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¿Qué es la fisioterapia? - YouTube This objective is perhaps best achieved through the use of various telescoping strategies. One simple and useful application for a controlled-diameter device fabric would be sun control fabric that has a high strength-to- weight ratio, while presenting a low resistance to the passage of rain, and perhaps a variable resistance to wind. In a simple variant, three fully-implemented clusters, or one structure with a triangularly- spaced spacing to accommodate control cabling arranged in a triangular pattern and passing through the length of the main-structure in parallel to one another are provided.Needs a figure Each cluster contains, say, a small steel or nylon line or cable passing lengthwise through that cluster.

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Resultado de la imagen por deficiencias en la calidad de.. These fibers, if conductive, could serve the purpose of carrying control signals and/or dimensional-shift energy such as electrical, thermal, chemical, or mechanical energy globally, or locally down the device’s length. In this deflated state, rods 180 are in mutual engagement by ridged flat sides 185. The relative dimensions have been selected to achieve this effect. First this would cause the heating or cooling of substances like liquids and gases that pass through the device, say in an internal pipe, for some fixed time over which the endo- or exothermic reaction would continue. The depth of the chambers defines the extent of telescoping action available. There are probably numerous ways to accomplish this, but here is a method that uses a narrow window of available voltage to drive the appropriate heater or other state-change element.

The sides would be kept out of direct contact in the resting state of the device. Upon the direct application of electricity to the conductive surface, the conductor heats the bead and ruptures it, causing the release of the sequestered contents. The orientation of the rigidified elements and/or the internal stresses of the component parts and materials alone can accomplish this. FLEXIBLE DUCTING AND CONDUIT Specific mention should be made of the application of this technology to ducting.

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These materials may also be used to constrict and relax the internal and/or core membranes of these devices, to constrict or relax the tensioning across the device, or to constrict and realx the control elements of the devices. Referring to Figs. 59 – 60, there is shown a schematic view of the method of connecting a resistive heating element, fuse, spark-gap or similar control wire through the expanding medium to an external connection.

17, a design with inverse behavior of the aforementioned device described in Figs. By deflation of tube 505, these fibers 500 can be withdrawn into opening 515. Of course, the entire surface of the member in question would have repeating fibers 500 aligned with holes 515. Conversely the surface of tube 510 might rise to nearly engulf the fibers 500, thus collecting them into a bundle and collapsing the ‘umbrella’.

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In fact, the bundle might be entirely replaced with a meltable/dissolvable/softenable substance retained within a non-softening membrane. 94, actuator 1240 is shown, with the above-mentioned features and injectors 1245 with pistons 1250 for injecting fluid to expand bladders, or to inject glue for hardening, for example. A black-surfaced thread, for example, might absorb sufficient heat to cause a linear closure of the space between threads to regulate the amount of sunlight passed through a fabric. In a refinement of this scheme, the grain elements 470 themselves might be releasable. More on this is described below in another related method. Dolor de cadera y rodilla . Such an awning might be made of fabric-like micro-structures or of a grosser assembly of controlled-diameter devices running parallel to one another, such that in their un-swollen state they allow the generous passage of light but in their expanded state they form a watertight bond with one another. By making a long, slender, generally cylindrical, element somewhat like a conventional thread in general appearance and ‘feel’ that has the ability to change its external diameter on demand or in response to external control factors, we can create as new class of fabric-like materials by weaving, or otherwise combining into a sheet, or planar array (or families of arrays), these elements such that the assembly exhibits variable characteristics.

These may include the assisting or positive or negative biasing of other control devices and functions within the described device, as well as the use for global or local deformation of the external shape of the device itself, such as the use of EAP’s to replace shape-memory alloys described above. 74. Preferably, the friction between bearings 955 is reduced by selecting a size for the bearings 955 that they are nearly touching in the bundle, placing a low-friction sheath around the rods, or setting the bearins moe deeply in the device walls to allow free rotation, as suggested by Fig. It should be said that for the assembly of sheets such as those employed for sun- control over such things as pools, especially when those sheets are designed to be withdrawn by, for example, rolling up, that variable rigidity devices – especially in the x or y direction only – could facilitate the rigidifying of such a sheet upon deployment, yet still allow or even assist (in the case of selective rigidity devices with non-rectilinear forms upon softening) the rolling of such a sheet for storage or relocation.

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Fig. 94 is a side schematic view of a device of the invention. Steep ridges on one side of the binding topography and sloping ridges on the other accommodate this. In the case of, for instance, medical uses of this strategy, there are numerous refinements that present themselves for use with this scheme, especially when used internally to the cluster and implemented in micro-scale or transitional nano-technology. These doughnuts would perform similarly to their linear cousins, but could be placed in the interstices of weaves or in suitably-prepared surfaces to accomplish similar goals to those achieved by rectilinear weaves. Any friction-inducing or interlocking arrangement such as these could be made reversible or permanent in locking- structure. 96 – 97, 1300, in the form of a moveable ringlike structure that surrounds the flexible cluster 1310 is provided. This perforation might be globally, or even selectively, accomplished by a tool attached to one end of the structure.

This central core is also ideal for carrying higher current loads, or – if hollow or porous – higher volumes of gases or liquids used to affect local or global state change. In one aspect of the invention, the rigidity can be continuously modulated, or a permanent or semi-permanent state of flexibility or rigidity can be achieved. 15. Rods 180 are distributed in a single layer about tube 175. Dolor detras de la rodilla al flexionar la pierna . In the central axis of bundle 170 there is, for its entire length, an elastic tube 175, shown in a deflated state. Fig. 22 is a cross section of a bundle in accordance with the invention. Upon closing the edging down, a durable clamping action is achieved using device clamps 1195, for example, on both the elements and/or their conductive parts. The immediate envisioned use for such a localized addressing system is to communicate state-change information down the length of a straw-like or thread like device, where the device is capable of becoming enlarged or smaller, or more or less rigid at any point along its length.

Fig. 49 is an isometric view of a device according to the invention. Fig. 42 is a partial cross section of a device according to the invention. Fig. Dolor de una pierna . 45 is an isometric view of a device according to the invention. These materials are then placed in an electrostatic field, through the use of carbon electrodes or other suitable technologies.

These local control devices might receive power from the current- bearing lines and global control parameters from the control lines, while the units themselves might contain sensors appropriate to tasks such as those named above. The members of any of the foregoing devices might be made to telescope at will when a member is not under compression. Rods 40, 45 will be placed in generally alternating positions in bundle 10. Alternatively, rod 50 of Fig. Referring to Fig. 11, there is shown in cross-section bundle 100 having outer sleeve 105 compressing rods 110, which may be of any of the foregoing types. Fig. 20 is a cross section of a bundle in accordance with the invention. In the case of global control, the entire surface of, say, a sail or parachute, or curtain, screen, or containment vessel could be controlled by the application of, say, heat-inducing electrical energy.

Shell 75 is selected to be of a material that does not crack or leak during bundling of rods 65 into bundles, but does break upon application of pressure. This is also useful for a new kind of sun-responsive parasol, and it should be noted that such a device can be activated by control signals as well as by environmental stimulus.