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This feathers flap 68 to a progressively greater degree which, in turn, reduces the lift, the Venturi and Water Hammer forces of blade 20 resulting in less power being produced by the apparatus. To enjoy the full possible benefits of the Venturi forces, however, the machines, with or without Magnus rollers, should also be equipped with flaps, as will be described shortly, in order to enjoy the crisper, more decisive, more powerful interaction forces at the boundaries. 20 and 21 can also be used in the hydro-powered versions of my apparatus.

taller de técnicas básicas de relajación y meditación.. The invention relates especially to such apparatus whose blade(s) oscillates instead of rotates in the presence of a wind or water stream to produce an output torque for driving an electric generator to provide grid quality power to a utility grid or to a remote off grid community, for example. 6 and 7 is designed particularly for low pressure head applications, i.e. That extension toggles flap 68 to its other, i.e. In addition, the pure Magnus roller machine versions in particular, i.e. Thus, by coordinating the direction of rotation of that roller to the angular position of the blade in more or less the same way described above for the flap, the blade can be caused to oscillate when immersed in a fluid stream. For example, the apparatus may be used to power a pump or to reciprocate or rotate a shaft. As shown there, the piston 74 a is connected to a shaft 96, which is slidably received in a second piston 98 able to reciprocate in a second, slave cylinder 98 a in main body 66. Shaft 96 has an enlarged head 96 which may engage the left side of piston 98 and functions as a stop.

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As noted above, blade 20 has the general shape of a geometrically symmetrical aircraft wing as shown in solid lines in FIG. Further, it should be noted that the mass flows and the potential and kinetic energies of the water W are substantially unchanged passing through this machine, and that there are no known losses from the operation of this apparatus except for the relatively minor frictional and mixing losses which show up as minute temperature increases. Since the Magnus rollers start out at zero angular velocity at their TDC and BDC positions during each half cycle, there is always a portion of the cycle where this force is zero or slightly negative, but fortunately this can be arranged, by careful attention to gear ratio and roller diameter design details, to be during that part of the cycle when the blade output torque is getting its maximum boost from the powerful Wind/Water Hammer effect, which is also the portion of the cycle when the drag force itself is making its maximum positive output torque contribution.

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There are two basic ways to do this and they can be used either singly or together. 13B, since the Magnus rollers, at the beginning of each half cycle at TDC and BDC, start out at zero speed as they reverse direction, their surface speed is also zero, as shown by the leftmost vertical scale in that figure. Switch 82 or its above equivalent is closed by a cam follower 86 which engages a cam 88 mounted to rotate with the input shaft 42 a of gear box 42. As shown in FIG. FIG. 12 is a sectional view taken along line 12-12 of FIG. FIG. Dolor en la parte de atras de la rodilla izquierda . 10 is a sectional view taken along line 10-10 of FIG. The maximum deflection angles of the blade 20 and its flap 68 are made to be approximately equal so that when the downwardly moving blade 20 shown in FIG. More particularly, as shown in FIG.

FIG. 23 is a sectional view taken along line 23-23, of FIG. FIG. 11 is a sectional view taken along line 11-11 of FIG. To control the generator speed to some prechosen line electrical frequency and/or to match the output power of the generator to the desired load, in some applications, it may be desirable to vary the output power and/or the cycling speed of the apparatus for one reason or another. A machine with this configuration would most likely be selected for smaller applications where it is desirable to minimize capital costs and for those those locations having infrequent or no maintenance available. Of course, similar results could be achieved with a “wing warping” design such as the Wright Brothers used on their FLYER airplane, mimicking the natural motion of the body and tail of a fish; we chose to describe our invention using the word “flap” for clarity, but a one piece “warped wing” design could accomplish the same objectives perhaps more efficiently.

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However, it could just as well articulate in the same manner as the flaps of the blades in the FIG. Dolor de rodilla al doblar y estirar . 11 and 12 has a second slave cylinder 98 a and piston as described in connection with blade 20 in FIG. 16, except for scale, the blades 224 may be substantially identical structurally to the blade 150 described above in connection with FIG. The vertical position of the follower is controlled by a cam 106 which may be rotated by a lever arm 108. Arm 108 may be progressively swung between a HIGH position wherein the cam follower 105 is opposite a low point of the cam 106 so that master cylinder pump 104 delivers little or no fluid to cylinder 98 in blade 20. Resultantly, actuator toggles flap 68 between its two maximum positions as described above.

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Also, certain changes may be made in carrying out the above method steps and in the above constructions without departing from the scope of the invention. This maximizes the water’s velocity through the housing 122 and thus the harvestable power from the water. Referring to FIGS. 14 and 15, apparatus 200 comprises a housing 220 having an open mouth or entrance 220 a as best seen in FIG.

4. Thus each blade 150 functions more or less in the same way and produces the same results as the one in FIG. When it is desired to stop the flow of water through housing 152 and thus the generator 156 output, the valves 138 may be switched by controller 145 so that tubes 136 are vented to the atmosphere through valve inlets 138 b.

Thus it supplements the rotational inertia provided by the generator 156 rotor via gear box shaft 154 a. The momentum of the fluid up river and down river of this position causes the fluid’s velocity to momentarily proportionally increase as it flows through this narrowing gap creating lower pressures on the bottom surface of blade 20 and even low pressures on the bottom surface of flap 68 especially near its tip. In order to initiate the flow of water through housing 122, the pump 142 is activated and each valve 138 is switched so that the pump pulls a vacuum at each vent tube 136. This draws water into the siphon pipes 126 to initiate the siphoning of water so that water flows down to the flow channels 124 a and 124 b in housing 122, after which valves 138 may be switched to the closed position.

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Thus, housing 122 has a pair of inlets 122 a which conduct water streams into housing channels 124 a and 124 b, and a pair of outlets 122 b through which these water streams leave the housing. When the flap is suddenly angled toward the TDC position of the main body at TDC, half of the fluid stream is momentarily trapped between a nearby housing boundary, causing high pressure on one side of the blade and flap, while simultaneously causing the whole flow of the stream to divert over to the other side of the blade and flap, causing higher velocities and lower pressures there, thereby tending to forcefully swing the blade toward the BDC position of the main body.

A mirror image of that structure is connected to the lower set of straps 240 c of the housing skeleton. 4 so that piston 74 a is maintained in one of its extended positions, e.g. All of my machines have similar velocity curves and this evidences the smooth sinusoidal motion of each blade 150 over its entire oscillatory cycle. 20. At TDC, the tip of blade 350 is made to interact with its nearby boundary, cyclically shutting off the incoming flow, similar to the effect produced by those machines having flaps, but just not as pronounced. Resultantly, flap 68, assisted by the water flow pressures, its own inertia and angular momentum, will be flipped up relative to main body 66. The forces and the flows at TDC are identical to those happening at BDC except that the gravitational force acting on the flap 68 acts against its flipping and the solid river bed sections B2 to B4 are replaced by the open air/water interface surface.

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The blade 20 now reverses direction and swings back toward its BDC position, with less torque than from the BDC Water Hammer Effect, but aided now by gravitational forces. 16. Dolor de espalda y cintura causas . Moreover, each blade 370 also includes an imbedded Magnus roller 374 in body 372 a which is rotated in correlation with the swinging motion of the blades to increase the blade lift at the side of the blade facing the corresponding TDC or BDC position toward which the blade is moving at any given time. When the blade is positioned in a fluid stream so that its leading edge faces upstream, the fluid current tends to move the blade in the direction of that side of the blade where the fluid flow rate over the blade surface is greater, thereby producing “lift”.