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Flekosteel Balsam - Suppliers Wholesalers Manufacturers.. Este dolor se denomina comúnmente ciática o ciatalgia. La consecuencia más habitual es la claudicación en la marcha o incapacidad para caminar distancias cortas por dolor y sensación de cansancio en las piernas. Cada vértebra se conecta con las vértebras inferior y superior mediante dos articulaciones situadas en la zona posterior de la misma, llamadas articulaciones facetarias. Tienen una zona periférica llamada annulus y otra central llamada núcleo pulposo. Estos dolores pueden ser permanentes o pasajeros y se caracterizan por asociarse a contracturas de la zona lumbar y delos glúteos. Referring to FIGS. 2 and 3A, vertical and horizontal flexing action of the multiplanar pumping elements 12a and 12b according to the present invention are shown (note force arrows X, Y and Z, respectively).

The forces provided by movement of water is, according to the invention, amplified before applying these forces to flex the pumping elements 12. Thus, referring again to FIG. 4, in response to natural forces applied by the movement of the water, floats 14b and 14c fan open, pivoting about swivel connector unit 18 creating a negative pressure in the pumping element 12 between these floats. 4. The struts 16 extend completely through the floats 14 and swivel connector units 18 are arranged alternately at opposite sides of apparatus 10 as seen more clearly in the side view in FIG. Alternatively, taking the place of the flexible tube segments, the lever arm struts may be tubular in construction and connected between the outlets and collector tube for fluid transfer. The leverage of the struts magnifies the natural multiplanar forces of the water for increased pumping action. Obviously, in addition to leverage provided by struts 16, bending moment forces provided by chord segments 20 when they are fully extended further contribute to amplification of the multiplanar forces.

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Passing through floats 14a-14d are, respectively, lever arm struts 16a-16d. It is understood that the struts 16, in a double triangular configuration, are actually interconnected at each swivel connector unit 18, as seen in FIGS. The swivel connector linkage permits the pumping elements to freely flex axially in response to the multiplanar forces of waves and surface currents.

When floats 14b and 14c subsequently swing together about swivel connector 18, a positive pressure is created in the section. Accordingly, the amount of sea water pumped by each element 12 due to vertical wave motion is maximized. Dolor de pierna y cadera izquierda . For example, complex wave motion provided by naturally occurring superimposed wave systems and surface currents causes a floating object to receive multiplanar forces and move in complex orbits.

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The pumping elements 12a and 12b flex in the plane horizontal to the water in response to currents at the surface of the water. The multiplanar movement of waves and currents deflects a multiplanar truss system by the action of bending moments from flotation, flow resistance and gravity. The pumping action originates from the element being flexed axially by the multiplanar movement of the fluid, such as water, acting on the floats.

Multiplanar activation of the pumping elements is converted into pressure for pumping sea water to the electric generator T. These natural multiplanar forces, exerted on floats 14, are applied to the pumping elements 12a and 12b through a flexible beam or truss structure 13. The natural multiplanar forces are amplified by the mechanical advantage of the beam or truss structure 13. As the entire apparatus 10 flexes vertically and horizontally, the axial flexing of pumping elements 12a and 12b drives the pumped fluid, e.g., water, through output tube 17 to the generator T for conversion into electricity.

Preferably at least two parallel disposed pumping elements are utilized in the apparatus, and two or more of these pairs are connected from providing the desired pressure and volume output. The fluid to be pumped is preferably water from the body in which the apparatus is floating, but of course any other suitable liquid or gas could be used.

The segments 20 limit the maximum expansion or flexing of pumping elements 12a and 12b by limiting the maximum separation of adjacent swivel connectors 18. When pumping elements 12a and 12b are in compression, curb segments 20 hang freely from swivel connectors 18; when the pumping elements are in expansion, the segments extend between adjacent connectors 18 along substantially a straight line (FIG. 4. For maximum energy conversion efficiency, the size, longitudinal spacing and configuration of floats 14 is preferably designed to be related to the most effective selection of the annually available variations of waves in a given body of water.

In order to maximize efficiency, the fluid carrying collector tube is preferably oriented below the surface of the water. Another object of the present invention is to provide a new and improved apparatus for converting natural surface motion of water into usable energy wherein the apparatus has a simple, yet sturdy construction, and operates in a natural environment. OBJECTIVES OF THE INVENTION Accordingly, it is one object of the present invention to provide a new and improved method and apparatus for efficiently converting the natural fluid motion at and near the fluid surface into usable energy. With such relationships, I have found that the pumping elements are maximally responsive to the vertical resultant forces of surface waves since each section of the elements successively flexes positively, then negatively by gravity, in response to a travelling wave. Another object of the present invention is to provide a method and apparatus for converting natural surface motion of fluid into usable energy utilizing natural horizontal and/or vertical forces available at and near the fluid surface.

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Yet another object of the present invention is to provide a method and apparatus for efficiently converting the natural surface motion of water into usable energy by utilizing the force magnification properties, or mechanical advantage, of leverage in the strut members of a beam or truss structure for efficiently activating a pump. The floats are distributed along substantially the entire length of the pumping elements so that the apparatus floats horizontally at the surface of the water. 4, the four floats 14a-14d and flexible pumping element sections are shown in side view. A plurality of outlets extend between the pumping elements and a collector tube for transferring the pumped water to a load, such as an electric generator or a storage facility. Tengo dolor en las articulaciones . Because the elements 12 are flexible and follow the contour of the surface, the waves are broken up very effectively, much in the same way as recently developed lane dividers for swimming pools do on a much smaller scale.

Additional chord segments may be connected between adjacent floats to prevent damage to the floats by end-to-end collision. Tension caused by the bending moments is resisted by chord segment linkage between the strut ends after the pumping elements have expanded to refill. The flexible multiplanar truss structure comprises a horizontal system and a vertical system, both of which include lever arm struts having chord segment linkage between strut ends. As an important aspect of the invention, the interconnected lever arm struts 16 form a flexible beam or truss structure that amplifies the natural multiplanar forces to thus amplify the pumping actions.

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Floats 14 are formed around and support the lever arm struts 16. In addition, the floats directly support inlets 22 and outlets 24 (FIG. For the purpose of comparison, a portion of apparatus 10 is shown in FIG. Flexible tube segments are connected between the outputs and the collector tube for outputting the pumped water. Furthermore, the action exists in a similar manner for horizontal pumping like an object being secured in the jaws of pliers.