the latter preferably being greater than the former. One or more mating flexible connectors depend from ribbon junction bar 215 and mate to inertial mass (“IM”) 217. IM 217 may consist of a structure containing water filled voids, which overall has a net weight that is positive in water.

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IM 91-11 is filled with water and has a positive net weight in water that would cause it to sink if not restrained. Moreover, the converter of the present invention exhibits a range of features designed to ensure survival during storms, the longevity of mechanical components, and a low cost of manufacture. FIG. 35 shows a cross-sectional view of an embodiment that is representative of a set of features disclosed herein that are particularly advantageous.

And the ribbon cables remain separate, and are attached at different portions of a square ribbon junction bar 854. That junction bar is then connected to a single cable 857 and connector 856 by a pyramidal set of cables. Each of the embodiment’s rollers is rotatably connected to a crankshaft (not shown) which, in turn, is connected to a set of hydraulic pistons (not shown). 145A. Pressurized hydraulic fluid from the accumulator drives a turbine, e.g. Thermally-conductive fins, e.g. 138, are affixed to top surfaces of the computing chambers, e.g. At least some of those computing devices are energized, at least in part, with electrical power generated by the PTO 215. At least a portion of the heat generated by the computing devices within the computational chamber 216 is convectively transmitted to the thermally conductive upper wall of the chamber, and to the fins, e.g. “inertial mass alignment axis” (or “vertical axis”) points toward the inertial mass (at least approximately).

Of course, this smaller diameter pulley or roller will have a longitudinal length of at least 100 cm (i.e., lateral space sufficient for 100 cables of 1 cm diameter each), whereas the 50-meter pulley or roller will have required no more than a 10 cm width. After winding around the rollers of the traction winch, each strand of the ribbon cable travels onto and around a roller 510 from which the ribbon cable is paid out in response to each increase in the separation of the buoy from the inertial mass, and, when driven by “rewinding motor” 511, onto which the ribbon cable is rewound in response to each decrease in the separation of the buoy from the inertial mass. The other side, e.g., 526, of each ribbon cable strand leaves the roller 522 and travels to a second roller 523 over which it travels into the body of water and where at the end of each such strand side the strand is connected to a “restoring weight” (not visible).

When the water level rises, as in response to an approaching wave crest, then the buoy moves 107 up. Dolor en la parte externa de la rodilla al flexionar . The end of each connecting rod, e.g. 216, of the computational chamber below the flange, and the corresponding and/or adjacent walls of the buoy, e.g. A thermally-conductive plate 227 and/or wall is affixed to an upper surface of a “ledge” 228 at the base of the aperture 218 and/or space containing the thermally-conductive fluid 218. This structural configuration provides a secure surface on which to attach plate 227 while providing the downward surface of that plate with significant contact with the water below the buoy. A pair of weights 142143 are suspended below flotation module 131 by connectors 134 and 137, respectively. Stated a different way, a direction rectifying flotation module has a shape and mass distribution chosen to provide a small or zero restoring moment within certain angular bounds, so that the flotation module can be induced to rotate in the water with a relatively small force/torque, and so that waves in the water induce little if any pitch and/or roll, even if large and highly sloped.

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135. A buoy 100 floats adjacent to the surface of a body of water. Indicated in dashed lines are the positions of one of the four rollers 21, and its respective crankshaft 43, located in the lower section of the PTO module, but obscured from direct view by the adjacent pair of walls that separate the upper and lower sections of the PTO module. The buoy 440 floats adjacent to the surface 441 of a body of water. 130 illustrates a buoy 1400 at rest at the surface 1401 of a body of water. This occurs because flexible connectors 21-4 pass over and around drums 21-3 in a fashion where they cannot slip relative to the surface of the drum. In some such embodiments, the center of mass is within 20% of one radius from the geometric center of the sphere approximately defined by the aforementioned sphere-like bottom surface of the flotation module.

Otitis. Niños y bebés con dolor de oídos 97-99 in that it controls the effective net weight of one of its components indirectly through the “passive” and/or “coupled” control of the average depth of the associated component. FIG. 59 shows a perspective view of a pulley 200 that illustrates the pulling of the pulley’s associated cable 208 from a range 207 of directions confined to the pulley’s plane of rotation 203 turn 202 the pulley, and potentially impart rotational kinetic energy and/or torque to it, while minimizing damage to either the pulley or the cable. FIG. 24 is a close-up top-down view of one of the pulley, traction winch, and PTO assemblies that characterizes the embodiments illustrated and discussed in relation to FIGs. Dolor de planta del pie izquierdo . ’s “inertial mass alignment axis.” Note that the buoy’s inertial mass alignment axis, with respect to the illustration in FIG.

muletas de agua, muletas piscina, muletas playa 154 depth of the inertial mass 4404 and restoring weight 4407. Furthermore, the embodiment illustrated in FIG. Through this reciprocating mechanism wherein the wave-lifted buoy pulls the buoy away from the inertial mass, thereby creating a strong tension in those portions of the ribbon cables that connect the buoy’s rollers to the inertial mass, and thereby turning those rollers will substantial torque and generating electrical power as a result; and, wherein thereafter, the restoring weight removes the slack from, and again shortens those portions of the ribbon cables that connect the buoy’s rollers to the inertial mass, the wave-induced power generation cycle can continue indefinitely. One end of its cables or ribbon cables may be attached to one or more rollers and those cables or ribbon cables may be “rewound” in order to remove slack from the cable during the buoy’s descent by a motor, e.g.

PCT/US2017/051000 per shaft 20-9, however a gearbox/generator module 20-12 could be utilized on both sides of shaft 20-9. Rotative motion of drum 20-3 causes shafting within gearbox/generator module 20-12 to rotate, subsequently increasing the drum shaft 20-9 RPM and feeding higher RPM rotative motion into a generator within module 20-12 to produce electricity.

For instance, the power-take-off system can be configured to provide a countertorque whose magnitude is approximately proportional to the speed of shaft rotation (or the absolute value thereof). The individual strands of the ribbon-shaped flexible connector 753 can be cables, chains, wire, rope, or a multitude of other linear tensile members. The other end of each ribbon cable strand is affixed to a “ribbon junction bar,” e.g., 617, 621, and 624. Each ribbon junction bar, in turn, is connected by a cable, e.g. Dolor lumbar y hormigueo en las piernas . When the average depths of the float 2711 and inertial mass 2713 are increased, fewer offset weights, e.g., 2719, indirectly increase the effective net weight of the inertial mass. 170, wherein the flexible connector, operatively connecting flotation module 401 to the respective inertial mass 419, causes to turn gear 405 located beneath, and/or extending below, the bottom of flotation module 401, and thereby transmits rotary energy to a pair of generators housed inside flotation module 401, the flexible connector 1422 in the embodiment illustrated in FIG.

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130 is illustrated an alternate device configuration to the one illustrated and discussed in relation to FIG. One end of its cables or ribbon cables may be attached to one or more restoring weights, the gravitational potential energy of which will cause slack to be removed from the cables or ribbon cables.

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  2. Apparatus as recited in claim 2, wherein said coil expansion and compression means comprises
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10-150. Each of these depending connectors is operatively connected at one end to the inertial mass 10-140 and at one end to the restoring weight 10-160. Each depending connector can have its own aperture e.g. It is similar to the embodiment illustrated and discussed in relation to FIGs. The illustrated embodiment of FIG.