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La suerte 5 except that the FOUR (4) Multi-Stage Compressors 100 installed on the Flat Deck 176 are set on free revolving footings 179 so that the said compressors are free to move vertically and horizontally according to the movements of the floating storage tanks 174 and 175 as affected by the water waves 152 from all directions in relation to the Vertically Fixed Strong Rigid Bar 177 to which the compressors 100 are pressed against via the piston rods 104. The Rigid Bar 177 is forcibly keepped vertical and steady by the bottom weight 178 which is rigidly attached to the bottom tip of Bar 177 at about 30 feet below water surface where the water has no movements.

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5–Type No. 3 Water-Wave-Energy Converter System showing a new invention in which the floating air tanks, by means of a flat form on top, carry the compressors that are systematically positioned and anchored to be freely turning left and right or up and down according to their positions in relation with the vertically fixed drive bar that is firmly keepped vertical by a heavy dead weight at its bottom tip at about 30 feet below water surface where there is no water oscillation movements.

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1 and FIG. 2 illustrate an embodiment of the invention No. 5. Invention No. 5, the “Type No. 3 Water-Wave-Energy Converter System”–referring to FIG. It is also the objective of this invention to maximize production of consumable energy (compressed air, electricity, or hydrogen gas) out of the water-waves at any weather condition, and at any location of the body of water or any part of the ocean, in the most simple and safest way, and in the least cost of construction and least cost of maintenance with high durability. 5. The problem of high cost of construction and maintenance in relation to energy output is solved by its simplicity of construction and by using low cost available timber materials and plastic materials. This will result to a very low ratio of energy production against cost of construction and maintenance. Actually it will require a very heavy structure of construction to withstand the stresses imparted by the big surf specially during violent weather.

It therefor requires a very high cost of construction to withstand the forces of the waves during violent weather. Thus, high pressure is developed even the during calm weathers when the waves are small. The optimum length of the compression chamber naturally will be much longer than the wave lengths during ordinary weather, therefor, low pressure compression is expected–but this is solved by the presence of one-way valves at both rear and front ends of the chambers and the one-way valves in the pistons even if the pump is one-stage only. Another safety procedure is that the piston rod will be connected to the vertical pendulum bar at a point where the expected furthest swing of the Power-Board will just be enough to push the piston to the end of the compression chamber.

The production of electricity by this machine is done in the same procedure as in Invention No. 5 of the herewith accompanying drawings, it can be observed that it is basically an assembly of Invention No. 8 of the herewith accompanying drawings, it can be observed that the system is an unlimited endless series of preferably eliptical cylinder air tanks 174 arranged in a long straight line oblique to the water waves having independent vertical movements from each other, horizontally floating on the ocean, parallel to each other and perpendicular to the drive bars 188 which interconnect said tanks one after the other. The coupling brace 160 holds together the support posts in a series in equal spacing at the same time holds in place the compressor 100 with the help of the tension bars 161. Line 162 is the water edge on the seashore.

It can be used in the same way and in the same procedures as the various uses of Invention No. 1 and the invention No. Dolor lumbar al estornudar . 6. Invention No. 6, the “Type No. 4 Water-Wave-Energy Converter System”–referring to FIG. As per invention No. Dolor muscular remedios . But to make it work as an air compressor, the pump being simple, the problem of varrying amplitued or wave sizes will again present the impedement for commercial use of this invention. The Invention No. 2, named “Labrador Power Board System”, comprising parts No. Guy wire 149 keeps the power board system stay erect against the heavy backward push by the water waves. As the oversized water wave strikes the impact wall 130, the pendulum beam 131 swings very far back until the push valve 136 hits the control bumper 140, at a time the piston of the compressor is approaching the end walls of the compression chamber, thereby making the control jack 135 give way to the great force of the pendulum beam acting on it by releasing its hydraulic fluids that transfers to the pressurized tank 138, allowing the pendulum beam 131 to bend backward thru the free-pin connector 134, and consequently, allowing the excess energy of the big surf to just spill thru under the impact wall 130 which assumes a horizontal position.

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A hinge joint is provided at the lower third of the pendulum beam just above the impact wall to let the pendulum beam bend backward and relax the impact wall by the manipulation of the hydraulic jack control system in order to allow the over size surfs spill thru under the impact wall when ever the pistons are about to hit the end walls of the compression chambers thereby achieving safety to the whole structure while it will be working hard during violent weather taking the opportunity to convert plenty of energy during its maximum abundance. The size of the air tanks 174 & 175 will be made proportional enough to the strength of the structural members so that the said air tank 174 & 175 will just sink into the oversized water waves every time said waves tries to overturn the whole system.

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4. To make it safe and continue operating during violent weather, the piston rod 104 is made hydraulically telescopic with a push-type switch to relax it as said switch bumps against the wall of the compressor 100 every time an oversized water wave hits the system thereby releasing the oil or compressed air contained in said piston rod 104. When the piston rod 104 is pulled out from the compressor the oil/compressed air is sucked back into the piston rod 104 to assume its original length. When the water surface 217 rise up into the system, the entraped air is compressed upward lifting the Float Valve Balls 201 and the one-way valve 210 to let the air into the lower chamber and into the upper chamber if the water wave is big enough to make the water surface rise above the lower valves. This air tank-flat-deck assembly can be an independent energy converter system separate from the Power Board System.

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4. A problem of durability is also an impedement to using this design because it will rust in salt water and easily destroyed by the waves during violent weather. 4. During calm weather when the ocean waves are small, the heavy barge which is designed to withstand the big surfs will just be flattening the waves resulting to a zero efficiency, no production because there will be no oscillation.

1. Where the prior arts stop working during violent weather due to the over sized waves rushing to the shore, the Free Hanging Pendulum-Type Power-Board takes the opportunity to work hard during those times of abundance without the danger of being destroyed because it is a free swinging board and the extra length of the over sized waves will just spill thru under the Power-Board as it gains elevation when it swings far enough. As indicated, this machine is in combination with a Gas-Turbine-driven Electric Generator together with an electrolizer to produce Hydrogen Gas fuel but not indicated in the drawings because said generator and electrolizer are already old existing elementary parts of a power plant and a factory plant known to man.

In this invention, particular attention is concentrated on the maximum harnessing of the ocean waves in the maximum effeciency and effectiveness of energy convertion out of whatever size or amplitude of available water-wave that arrives at the structure to actuate the energy converter system. This is a water-piston compressor. 1 named as “LABRADOR MULTI-STAGE PISTON COMPRESSOR” which can be operated by any machine that exerts a push and pull effort. Dolor en la planta del pie al lado de los dedos . Therefor, the excess force of the unexpected over sized waves will not press so hard against the Power-Board after the piston has been pushed to the end of the chamber. To ease these problems, efforts had been more exerted than ever to explore and make use of the alternative and regenerative energies that do not use the fuel oil, such as, the wind, the solar, the ocean energy, and the municipal wastes.

9 thru line 2–2. FIG.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal section taken along line 1–1 of FIG. 9 thru line 2–2. FIG. 2 as illustrated in FIG. Durante los días que permaneció en la UCI del hospital de Segovia le ayudó tener un teléfono móvil para comunicarse con los suyos, pero también la fe.