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Fig. 14 illustrates an alternative novel device for converting fluid flow to useful energy including two rigid plates 141, 142, having leading surfaces defining the leading edge of the fluid flow oscillator, trailing surfaces of the rigid plates connected to a leading edge of a relatively flexible sheet defining the trailing edge of the fluid flow oscillator.

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Dolor de Pecho - ¿Qué es la angina de pecho? Síntomas de.. Use of rigid plates, whether of hard plastic, metal, crystalline or ceramic materials, and very strong connectors there between (from the springs, wires, chains, or threads) may provide for a larger ultimate strength enabling operation at higher fluid flow velocities than a flexible sheet including natural, carbon, or polymer fibers. C3: Fold sizes at trailing edge, in inches: 0.0; 0.0; 0.0. Fold sizes midway between leading and trailing edge: 0.2; 0.25; 0.2. Results: Strong preferred oscillations.

Preferably, this curvature exists when the curved sheet is under zero stress from gravity, fluid flow, and tension in the tensioner. The teeth extend above or below the constraint surface 100 to within the area delimited by the constraint surface 100 such that the pinion teeth 92 reside in regions of the path 31 traversed by the tensioner 10. Consequently, tensioner 10 pushes against pinion teeth 92 thereby rotating the pinions 93, as tensioner 10 traverses path 31. Fig. Generally, more than 50 percent of the surface area of a curved sheet structure must have curvature pointing away from the same side of the sheet in order for a fluid flow to induce the preferred mode oscillation in the curved sheet structure. 9 each of which is coupled to a different fluid oscillating device for converting fluid flow to useful energy. 1 and 2 to be a position along tensioner 10 at which energy converter 30 resides.

A small initial concavity to the leading edge may be desirable to counter the effect of the tension due to curvature in the middle region and trailing edge tending to deform the leading edge towards concavity. One possible advantage of this design is that the trailing edge sheet may promote oscillation since flexible sheet is sensitive to low fluid flows resulting in aerodynamic flutter at low speeds, whereas a rigid plates in the high tension front edge may provide a higher ultimate failure strength. Output of all rectifier circuits are connected resulting in output voltage V. This configuration takes advantage of the extrema in voltage response of each coil when the magnet is positioned near the face of each coil. In operation fluid flow along X generates oscillations in the preferred fundamental mode in sheet 20 resulting in periodic oscillations of the sheet along Y, and periodic oscillations of the sheet along X, as indicated by two headed arrows.

Like features are described using the same reference numerals and descriptors. Although not currently preferred, the same concept of curvature may be used in alternatives to sheet materials. I disclose a novel oscillator which may be driven to oscillate by fluid flow, and mechanisms to couple the energy out of the oscillator. There is an ongoing desire to convert energy in wind and water flow into usable energy, typically electrical energy. In particular, the mechanisms for converting oscillating motion to electrical energy noted therein are generally applicable to the oscillator inventions noted below. Dolor de espalda parte superior izquierda . Device 1 comprises a curved sheet structure 14 and energy converter device 30. Curved sheet structure 14 comprises tensioner or tensioning line 10 and curved sheet 20. Structure 40 provides constraints at both ends of tensioner 10 so that the ends of tensioner 10 are constrained to be immobile at the two fixed points, P. X, Y, and Z axes along perpendicular directions are shown for reference.

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Orientation of X, Y, and Z directions shown in Fig. Fig. 15 illustrates an alternative novel device similar to that of Fig. Preferably, the trailing edge of the curved sheet 20 is smoothly curved so that there are no abrupt transitions because it is difficult to induce suitable curvature in regions near abrupt transitions. Oscillations along the trailing edge of the sheet are substantially not constrained by the tension in the leading edge. One class of the energy conversion devices 30 couples to the tension along tensioner 10 at a point P in which case the point P does not constrain the tensioner along the direction of tension. Plate 120 does not deform substantially. However, it appeared that some of the higher order modes along the trailing edge may not have been entirely suppressed. Figs. 1 and 2 do not show the curvature in the curved sheet structure 20. A relatively small magnitude of curvature, as noted below, is sufficient to enable oscillation in the single mode noted above.

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All of the pinions 93 are coupled to a single rotating shaft 110. Fig. Dolor de espalda e ingle . Coupling induces the parallel curved sheets to oscillate in phase and frequency, allowing combination of tensions in their tensioners into a single line under the combined tension in which the tension in this single line oscillates with the combined tension of the individual lines.

The curved sheet structure comprises a curved sheet and a tensioner. When sheet 20 oscillates in the preferred fundamental mode with large oscillation, tensioner 10 traverses path 31, and is constrained by constraint surface 100. Above or below (or above and below) in the Z direction from the constraint surface 100 reside geared pinions with teeth extending in the X-Y direction. The leading edge of the sheet was formed by wrapping one half inch of the sheet material over the hemp line and securing the wrap to the opposing surface of the sheet with duct tape. Fig. 6A-C illustrates the half clam shell shape curvature of a curved sheet of the invention, with views in the X-Y; X-Y; and X-Z planes respectively; Fig. Fig. 25 shows an alternative to the region M-M in Fig. Fig. 4 shows constraints 41, 42, 43, and 44. Constraints 41, 44 indicate the two fixed points of the tensioner 10. C45 indicates the C structures noted above.

This mechanism uses a spring 80 between fixed point P, magnet M, and tensioner 10. Spring 80 is connected to the lower end of tensioner 10. Spring 80 provides tension pulling tensioner 10 down. 7-11, 19-20, 25, and 27. In some of these structures, such as in Figs 8 and 20, one of the fixed points P is replaced by a movable point or pulley and coupled to a spring whose far end is then coupled to a fixed point. Dolor de rodilla running . Figure 1 is a simplified view to explain the workings and constraints upon the novel oscillator.

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Constraints affect the modes of oscillation in a sheet exposed to fluid flow. This mechanism was less preferred because, in addition to the up and down oscillations, the magnet banged of the sides of the coil due to the sideways and fluid flow directions of oscillation of the tensioning rope. Consequently, fluid flow force applied along the Y direction to the curved sheet structure switches sign every half oscillation along the Y direction, providing positive feedback and transferring energy from the fluid flow to the oscillator. This curvature condition exists when the sheet is installed in a oscillator with appropriate tension applied to the tensioner. That tension is on average equal to tension in tensioner 10 pulling tensioner 10 up. A flat sheet may have angled sections, that is sections having “V” shapes or shapes similar to “V” shapes with curvature added to one or both sides of the “V” shape, cut out of the trailing edge, and then the opposing edge where the “V” shape was removed connected.

Alternatively, discrete rigid plates and regions of sheet may be intermixed. Plate 120 may be formed from wood, hard plastic, metal, ceramic, a composite or any other equivalently rigid material. Plates 141, 142 may be constrained by constraint 143 by a line (rope, string, chain, etc) or a spring, to couple them such that they define strongly coupled oscillations.

That is, the curvature has the same sign or direction over substantially all of the sheet. Preferably, more than 70 percent, and more preferably more than 80 percent, have curvature pointing away from the same side of the sheet. Inverting the curvature to the exact opposite at every point has the same energy state and so those two energy states are degenerate. Duct tape is an adhesive tape that will stick upon application of pressure, and has fibers embedded in it to increase its strength. Curvature along a direction, at a point in a sheet herein refers to the inverse of the radius, R, of curvature, of the curve at that point defined by that direction. The “V”s or folds are designed to provide the curvature noted above. After adding both the three pinched folds to the trailing edge (Fig.