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• Jornada de Fisioterapia S.V.S. • Jornada para alumnos y profesores UMH Fisioterapia: “Pasado presente futuro fisioterapia en geriatría”. • Ponente en la XII Jornada nacional de artritis. • Congreso nacional de la mutua general deportiva. • I Congreso nacional de fisioterapia laboral. • 1º Congreso Podoactiva. • 2º Congreso Podoactiva. • Asistencia a más de 25 cursos, seminarios y congresos de la especialidad. • Pedro Rosado, Víctor Lledó, Mª victoria González y A. Casabella.Títuloartículo:P.A.F. Preferably, the directional converter and generator may be located away from the displacement vessel. FIG. 22 illustrates the general approach to dual-direction power generation according to the invention wherein a displacement vessel is located between two generally fixed positions in an area of tidal action, with at least one generator and at least one directional converter mounted on one of the vessel or either fixed positions. Thus, tidal energy generation assembly 2200 has two directional converters 2209 a and 2209 b disposed on opposite stationary locations 2206 a and 2206 b and an anchor cable 2203 connecting the two directional converters 2209 a and 2209 b to a displacement vessel 2202. In FIG.

When the tide falls, the lifting mechanism maintains the displacement vessel at an elevated height over the lowered water level. For example, as the tide rises, the vertical distance 119 a between the displacement vessel 102 and the stationary location increases. As the directional converter is attached to the anchor cable, a force is exerted on the directional converter by the displacement vessel. The second distance may be greater than the first distance, and the change in vertical distance may activate the directional converter. The ebb and flow of the water due to tidal action causes a body in the bay/ocean to drift laterally and change its position with respect to a fixed location at the stationary location. To effect rotation of the displacement vessel, a first control mechanism may wind or release a first control cable such that one side of the displacement vessel changes its distance relative to the anchor cable.

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The spring may store potential energy as its coils are compressed by the rotation of the drum 113 due to the unwinding of the anchor cable or drive cable from the drum 113. As the displacement vessel 102 falls with the tide, the coils of the spring may expand (from the forces stored in the compressed coils) causing the axle 115 to rotate in an opposite direction and produce rotational energy that is then transmitted to the electrical power generator for generating electric power during the falling tide. Causas de dolor en la espalda media . 11B and 11D. In particular, the first side 1121 a of the drag panel 1121 is rotating clockwise as the control cable 1128 a is shortened (or wound up) by the first control mechanism 1120 a residing on or within the displacement vessel 1102 and as the control cable 1128 b is simultaneously lengthened (or released) by the second control mechanism 1120 b residing on or within the displacement vessel 1102, as described in more detail with respect to FIGS.

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In another aspect, a method according to the invention involves converting into energy the lateral motion caused by the ebb and flow of water due to tidal action. As the displacement vessel moves in another lateral direction relative to the stationary location, such other anchor cables may be activated to generate electricity.

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Anchor cables 203 a-203 e each have a length that extends from a first end (e.g., respective latches 207 a-207 e) to a second end (e.g., connector 211), and threaded through anchors 208 a-208 e. The platform may be elevated by, for example, a truss structure that is secured to the seabed or by one or more anchor cables similar to the anchor cables described above. Generally, the tidal energy conversion assembly 500 may be substantially similar to the tidal energy conversion assemblies of any one of FIG. Displacement vessel 402 may comprise substantially the same stationary locations, anchors, anchor cables, directional converter, and drag converter discussed generally above and below. The drag panel 1821 includes a turbine 1850 mounted within the displacement vessel 1802. The turbine 1850 may be disposed on an axle and the axle may be operably coupled (via a gearing mechanism or one or more belts/chains, for example) to the directional converter 1809 mounted on the displacement vessel 1802. The directional converter 1809 may include an electric power generator 1816 that is operably coupled to the turbine 1850 as described in more detail above.

