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Futuristic background with colorful glowing abstract neon lights The reservoir 16 would have a conventional blow off valve (not shown) for safety reasons. It will be apparent that the above described embodiment is adaptable to use any compressible fluid such as air or nitrogen gas. All such modifications are within the scope of the invention. Accordingly, the invention is not limited except as by the appended claims.

Female doctor with stethoscope and in black mask holding a rectangular info desk and holding head The diameters of the pistons 26 should be designed so that the pressure multiplied by the active area of the piston 26 is less than the available buoyant force. It should be noted that the higher the increase in pressure between stages, the more energy each device will require for compression if each device uses the same piston diameter. While applicant’s device in his previous two patents disclose a useful means for storing wave energy in the compression fluid, it is desirable to refine and improve upon the ideas introduced in these patents. At higher pressure increments, the piston areas for each compression unit can be reduced relative to the upstream compression units.

The conventional parallel arrays of compression units do not address this disadvantage and the total volume of energy captured is increased only by increasing the number of compression units. Also, the buoyancy of the tubes 74 can be increased to cause the platform 32 to rise to the surface for maintenance and servicing.

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The output from a preceding stage is the input to the succeeding stage in series; each stage has at least one unit and the fluid pressure in each unit is increased as a result of relative movement between a floating component and an associated piston assembly of the respective unit. Flow would then be regulated to match the feed-through rate of the last stage 12(d) which in turn correlates to the sea state at the time. However, if each successive stage has ¼ the devices, the minimum stroke is ¾ the chamber length. In particular, the chamber swept volume of each compression unit 24 of a particular stage is less than the chamber swept volume in the preceding stage.

Alternatively, each stage can have one unit and the compression chamber in the unit of a stage has a smaller swept volume than the compression chamber of the unit in a preceding upstream stage. Alternatively, the turbine 18 and generator and the low pressure reservoir can be located on shore. This increases the length of the compression stroke to ensure that the piston head 28 just bottoms out when the pressurization unit 34 rises with the waves. This arrangement is particularly useful for smoothing out the delivery of gas from each piston reservoir 24(a)-(d), and preventing gas from being discharged in sharp high-pressure pulses during the compression stroke only. The piston reservoir 68 is fluidly coupled to the discharge conduit 52 such that pressurized gas inside of the piston reservoir 68 will flow out of the piston reservoir 24(a) via discharge conduit 52 and into the next downstream piston reservoir 24(b); in effect, the piston reservoir 68 serves as a buffer to temporarily stored pressurized gas.

The potential energy stored in the pressurized fluid, e.g. Other embodiments will become apparent to a person skilled in the art, the scope of the invention defined by the appended claims. BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The invention described herein addresses the disadvantages of the conventional devices and methods and provides for generating energy from waves in a novel, inventive and useful manner. In particular, structures capable of pumping fluid under the action of wave motion may be modified in accordance with the invention as described in order to accumulate energy in a fluid sufficient to drive a prime mover such as a turbine. Como disminuir el dolor muscular . FIG. 6( a) shows a range of anchor attachment points for the mooring lines 31 when the platform 32 is in calm conditions; under such conditions, the mooring lines 31 can be attached to a pillar 72 or along the bottom of the platform frame.

Windle also teaches the use of a number of such devices connected in parallel to fill a water reservoir. As a result, waves having an amplitude below such a minimum do not generate any energy. The piston head dimensions are selected so that the piston head 28 is axially slidable within the compression chamber 40 with minimum circumferential clearance; circumferential seals 46 can be provided around the circumference of the piston head 28 to ensure a gas seal between the piston head 28 and compression chamber side wall. If the wave height is smaller than this minimum stroke, the compression unit 24 will not pump. A fluid filled dampening piston-cylinder arrangement is provided within the reservoir to compensate for the rise and fall of the water surface between high and low tide in ocean applications. 28, 1988) which describes several further variations upon conventional float type wave energy devices, including means to extract energy from both the rise and fall of the float.

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34 is at the peak of the typical wave, the piston head 28 is at the bottom of the compression chamber 40, i.e. The system 10 is applicable to any compression fluid (i.e. The system further comprises a reservoir platform comprising a frame with buoyancy means adjustable to maintain the frame submerged at a selected depth, and wherein the piston shafts of each pressurization unit is attached to the frame. Dolor muscular seno . 5,179,837 and 5,394,695 disclose a method and system for generating energy from the motion of waves by a plurality of series-connected floating pressurization units, wherein each unit incrementally increases the pressure in a compression fluid flowing therethrough using energy in water waves. 6 (a) to (c), two mooring lines 31 are attached to respective longitudinal ends of the platform 32 in such a way that enable the platform 32 to harness lateral wave and wind energy as well as wave energy heave forces.

Calibration can be made, such as by adjusting the depth of the submerged reservoir platform 32, as will be described further below. FIG. 6( b) shows a range of anchor attachment points for the mooring lines 31 when the platform is in storm conditions; under such conditions, the anchoring range is limited to the bottom of the frame only. When the cylinder bottom moves away from the piston, fluid compression stops and new fluid flows into the cylinder.

The supply tube 50 extends upwards through the piston head 28 and opens into the input gas collection chamber 42. Branch tubes 62 fluidly coupled to the supply tube 50 extend laterally and downwardly through the piston head 28 and open into the compression chamber 40. One-way check valves 64 are provided at the outlet of the supply tube 50 and branch tubes 62; these valves 64 are biased to open at the designated input pressure Pin. The system can further comprise a high pressure reservoir attached to or supported by the frame and fluidly coupled to the last stage, and a turbine and generator fluidly coupled to the high pressure reservoir, that generates electricity from a high pressure fluid received from the high pressure reservoir.

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Therefore, if the effective wave height drops to ¾ the chamber length, the first arrangement will still pump volume (at a reduced amount) yet the second arrangement will not. 1, and according to a first embodiment of the invention, a wave energy accumulator system 10 converts energy of water waves into potential energy for performing useful work, e.g.

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The second portion has a piston that extends upwardly into a compression chamber of the first portion. Spent gas at pressure Pinitial is returned by a supply conduit to the low pressure reservoir 20, which can be incorporated into the barge. In a closed loop series arrangement, dry air or nitrogen gas is preferred due to its relative abundance and low price, negligible environmental impact and non-corrosive qualities.