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Dolor de hombro - EPTE - Electrólisis Percutánea.. The invention is capable of other embodiments and of being practiced and carried out in various ways. The energy from these longitudinal oscillations is captured and may be used to drive a generator or pumping device. Another object is to provide a Rotating Flexible Wing Power System that can utilize wind energy to mechanically pump fluids such as water from wells.

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Another object is to provide a Rotating Flexible Wing Power System that utilizes a long flexible rotating wing to attain relatively high altitudes at the top of its trajectory extracting the larger amount of energy that exists at higher altitudes. An object is to provide a Rotating Flexible Wing Power System for extracting low-cost electricity and mechanical energy from moving fluids including wind and water currents. While effective, this design requires an additional mechanism to point it into the wind and it lacks the ability to easily position the blades for maximum angle of attack when the wind shifts. There are additional features of the invention that will be described hereinafter. There has thus been outlined, rather broadly, some of the features of the invention in order that the detailed description thereof may be better understood, and hi order that the present contribution to the art may be better appreciated.

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Figure 4B illustrates how the effective wind vectors in Figure 4A change in angle and magnitude when there is a wind (the vectors at a and c change in magnitude while the vectors at b and d change in angle and magnitude). The large stresses and structural requirements of mounting large horizontal axis wind turbines, particularly off-shore, are avoided with the new system. Figure IA depicts a side view of the present invention 1 illustrating a vertical configuration with a single rotating flexible wing 10 suspended on a tree by rigid support members 100,102. (An alternate position of the wing 10 is depicted in dotted line.) Wind is blowing from left to right. Where windmills are combined with generators to produce electricity, the generators are typically located on the support structure, making access to the system and generator difficult. The present invention discloses a low-cost system for safely generating power from the flow of fluids by the use of a single curved flexible wing supported at each of its two ends by corresponding support structures.

Given that most fluids flow in a substantially horizontal manner, whether air currents or water currents, orienting the axis of rotation of the turbine vertically allowed the Darrieus device to capture energy of moving fluids irrespective of variances of the direction of fluid flow. Dolor agudo de estomago y espalda . Traditional windmills are the most common examples of devices used to capture energy from moving fluids, namely wind. These devices have the advantage of being easily oriented to the direction of wind flow for maximum energy capture during energy capture, as well as being able to reach higher elevations where the wind is stronger without the need for expensive load-bearing towers, but they have the disadvantage of requiring complicated systems for controlling and resetting the airfoils and are susceptible to complete operational shutdown when the wind velocity decreases below a minimum level. The multiple blades of the windmill rotate about a horizontal axis oriented preferably in parallel with the air flow.

1, 1926), sought to overcome many of the deficiencies of traditional windmill design by providing for a turbine having fixed rigid blades disposed about a vertically oriented axis. While traditional windmills have been improved upon by the use of rotatable blades for actively changing the blade angle under various wind conditions, such changes have added to the complexity and cost of the design, without addressing the inherent drawbacks of the design. Once the tethers have reached maximum extension they need to be retracted, which results in the airfoils being drawn against the air flow with a resulting loss of efficiency. Some prototypes have failed catastrophically in high winds with blade parts flying dangerously outwards at high speeds. With the wing 10 in the upwind position the radius r ‘ is shortened and the longitudinal distance d’ is lengthened. Attention is called to the fact, however, that the drawings are illustrative only, and that changes may be made in the specific construction illustrated and described within the scope of this application.

In this respect, before explaining at least one embodiment of the invention in detail, it is to be understood that the invention is not limited in its application to the details of the construction or to the arrangements of the components set forth in the following descriptions, illustrations or drawings. Also, it is to be understood that the phraseology and terminology employed herein are for the purpose of the description and should not be regarded as limiting. Both applications, and the direct production of heat by the new turbines, would stabilize our national energy grid while reducing CO2 emissions.

Energy captures by both devices rely upon airfoils drawing out tethers. Both Ranger, U.S. Pat. Pat. No. 1,835,018 (Oct. Another object is to provide a Rotating Flexible Wing Power System that can be mounted on top of tall buildings either in vertical, angled or horizontal configurations. Another object is to provide a Rotating Flexible Wing Power System mounted in a vertical or angled configuration that can extract energy from fluids flowing in any direction. Another object is to provide a Rotating Flexible Wing Power System that can convert wind energy to electrical power. Another object is to provide a Rotating Flexible Wing Power System that mounts between moveable supports such that the wing can be made to face into the wind to extract an optimum amount of energy. Another object is to provide a Rotating Flexible Wing Power System that is inexpensive to manufacture and operate.

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The wing continues through its rotation and is returned to the upwind position by angular momentum. The UfI forces on the wing change the shape and position of the wing relative to the center of rotation, making the radius of rotation longer on the downwind side (when the wing is bowed out by the force of the wind on the concave inner surface of the wing) and shorter on the upwind side (when the whig is flattened by the force of the wind on the convex outer surface of the wing). Cremas para dolor de espalda . This oscillating movement in the lifting body and tethers is converted into useful mechanical motion that can then be used to drive a power generator. The fundamental feature of these devices is that the airfoil’s angle to the wind is continuously increased and decreased resulting in an oscillating movement.

6,914,345 (JuI. 5, 2005), disclose devices which use one or more tethered airfoils (e.g., kites) to capture wind energy, transferring said energy along the tethers to rotating mechanisms for energy generation. Figure 6 depicts a stabilizing mass 20 in the flexible wing 10, which along with a strut 50 in the center keeps the wing 10 taut in the wind as it rotates. Tethers 70, 80 are used here to extend the length of the wing 10, connecting the wing ends with the rotation mechanisms 62,64. The large cross sectional area of wind enables this system to extract an enormous amount of energy from even low speed winds. The rigid cantilevered blades must be properly angled at each point along their length to optimize rotation. A new design of vertical axis wind turbine is disclosed based on a dome structure using dome struts as blades that work in concert to produce rotational motion.

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A new energy distribution system is proposed that will capture abundant off-shore wind energy, store it aboard a generator/delivery ship in the form of Hydrogen gas, and deliver it to an existing shore based power plant to produce electricity using a conventional gas turbine. This and its utilization of inefficient wind drag forces rather than lift forces make it less efficient and less viable than traditional windmills. Unlike a Darrieus wind turbine, however, the present invention utilizes a single flexible wing rather than a plurality of rigid wings, and the wing has an optimized mass distribution.

The stability and low cost of the new design allows the turbine to function in low wind speed regimes as well as high speed winds that would be encountered in off-shore wind installations. Although the device generates high torque, the high stresses in the device require a large structural mass to unit area ratio. Another object is to provide a Rotating Flexible Wing Power System made of an array of rotating wings suspended either in vertical, angled or horizontal configurations between any combination of the following: flat ground, hills, mountains, and man-made objects like bridges, towers, and buildings. Another object is to provide a Rotating Flexible Wing Power System that mounts between natural or man-made structures so that energy is extracted from the cross sectional areas of flowing air, water, or other fluids between these structures.

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This stabilizing mass 20 also stores energy when the wing 10 is on the upwind side that is later extracted by the system. Figure 3 is a front view of the present invention illustrating how the design can be placed in water where a rotating wing 10 extracts energy from the water current. The present invention relates generally to aero-power and hydropower and more specifically it relates to a Rotating Flexible Wing Power system for extracting low-cost electricity and mechanical energy from moving fluids including wind and water currents.