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TECNICAS DE RELAJACION +CD If these (hydrogen, oxygen) gases are to be transported through pipe lines for any substantial distance, they should be under substantial pressure. The slurry is passed through its line 70 into a mineral recovery unit 80 which will next be described. An electrolytic water dissociation unit or step, adapted to use the generated electricity from (b) for separating water into its components, namely oxygen, hydrogen and a slurry which contains salts and various minerals, etc. The air, which contains a major proportion of nitrogen, can be used in part as a supply source for chemical products as well as a source of power. If it contains entrained air, distributed more or less uniformly, its average density is reduced and the net driving head is reduced but still sufficient to cause a strong flow of water with good air entrainment down j to the dome 40. This air entrainment aspect is applica-‘ ble to fresh waters and is not limited to wave sources.

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Negligencia y dolor neuropático. - Sociedad Española de.. Because of its extremely light weight and high fluidity, hydrogen gas can be transported further and at a greater velocity for a given cost than any other substance known. By use of available compression forces gaseous and other products are produced and transported under pressure without pumping. This can be released by passing the water through a turbine or other machine and generating power in its descent to a city or other inland point of use. The oxygen which is thus separated from water constitutes by far the major part of its mass and weight. It is one aspect of the present invention to employ fuel cells for recovering from hydrogen a very substantial part of the energy required for its electrolytic separation from water.

Thus, the unit 10, as shown in FlGJZ, is built to include relatively slidable or telescoping elements comprising a relatively fixed outer member 12 and a selfadjusting inner member 14. Floats 16 are built in to the telescoping inner member 14 to keep its height properly adjusted with respect to the normal level L. For calm sea, the trough T is just high enough to fill as the waves spill into it. When wave action is high, the trough T rises further with respect to member 12 and when wave action diminishes it is self lowering, being controlled by float elements, 16. The trough T, it will be understood, normally will consist of a large assembly of trough units and not merely a single trough. Thus, by transporting hydrogen, which constitutes only one ninth of the total weight of water to a substantial distance and combining it at the terminal with the required oxygen to produce water results in very substantial economies.

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Obviously, the degree of aeration of the column in pipe 20 must be kept below that which would bring that column into balance with the static pressure of the surrounding water. Catarro y dolor de espalda . Obviously, the type and extent of production of oxygen, hydrogen, chlorine (from salt) etc., will depend on ,the material brought into vessel 61. A valve 68 is shown as being provided for letting in a new supply of water. Numerous suggestions for larger scale power production have been made, using the power of ocean waves to generate electricity. There is vast potential power wasted in the waves of the ocean and many investigators have made ingenious suggestions for recovering some of it. Among such proposals are some that include generation of electricity by trapping water as it is lifted by the wave motion, as for example in U.S.

The pipe line itself allows some warming of the’air under normal ambient temperatures, but heat applied to it from the sun and/or from other sources, or even from combustible fuels, may greatly enhance the increase of energy. For these reasons, it is preferred to make the unit 10 selfadjusting in height so that it will operate continuously at or near whatever level may be required for maximum water flow from waves into the system.

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Some of these schemes depend upon the rising and falling motion of the waves, some use a pendulum effect, taking advantage of the torsion caused by tilting heavy bodies due to wave action, and others are proposed to operate by the channeled flow of tides and in other ingenious mechanical ways. United States for some years.

One aspect of the present invention is to reduce very materially this cost of transportation.

Most of it is available for driving a generator 56 as already described. While the prior art has known most of the steps of the present invention, the combination of certain steps in various ways involves advantages which are unexpected and substantial. One aspect of the present invention is to reduce very materially this cost of transportation. 6 as one means of recovering power. There are several possible and practicable ways of purifying sea water and transporting it. However, the physical problem of transporting water, even after it is purified, to great distances is a very substantial one.

1 is a diagrammatic view showing the basic system or method of the invention for deriving both the main chemical componentsof water from the sea or other large source of impure water, producing power, recovering minerals, delivering gaseous hydrogen in volume at a great distance, reconverting the hydrogen to water, and generating power by the reconversion. Capacity of the system for producing potable water and for producing power can be varied by using surplus or waste heat to evaporate saline water, if desired, by using the generated power at 56, or part of it, directly (thereby reducing or eliminating the electrolysis stage), or by various combinations which solar and fuel gener ated heat exchange. 10 Claims, 6 Drawing Figures METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONVERSION OF WATER AND DEVELOPMENT OF POWER This application is a continuation of application Ser. These may be automatic, being made responsive to pressure, so that they need no manipulation, except in case of a malfunction, after the system is set in operation.

Combustion of the hydrogen, which is led into the fuel cells preferably at elevated pressure, leaves the system at atmospheric pressure. Dolor en la corva de la pierna izquierda . Aside from this, the hydrogen which comprises in volume about two thirds of the total gaseous product, although only a small part by weight, is under sufficient pressure that it will flow to considerable distance, e.g.

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The total air volume which can be carried downwardly, without bringing the density of a 100- foot deep column in pipe 20 below that required for continuous downward flow, is substantial. A dome for collecting air was secured at the end of a main length of pipe, to which successive lengths of pipe could be joined. Prefera-‘ bly they comprise a bank of efficient fuel cells 97 adapted to generate electric current directly from the combustion process. This valve may be controlled by means not shown from a station above the surface of the sea, or on shore, to keep the electrolytic operation in balance.