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Descubre el significado de las enfermedades y los dolores.. When the rotor approaches the upper end position thereof, it will in the final stage abut against the rubber bodies 15, which on that occasion being compressed. The braking thereby becomes harmonious in that it to start with takes place smoothly and not until quite close to the end position with full strength.

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Experto en fisioterapia deportiva avanzada US 6768214, VIBRATION BASED POWER GENERATOR, describes a device with a member that is displaced in response to fluid flow, The displacement of the member is used to induce strain on a piezoelectric material, and thereby generate electricity. The power generating assemblies are attached to a member of the production tubing that is caused to vibrate by fluid flow. Thereby, the alteration of the spring force can be adapted to specific circumstances that occur during the course of events, e.g. This facilitates the optimization of the force variation while taking other conditions, which influence the course of events, into consideration. However, if the range of limitation of force variation is extended in accordance with this embodiment, the advantages of the invention will be possible to be fully profited also upon very strong wave motions.

As should have been clear from the account above, it is desirable that the force varies as little as possible during the motion. Among the feasible principles of the conversion of the wave motion energy to electric energy, a linear generator should in that connection to the largest extent meet these requirements. A first type of source is acoustic vibrations transmitted through the wall (106) to the energy conversion module (100) via the anchor (102) and flexure (104), These vibrations may be caused by operation of equipment such as pumps and BHAs. The energy harvesting device does not rely on a physical connection with a device at the surface for power. FIG. 17 is a diagram that illustrates the connection of a plurality of assemblies according to the invention into a wave power plant. Dolor de dedo gordo del pie izquierdo . In the figure, a circuit diagram is drawn only for the assembly 20 a.

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Further, the device may be configured to harvest energy only when the fluid flow is characterized by certain pre-defined conditions. When the hull is lifted by a wave, this entails that the rotor in the generator is pulled upwards. One portion of the energy generated on that occasion is converted to electric energy and one portion is accumulated in the tension spring. This is symbolized in the figure by means of a displaceable fastening support 16, the position of which is affected by a control unit 17. This may be arranged to automatically control the position of the fastening support in response to signals on a sensor unit 18, which, e.g., may detect the current generated in the stator.

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4, with the spring force F being given as a function of the distance s of the rotor from the lower end position thereof. In case the spring force over said distance should differ considerably from the one during the rest of the motion, one or more separate elements is a simple and expedient way to achieve this. The spring force of such a one is normally proportional to the extension of the spring from a neutral position. In that position, the spring 11 has a length of three times the length thereof at the neutral position. In that connection, according to a preferred embodiment, said short distance constitutes less than 10% of the maximum length of stroke of the rotor.

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According to an additional preferred embodiment, the force is substantially constant. An advantage of such enhanced embodiments is that the device more fully satisfies a given requirement, e.g., the device can be configured to power equipment to obtain information about fluid speed, or pressure, and transmit corresponding data to the surface. The generator comprises a base plate on the bottom of the sea that carries the magnetic core in which the coil moves.

For instance, a very long spring may be used, which already in the rotor position that corresponds to short spring length is so energized that the tensile force amounts to half the tensile force that appears in the other end position. According to an additional preferred embodiment, the spring means is arranged to, over a short distance next to the end position of the rotor that corresponds to the position of the hull on a crest of a wave, at the maximum length of stroke, exert a force that is many times greater than the maximum force below 90% of the maximum length of stroke of the rotor.