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FIGS. Dolor muscular cuello y cabeza . 14A and 14B show a rendering of a displacement vessel 1402 having a drag panel 1421 with an alternate surface shape. The arms 1138 a-1138 c (shown conceptually in FIGS. The displacement vessel 1102 further includes arms 1138 a-1138 c extending therefrom and coupled to the drag panel 1121 via hinges 1106 a-1106 c.

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Alternatively, the locking mechanism may be coupled to the drive cable 110 to limit or inhibit the translation of the drive cable 110 and lock the displacement vessel 102 at a desired distance above the seabed. The arm 1238 may be coupled to the drag panel 1221 via hinges 1206 that allow the arm 1238 to swing about the drag panel 1221. As one example, the arm 1238 houses the control cable 1228 through a central conduit 1213 that extends along the arm 1238 and into the floatation device 1260 a. Through central conduit 1213, the control cable 1228 may extend through arm 1238, be coupled to and stored in, a control mechanism housed within the displacement vessel 1202, such as in the floatation device 1260 a, for example, as described with reference to FIG. Currents from the tide may cause the displacement vessel to drift in a horizontal or lateral direction relative to the stationary location and a length between the stationary location and the displacement vessel changes.

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The drag panel may have a height that is between 1 ft and 100 ft. The drive cable 110 may be composed of materials such as braided steel cable, fiber rope, chain, extruded metal or polymer, or any suitable combination of materials. 1C, drive cable 110 is wound around the drum 113, which is fixed on an axle 115. Drive gear 112 is also fixed on the same axle 115 as the drum 113 and may additionally comprise a plurality of gears suitable to convert the movement of the drive cable 110 into rotational kinetic energy at a specific RPM.

Alternatively, the electrical generator may further include a rectifier to convert AC into DC. The drag panel 521 may include a control mechanism such that the control mechanism may deploy and retract the drag panel 521 from the displacement vessel. Furthermore, the displacement vessel may be manufactured using any suitable manufacturing technique such as injection molding, blow molding, casting, joining, or 3D printing. The directional converter 1609 may be coupled to an anchor cable that extends along a boom 1640 of the crane, through a pivot frame 1636 affixed to an end of the boom 1640 (similar to the pivot frame 1536 described above), and out to a displacement vessel in the water. FIG. 18 illustrates a tidal energy generation assembly including a turbine mounted within a drag panel and a directional converter. Thus, as the displacement vessel rises with an incoming tide, the anchor cable begins to unwind, causing the drum to rotate such that the directional converter converts the vertical movement of the displacement vessel into mechanical energy (e.g., rotational kinetic energy) which in turn powers the generator to produce electrical energy.

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FIG. 9 shows a displacement vessel having an array of directional converters on land and a pulley arrangement. Dolor en las manos y articulaciones . The displacement vessel 1102 includes a drag panel 1121 supported by floatation devices 1160 a and 1160 b. Each tidal energy conversion assembly may be controlled collectively or individually in the system, for example, by a locking mechanism on each tidal energy conversion assembly as discussed below. In one embodiment, each of the generators 816 a-816 f may have similar or different electrical output ratings. In another example, the depth control mechanism may include one or more horizontal or vertical planes to steer or pitch the displacement vessel towards the bay/ocean floor or towards the water surface.

FIG. 23B shows a displacement vessel having multiple rotatable drag panels. FIG. 20B shows a side view of an exemplary displacement vessel. Each anchor cable may be attached to the same or different anchors at the same or different stationary locations to secure the displacement vessel. A configuration such as this where the spring mechanism is separated from the drum 113 may be beneficial for maintenance/repairs or access of directional converter components.

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The body may be a displacement vessel housing a directional converter coupled to a generator, and the displacement vessel may be disposed directly above the stationary location. 15A and 15B. This embodiment may be particularly useful for testing any of the displacement vessels and/or directional converters described herein. The displacement vessel may further include a control mechanism to control the surface area of the drag panel.