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Muleta - Crutch - Los resultados del tratamiento fueron evaluados mediante el cuestionario FIQ que determina la tasa de los síntomas de la fibromialgia, luego mediante una escala analógica visual para determinar el grado de dolor y, finalmente, con una calificación general del paciente de la respuesta al tratamiento incluida la evaluación del grado de depresión y estado de ánimo. Los resultados del estudio confirman claramente que la magnetoterapia pulsátil de baja frecuencia, gracias a sus efectos a largo plazo, alivia el dolor y fatiga, mejora el funcionamiento y estado general de las pacientes con fibromialgia, contribuyendo al mismo tiempo a su calidad de vida. El objetivo fue evaluar la eficacia clínica de la terapia electromagnética pulsátil de baja frecuancia en 56 mujeres con fibromialgia, es decir síndrome musculoesquelético crónico no inflamatorio y uno de los síntomas de reumatismo extraarticular caracterizado por dolor generalizado con rigidez. 56 mujeres de edad desde 18 hasta 60 años con fibromialgia fueron divididas al azar en dos grupos.

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También en el grupo control se consiguieron buenos resultados, sin embargo, las pacientes estuvieron mucho peor a la hora de evaluar la tasa de los síntomas de la fibromialgia y después de 12 semanas sus dolores incluso empeoraron. El tratamiento se hizo dos veces al día durante tres semanas. En el grupo sometido a la magnetoterapia pulsátil se observó una mejora significativa en todos los puntos de la evaluación, tanto 4 como 12 semanas después del tratamiento. Esto es porque la población ha envejecido y ha aumentado la necesidad de tener una calidad de vida óptima, sin sufrir dolores crónicos, los cuales puedan ser controlados o mitigados. At least one measurement parameter of-fluid stream is (for example, the survey by such as current meter and/or dynamic pressure transducer Amount device carries out the measurement), the flow velocity Vf and/or its dynamic pressure of such as fluid stream. If the width of film needs, multiple reinforcers also can be abreast arranged.The reinforcer can have in the following manner from The cross section and/or rigidity that upstream edge changes towards downstream edge, i.e.

For example, the lever arm 28 can be made with adjustable variable-length. The angle of attack of the wings is derived from the reciprocating movement of the arm on which they are attached. The angle of attack is adjusted by mechanical parts connected to the arm. This solution does not allow protection from weather conditions by placing the mechanical parts outside the moving fluid. Dolor debajo de las costillas lado izquierdo y espalda . Curve C2 represents a kind of fluctuation model of the longitudinal component of another film with another given longitudinal bending rigidity, In this case, the fluctuation between point 17a, 17b is that (fluctuation of actual sinusoidal shape has had all-wave between point 17a and 17b Complete cycle). Because these films 4a, 4b is interconnected in upstream by the rod member 13a of attachment system and passes through transfer device 12 in downstream Rod member 13b interconnection, so can force each film that there is the out of phase natural fluctuation of natural fluctuation with another film.Due to These each films fluctuate (because its length L is more than minimum range D) with fluid stream, while have different from the ripple of another film The ripple of phase, it is found that, lower tour lever 13b is around axis B-B, on upstream stem 13a whirling vibrations.When these rod members relative to each other During vibration, converter 14 produces electric energy.

Cómo saber la Diferencia Entre un tirón Muscular o Dolor.. For any given flowing, the energy of recovery both depends on the amplitude. In this embodiment, by film carry (film is loaded with) device occur second area catch power transmission, with The situation of Figure 20 and 21 embodiments is the same, and converter is also loaded on film. 6-16, force transfering device 12 may include downstream connection part bar 13b, and it is enduringly second The opening position of diaphragm area 8 is connected to film, in the present case, downstream edge 4d extension of second diaphragm area 8 along film.

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17a, 17b, i.e. film has all the time Measured along the surface 4e of film, and the length L1 between two in these intermediate points 17a, 17b, the length begin It is more than the distance D1 for separating these two intermediate points 17a, 17b eventually. Because when mobilization force of the film by a fluid stream, inflow side on stream of a fluid stream to each turn of bilge of film Excess pressure is all produced, and negative pressure is produced in the inner side of opposite side, each turn of bilge.On the one hand, the pressure difference tends to lead to Direction distortion of the film along a fluid stream, on the other hand, for same position, be intended to deform bending section, until film at this point Curvature in turn untill.Thus, under the influence of a fluid stream, film is fluctuated with alternating, class sinusoidal shape.The pressure of film is fluctuated with speed Vm is spent to propagate and strengthen from the first area of film towards second area.

2.345, if film rotates freely (in its first area), and if its weight is big (if for example, conversion Device is loaded on film). These connectors 5a, 5b of attachment system is pre-positioned the first area of film relative to the supporting member, allows simultaneously The first area performs relative motion relative to the supporting member. The wing axes remain parallel to the reciprocating axis during the entire motion cycle. Pat. 4,595,336. It is a device that draws energy from moving fluids by means of a set of two wings performing a reciprocating motion.

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Patent document WO82/00321 discloses a kind of apparatus for energy recovery of the above-mentioned type.This prior art device is A kind of wind-driven generator, it includes the air duct formed by two cheeks, and film is between the two cheeks along such as following side To stretching is kept, the direction is in the plane of film and perpendicular to the direction of air stream.Under wind action, the film is changed into horizontal To the medium of vibration, and the transverse movement of center membrane part is used to drive generating equipment.

The invention is not restricted to above-described embodiment, and the following example is may also comprise, wherein limits device may include to replace Cable be installed in series and hinged small connecting elements.If however, it has been found that limited using cable as separation Device processed, the energy capture performance of equipment improve. Preferably be arranged so as to, will the ratio be adjusted to 1/3, to maximize the energy capture of convection current. Toto riešenie neumožňuje ochranu pred poveternostnými podmienkami umiestnením mechanických častí mimo pohybujúcu sa tekutinu.Untraditional constructions are also known, such as the wind-driven device of U.S.

The equipment also has the converter for being connected to upstream and downstream bar 13a, 13b in the following manner, i.e., when these bars lead to Cross around axis B-B rotation and it is pivotably movable with respect each other when, the generator produce electricity. Vm The wavy shape of propagation.Figure 23 and 24 shows the preferable film for being constructed according to the equipment of the present invention.Each of in these films Flexible rectangular plate made of elastomer is formed, when being placed on flat supporting member, the flexible rectangular plate clear-cutting forestland is Its even shape. 16 and 17, equipment 1 may also comprise horizontal reinforcer 24, its surface 4e along the film and perpendicular to Through longitudinal cutting plane P extensions of the film in the first and second regions 6,8.These horizontal reinforcers 24 are suitable to improve film opposing connection longitudinal direction The resistance of axis of bending A-A bendings, the buckling axis A-A pass through the first and second regions 6,8 of film.